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A Quest for the Heart – Episode 15 (Will Kabir get caught?)

Hi all, thank you all so much for the continuos support. I have been so busy with writing my assignments that I completely forgot to update. My essays are nearly done and I needed a break so I came here to write again. Hope you enjoy the chapter and my imagination has been going wild these days after watching the episodes. LOL! Anyways, here it goes…

Epi starts…

Kabir looked around Vansh’s office and as he was going towards the table, the lights came back on. He panicked but decided not to make a lot of noise as he had locked the door from the inside.

Kabir (thinking): I need to find that paper which has all of Vansh’s deals and business plans. That will put me one step of him and I can go nearer to destroying him. As for Riddhima, mom can deal with her since she is already living here.

He made his way to the filing cabinet and noticed it was locked. He was frustrated so looked around to see if there was a key hidden in one of the drawers.

Meanwhile back outside in the living room..

Angre came back from the basement and saw Dadi and Siya sitting in the living room.

Angre: Siya, did you see a man go out of the house?

Dadi and Siya together: No.

Angre: Damn it!

Siya: What happened Angre? All good?

Angre: No! Nothing is good. There was an electrician that came here when the lights went out and now he is nowhere to be seen. I am thinking he is an intruder instead of an electrician. Please girls, go to your rooms while me and the other guards secure the area.

Siya and Dadi looked at each other and without any further questions got up and made their way back to the room.

Back to Riddhima and Vansh

Riddhima and Vansh ordered their food and decided to play a game.

Vansh: So sweetheart, hows the food?

Riddhima: Its amazing Vansh, this is the best food I have ever eaten.

She smiled

Vansh looked at her and was happy that he managed to get a smile on her face. He did not like seeing her sad and the thought of her crying made his heart ache.

Riddhima: Should we play a game to get to know each other better?

Vansh: What game? (he was puzzled)

Riddhima: Hmm..how about truth or dare?

Vansh: Riddhima, I am not a boy, I don’t play games. The great Vansh Rai Singhania is only useful in killing people and taking revenge. I hate cheaters.

Riddhima: Vansh..can you cool off the anger and the mafia stuff just for tonight? Pleaseeeeee?

She made a puppy sad face as she looked at him.

Vansh sigh: Ugh ok fine but only for you. So how does the game work?

Riddhima: We will take turns asking each other questions and if you pick truth you will have to tell the truth, if you pick dare, I will give you a dare, but you have to promise to do it no matter what..

Vansh: Okay, sounds easy enough. Who’s gonna start?

Riddhima: I will start..just to show you how the game works.

Vansh nods and looked at her who was beaming with excitement.

Riddhima: Truth or Dare?

Vansh: Dare

Riddhima: I dare you to go up and flirt with the first girl you see.

Vansh: No way Riddhima, I cannot do that. I am rubbish at flirting.

Riddhima: Come on na Vansh pleaseeee..

Vansh decided to play the game his way and smirked.

Vansh: Sweetheart, would you like a hug?

Riddhima: How does this have anything to do with the dare?

Vansh: Trust me..

Riddhima reached out her hand just as Vansh grabbed it. He kissed the back of her hand as Riddhima looked at him in shock.

Riddhima: Umm Van..Vansh. What are you doing?

Vansh: You said to flirt with the first girl I see and that was you. So I am completed the dare and also gave you a surprise (he winks)

Riddhima’s POV

I was not expecting him to do that but as they say; surprises come unexpected and that was what happened today. I could see inside of him beneath all the mafia, guns and hatred for his enemies, he was capable of loving someone. What am I saying? Is this love? I have never felt like this when I was with Kabir..maybe that was not love, it was just a game that he played with me, but the man sitting infront of me now was all I could look at my whole life. What was this feeling? If it was love, then I am in trouble..how can I love a man that is involved in dangerous business deals and guns? Is this the life for me?

Vansh snapped his fingers in front of Riddhima

Riddhima: Huh?

Vansh: Where are you lost sweetheart?

Riddhima: Sorry…

Vansh: You are looking a little pale, are you sure you are ok?

Riddhima nods.

Vansh: You wanna go home now?

Riddhima: Please can we go Vansh, its too crowded here and I am tired.

Vansh: Yes of course.

Riddhima walked out straight away as Vansh gave a puzzled look. He paid the bill and went outside to find Riddhima standing by the car.

Vansh: Are you sure you are ok?

Riddhima: Oh yea..yea I am fine. I just wanted some fresh air.

Vansh: Come on then sweetheart, we can go home now.

He opened the door as Riddhima sat inside, he then made his way to the driver’s seat and they drove off towards home.

Back at VR mansion..

There was chaos everywhere, Angre and the guards were looking at every room while every family member was in their rooms. Kabir could hear the commotion from inside the office and realised they were all looking for him.

Angre (thinking): I haven’t looked in boss office, its out of bounds but this is urgent.

He made his way towards the door and turned the handle only to notice it was locked. Kabir on the inside could not find a place to hide. He saw a big cabinet by the table and pulled it hard that it opened. He hid inside as he closed the door.

Angre: Why is this door locked?

He had a set of spare keys with him and turned the handle to go in, as he was about to step in, he heard Vansh’s voice.

Vansh from behind: What the hell is going on here??

Angre: Oh hi boss

Vansh: Angre! What is this?

Angre: Sorry boss but there was an electrician here that came when the lights went off and nobody is able to find him. We all think he was an intruder.

Riddhima was standing next to Vansh and was a little scared. Vansh noticed it and turned to her.

Vansh: Riddhima, go to your room and lock the door. I will come in a minute after dealing with this.

Riddhima: Its okay Vansh, you don’t have to worry for me. I will be fine.

She walked upstairs and Vansh heard a click of her room door.

Vansh (thinking): That girl seriously confuses me sometimes.

Angre: Boss, I was just about to check in your office, it was locked.

Vansh: How can it be locked? I did not lock it and its automated, only I can control it. Come on Angre, let’s check.

He walked towards the office door and walked in was shocked seeing his papers on the floor.

Vansh: Someone was definately here..

Angre: What’s the instruction boss?

Vansh: Check the CCTV cameras Angre, there is one in every corner of the house, whoever was here will be seen clearly.

Angre: Yess boss, I am on it.

Kabir could hear the conversation from where he was hiding and took out his phone to carefully text his mom about the incident.

Precap: Kabir manages to come out of hiding and goes towards Riddhima’s room.

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