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Anuama FF – All of them return back Ep: 30

Everyone gets ready to go back home. Kavya comes back from the hospital and keeps the bags ready for their return. Anupama asks Nandhini to accompany them. Nandhini brings her back and joins them. Samar sees her and gets angry. Anupama calls Samar and Pakhi and introduces Nandhini to them.

Pakhi: Mummy..We know her earlier itself.We got to know each other too..Isn’t it winter?

Samar: I don’t know her at all…I just know her name and nothing else.

Anu: Oh! So you guys have met already? She is Kavya’s niece.Don’t you guys know Manya aunty? Nandhu is her daughter!

Samar: So? Why is she accompanying us? If she is coming with us I will not come with you guys.

Nandhini: Even I am not interested to come with YOU! Anu aunty and Kavya maasi asked me to join them.That’s why I am coming!

Samar: Mummy..Do you want her or me?

Anu: Samar! Chup! This is how you behave with girls?

Samar: Mummy have you seen me behaving like this with any other girl. She is too much.

Anu: She is such a sweet girl.Don’t fight come..

Both get into the bus and sit in the 2 corners. Everyone was ready but they didn’t see Toshu anywhere. Samar and Pakhi goes and search for Toshu, they find him with Kinjal. They tell him that everyone was waiting for him. The three of them waves bye to Kinjal.

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