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A Fairy Tale Love Story (Part 22)

Dear readers, I am super happy that my previous episode got 30+ comments that too for the first time. I Thank all of you for your support and I very well know that all of you missed my FF yesterday. That’s why I wrote a long episode. So now I won’t bore u more. Let’s start…….

In Hospital

Vansh : Riddhima, I think we should inform our families otherwise they would be tensed.

Riddhima : Yes Vansh, you’re right. Moreover I can’t control Siya alone. She needs Uma mom now. Only a mom can control a child’s emotions. Inform everyone soon. Until then I’ll be with Siya and try to make her fine.

Vansh : Ok Riddhima. I’ll inform now.

Vansh calls Aryan.

In Call

Vansh : Hlo Aryan, Please come to City Hospital soon. Inform Dad and Rudra uncle too. Tell them to take Mom and Anu aunty.

Aryan : What….Hospital??? Is Riddhu fine ? What happened ? Why are u in hospital ?

Vansh : Don’t panic Aryan. Riddhima is absolutely fine. Tell them that Siya and Angre is also here. Angre is shot.

Aryan : Angre is shot !!! What happened to him? How is he now ?

Vansh : I’ll tell you everything clearly when you’re here. Now bring them here and don’t inform Dadi about it as she will be worried.

Aryan : Ok. We will be there within half an hour.

Vansh : Ok. Come fast.

He then cuts the call.

At that time the Doctor comes from ICU.

Siya : Doctor, How is my Angre ?

Doctor : His condition is unpredictable and he lost a lot of blood. His blood group is O -ve. Since its a rare blood group we didn’t have that blood in our blood bank. We need matching blood group soon otherwise his condition would be worse.

Vansh : Dr, mine is O -ve blood group. I’ll donate blood. Do everything fast and nothing should happen to my brother.

Doctor : Then please come with me Mr. Raisinghania.

Vansh : Yes doctor.

Vansh goes with doctor while Riddhima and Siya are sitting outside ICU.

But Vansh is in deep thinking while donating blood.

Vansh’s POV :

Did I hear anything wrong ? Is Siya said “My Angre” Or Am I overthinking ? Is Siya in……No no that’s not possible ? How Siya and Angre ? I am just overthinking. They are like good friends and share a bond like brother sister. But why did I feel that I heard “My Angre ” ? May be because of tension I didn’t properly heard. Anyway God please save my Angre.

Vansh’s Pov ends.

Vansh comes to Siya and Riddhima.

Vansh : Siya, you didn’t eat anything since a long time. Riddhima, you too will be hungry since a long time. You too go to canteen, I’ll be here.

Siya : No bhai. I’ll be here till doctor comes and tells Angre is fine.

Riddhima : Siya, I think Vansh is right . You cried a lot and now you are very weak. Do eat and I’ll come with you. Nothing will happen to Angre. He’ll be fine and Vansh is also here. If doctor comes Vansh will tell us.

Vansh : Of course. I’ll. Now listen to me and go with Riddhu.

Siya : But bhai…Angre.

Riddhima : Didn’t you hear what Vansh said. He’ll tell us when doctor comes. And by the way, if Angre wakes up and sees you like this, he’ll be sad. Now come with me.

Siya : Ok.

When they’re about to go to canteen, Aryan along with Ajay, Uma, Rudra and Anupriya came there. They are shocked to see Riddhima and Siya in such a tired state.

Uma : What happened to both of you ? Aryan is saying nonsense to us. He is saying that Angre is shot. Is it a prank ?

Anupriya : Why are u two silent? Tell us exactly what happened.

Just then Vansh came there.

Vansh : I’ll tell all of you what happened. Leave both of them as they are tired so i told them to go to canteen and eat something. (To RiYa) you two go.

Riddhima : Ok.

When Riddhima and Siya went from there Vansh told them everything and they are shocked to the core hearing all this.

Uma(crying) : So much happened and no one informed us anything. How did Riddhu, Siya and Angre managed to hide it from all of us till now.

