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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 27th April 2018 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 27th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera threatens Uma that she will show video of Suman killing thief to police. Uma says she can do anything, but he will fulfill his sister’s wish at any cost. She holds his collar and says she is his wife, he cannot divorce her. He says she can do anything. Kanak hugs Bhabho and says she has to marry Uma to fulfill Suman’s wish. Aditya hears and comments silently that one patloon Dadusa and 2 cats fighting for him. Uma walks back and asks Saras to prepare divorce papers, he will divorce Meera and marry Kanak after 3 days. Meera acts as collapsing. Kanak thinks Meera will be in for more shock.

Uma with Kanak sits for Suman’s shanti pooja and thinks he is doing it to fulfill his incomplete promise. Meera walks in. Kanak tells panditji that Uma’s

wife came and says Suman considers me as bhabi, so I sat for pooja wiht Uma. Meera angrily engraves her nails in her palm and it bleeds. Aditya comments that she will be called second woman soon and ex-wife. Shiv tells Meera that he called poor people to serve food in Suman’s name. Meera says he did good, she will bring food. Kanak stops her and says Suman likes Bhabho’s prepared laddoos a lot, so she asked Bhabho to bring laddoos, it is bahu’s job after all and Meera is getting divorce in 3 days anways.

Aditya goes to Kanak’s house to bring laddoos and walks in silently. Bhabho hides Suman in store room. Suman says soon Bhabhi saa and Dadusaa will be married and her wish will be fulfilled Bhabho asks her to hide here and not come out. Aditya hears sound in store room and knocks door. Bhabho asks Suman to hide behind boxes and walks out closing door, asks when did he come. He says just now he came to take laddoos. She says she will ask Purab to keep boxes in vehicle. Aditya says he will do himself. She says how will he lift 6 boxes, Purab will keep them in car, he can rest till she brings tea for him and leaves. Adtiya thinks she is pampering a lot to hide something and walks into store room to check. He checks each box. Suman watches him and hides in sweet ox. Aditya countsboxes and drags them out. Bhabho returns and thins where did Suman go. Aditya drags last box and thinks how can laddoos be so heavy, asks Bhabho to help him. She pushes box along with him mimicking Hey Mhara Ramji, O mhara Ramji.

Aditya takes laddoos to Uma’s house and says laddoos came. Kanak says charity sweets came, they should distribute it among poor. Bhabho tells him that she knows she cares for Uma, but she has not become Uma’s wife, she should understand that. Meera says Bhabho is right, she has right on doing charity. Bhabho asks Shiv to take Meera out and asks Uma to accompany them. Once they leave, she shows thumbs up to Kanak and says Aditya walked into store room, but she prepared 6 boxes already. Kanak sees 7 boxes. Saras calls her and informs that Suman is missing and she searched whole house. Kanak thinks if Meera finds Suman, she will not divorce Uma.

Precap: Meera tells Bhabho that she is legally wedded to Uma still, if Kanak marries Uma, she will be called Uma’s mistress. She orders goon to kill Kanak and thinks if she cannot get Uma, even Kanak should not.

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