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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Raman and Ishita doubt Kiran

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman telling everyone about a puja kept for Ishita’s new clinic. He says everyone has to come, Adi has to come with Aaliya. Aaliya goes. Raman invites Iyers too. He says come on time, we will leave now, we have to invite Shagun and Mani. Roshni asks what shall I wear now. Kiran says you can wear any sarees from me. Amma says you can see my sarees too, I will show you come. She takes Roshni to room and says I need to talk to you, don’t come in function today. Roshni says Ishita invited us. Amma says yes, I don’t want Adi and Aaliya to have tension there, so don’t come there.

Amma says you go somewhere at that time, I don’t want Adi and Aaliya to have problems, you would be thinking I m cruel. Roshni says no, I totally understand, but where will I go.

Amma says you can stay with my friend, she has pg accommodation, sorry. Roshni says I will go. Adi sees Roshni going and thinks where is she going. He follows Roshni. He stops Roshni and asks what happened, why are you ignoring me. She says please go from here, I have come to start a new life, I don’t want your married life to get any problem, I will be held responsible. He says no, its not a solution, where are you going. She meets Amma’s friend. The lady asks is he your BF, I give flat to just couples, not single ladies. Adi holds Roshni and says we are a couple, I m her husband, I stay out for work on tours, I want my wife to be safe.

The lady asks them to come in, I was finding a good couple, its a good society. She goes. Roshni asks what did you do, you know we fell in big problem when we lied. He says you have fallen in problem because of me. Raman comes home and asks everyone to come for puja at time. He asks Ishita to get ready, what happened. He asks why are you nervous. She says we have to do this. He says we have to be strong. She says yes, we will start this. He says Arushi shouldn’t back out. She says she wants to catch Sonakshi’s real culprit, she won’t move back. Everyone comes for puja. Raman says just stay normal. Amma sees Adi and Roshni coming together. Adi says I want Roshni to be here, she helped us a lot. Roshni greets them.

Ishita takes Adi for a talk. She asks what’s this drama, do you want to show our problem to everyone. Adi says enough, Aaliya is responsible for this. Aaliya comes. Raman says she is your wife. Adi says you think I m wrong, I will go, fine. He goes with Aaliya.

Ishita says Adi is crossing limits. They see Aaliya and stop her. Raman says I promise you, I will talk to Adi. She goes. Raman says just give mins, we will get signs of the property owner. He asks Ishita to see everyone’s reactions. Raman gets Arushi there. Kiran identifies her as Sonakshi. Raman and Ishita get shocked. Kiran says she should have been in London. Raman asks Kiran how does she know about this. Kiran says I didn’t say. Raman says we heard you, don’t deny. Ishita says please say the truth, how do you know Sonakshi.

Raman says answer us, how do you know Sonakshi. Bala says we can talk later, please, Kiran just said this, what can proof this. Ishita says Kiran never met Sonakshi, how does she know her, is Sonakshi her friend, neighbor or family member. Kiran says I don’t know, I m saying truth, I just heard it from Mihika. Mihika asks what, I never discussed about Sonakshi with you, just Romi and Ruhi know it. Kiran says you have shown me her pic, just recollect. Mihika says no, I remember, I never showed her pic. Amma asks what’s happening, why are you questioning Kiran. Raman says Kiran you know the matter is really big. Bala shouts enough, when she is saying she doesn’t know, it means she doesn’t know, we are family members, not outsiders. Ishita says if Kiran is saying true, why is she nervous. Bala asks am I hiding anything, I didn’t expect this from you, did you keep this function to insult us, I can’t tolerate my wife’s insult, my wife will never answer anyone’s questions. They leave.

Roshni says Adi, you didn’t do this right, you should have been with Ishita. Adi says its her mistake, she overreacted. Roshni says I wasn’t needed in your family function. He says I wanted you to be there. She says matter is something else, I won’t go with you, don’t come after me. He asks what happened. She says its not good for us to stay together. Some men stop Roshni and try to misbehave. Adi comes and beats them up. Roshni worries. Roshni asks Adi is he fine. Adi hugs her. She cries.

Ishita asks Arushi why is she leaving. Arushi asks what shall I do here, my sister’s culprit is roaming free. Ishita says we can catch Kiran’s lie, just trust me, we will catch the culprit, we need your help. Raman thinks I know how to get this truth out. He messages someone. Arushi nods. Ishita thinks is Kiran doing illegal work behind Raman’s name.

Neha says I wanted to know about the mails, did you fix dates. Kiran scolds her. Raman and Ishita confront Kiran. Police arrives to arrest Kiran.

Update Credit to: Amena

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