Ajay : They might thought that if they said anything to us then we’ll be worried and they hide it from us.

Rudra : Its possible. But they are very mature. They know how to solve their problems without worrying us. They have grown up and we didn’t realized it.

Anupriya : But Vansh beta, how is Angre now ? What did doctor said ?

Vansh : Doctor said that his condition is unpredictable and now doctor is inside ICU. Only he can say exactly how Angre is now.

Riddhima and Siya came after sometime and doctor came out same time.

Siya : Dr, how is Angre ? Is he alright now ?

Dr : Ya…he is stable now. Its good that we got blood at right time.

Vansh : Thank you so much doctor for saving my brother’s life.

Dr : Actually you deserve this Thanks as you have saved him. If you had been late for donating blood then only God could say what would happen.

Riddhima : Can we see him ? Is he conscious ?

Dr : Ya but only one can.

Vansh : Mei..

Riddhima cuts his lines and said.

Riddhima : Siya will see him as she is feeling very guilty that bcoz of her Angre is in this condition. So she want to see him first and thank him.

Ajay : Ok. Siya u go.

Siya went inside ICU and Angre is trying to sit.

Siya : Angre, what are u doing? Doctor said not to take stress. So take rest. Because of me…. you…

Angre : Siya, come on…Don’t think that because of you I got shot. Love is a dangerous game and we have to take risks to win. So obviously this is not so serious. In worry did you made any blunder ?

Siya : Vo….Actually a little.

Angre : What!! What did u do?

Siya : I mistakenly asked doctor “How is MY ANGRE? ”

Angre : Did anyone listen it ?

Siya : Riddhu and Vansh bhai were there. But thank god that Riddhu warned me not to do anything of that sort when we went to canteen.

Angre : Did Vansh listened it ?

Siya : I hope he didn’t. If he had listened then he would have questioned me.

Angre : Hope so. But I liked you saying “MY ANGRE”. (He winks)

Siya : You…(she pats his shoulders )

Angre : Ouch….

Siya : Sorry…sorry.

Angre and Siya spent some quality time.

Somedays passed and everything is perfect as before in all their lives. Angre is now fully recovered and both Raisinghanias and Raichands are happy like before. And there is only two weeks for Riddhima and Vansh’s wedding. So the youngsters are planning a holiday before their marriage.

Vansh, Riddhima, Aryan, Ishani, Kabir, Ragini, Angre and Siya are assembled in Vansh’s room.

Riddhima : Guys, I called you all to tell that I got a approval from Dadi and whole family for a four day holiday…that too only eight of us. But we have to finalize a destination.

Ishani : Wow…So we can spend a good time together that too with our to be bride and groom.

Aryan : But we have to finalize a destination as Riddhu said. So all of u say your favorite destination so that we could finalize it.

Riddhima & Siya : Paris

Ishani & Ragini : London

Aryan & Kabir & Angre : Switzerland

But Vansh remained silent.

Kabir : Vansh, why are u silent ? Don’t u want to go for holiday ? Which is your favorite destination ?

Vansh : My favorite destination is my Sweetheart ‘s favorite. We will go where she said and we’re the to be groom and bride so ddecision is ours.

Everyone : Awww…Sweetheart ❤️❤️❤️

Everyone else agreed to him. Riddhima hugged Vansh out of happiness.

Ragini : Riddhu…I think you are eager to marry Vansh. Right na my cutiee😉.

Riddhima(shy) : Diii…

Vansh : Oh!!!So My sweetheart knows how to be shy, am i right or am i right ?

Riddhima : Vansh…tum bi na…

Everyone laughed seeing their nokjhok. All of them hold their hands together.

Everyone : So Mission PARIS is on……..

Precap : Paris Trip

Hope I didn’t bored all of you. Today also I couldn’t got time to add pictures but I promise that I’ll add pictures from next episode. Tomorrow onwards all of you will get Riansh moments along with AnYa. Till then bye and don’t forget to comment.

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