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The Destiny-Never Let’s You Go Away (Naamkaran Avniel Fan Fiction) Episode 10

Hi all! I’m writing this part of this ff because Deeyaana is unable to write. She’ll continue after this part 😄

Link for the previous part :-

The destiny-Never let’s you go away (Naamkaran Avniel fan fiction) Episode 9

Recap: Neil coming to Sukoon house and teasing Avni. Neil and Priya having an eye lock.

Neil and Priya are disturbed by a phone’s ringingtone. It’s Neela’s phone.

Neela: Ah sorry. It’s from an unknown number!

Neil and Priya look at her. Neil says, “Please pick up the call and turn on speaker 🔊 ”

Neela gets tensed and nods. She answers the call and turns on loudspeaker. Neil signs her not to get tensed.

Neela: Hello?

Jo teri khatir tadpe pehle se hi
Kya usey tadpana o zaalima, o zaalima
Jo tere ishq mein behka pehle se hi
Kya usey behkana o zaalima, o zaalima

:Click No. 1 to make this song your ringing tone.

Tera Dhyaan Kidhar Hai
Yeh Tera Hero Idhar Hai
Tera Dhyaan Kidhar Hai
Yeh Tera Hero Idhar Hai
Tera Dhyaan Kidhar Hai
Yeh Tera Hero Idhar Hai

Click No. 2 to make this song your ringing tone.

Mougli and Priya burst in to laugh. Neela and Neil look at them annoyingly. She quickly cuts the call.

Neil:- What was there to laugh ?

Mowgli:- you two thought it’s goons !! Right????

Priya and Mowgli again laugh. Neil gets relieved seeing Priya happy. (She cried before.. remember??)

Neil thinks, “This girl’s mood changes like weather!”

Neela smiles at them and leaves to kitchen. She keeps her phone aside before leaving.

Neil looks at Priya. She also looks at him.

Priya:- Why?

Neil:- What why?

Priya:- Why are you staring at me?

Neil:- I’m in charge of this case and I have the full right to investigate about each and everyone involved in this case. Am I right Miss. … Ah! What’s your name by the way? I forgot….

Mowgli:- Ha hero is right. Her name is …

Priya:- Priya. It’s Priya.

Her mood gets off.

Neil: Just like weather.

Priya looks at him and questions.

Priya:- What did you just say?

Neil:- me? Nothing. I didn’t say anything..

Priya:- Don’t lie. I heard you saying kind of word like ….

She is disturbed by a phone call.

Priya:- Whose phone is that?

Neil:- not mine.

Priya:- Not mine too.

They see Neela’s phone.

Priya:- I’ll pick it.

She takes the phone and answers.

Priya:- Hello?

Other end:- We want the property papers of your house by tonight.

Priya:- Oh hello? Who are you to say these?

Neil gets alert and signs her to put on speaker. She does so.

Other end:- it doesn’t matter at all. Make sure those papers reach us safely. Send one of your kids to ***place to deliver.

Priya:- Are you mad? Before she speaks more the caller cuts the call..

Priya looks at Neil shocked. Neela rushes there and over hears their conversation.

Neil:- I will go there with my team. I’ll send some officers here for all of your safety too.

Priya:- No I’ll come with you.

Neela:- Don’t go dear. He is an police officer right. He will take care of this.

Priya:- No mom, he is not a kid in Sukoon house. They told to send a kid not an elephant.

Neil looks at Priya surprised.

Neil:- What! Are you serious?

Priya:- What what? I am telling the truth.

Neil:- Paagal ladki. (mad girl)

Priya frowns at him. Neela sees this and says, “Please take care of yourself. I’m not happy to send you… ” She looks at Neil and says ,” please take care of her”

Neil:- of course aunty. I know how to take care of kids.

Priya frowns at him again. Neil says, “Shall we leave now?” Priya nods. Neela looks at her sadly and blesses her..

Neil and Priya leave. They arrive at the particular place where the goon told.

Neil:- My team might be around here so nothing to worry about.

They get down from the car and walks towards the road more. They hear a sound from behind and turn to see.

Priya is shocked to find a gang of goons there.

One goon:- I knew you won’t take papers. So I made my gang ready. He smiles cruelly and orders his goons to catch Neil and Priya.

Neil holds Priya’s hand and runs from there .Priya is shocked by his reaction.

She shouts at him while running.

Priya:- Are you mad or what? Why did you run away like a coward? Don’t you have courage to face those stupid goons alone?

Neil and Priya enter a near by jungle and stop by a wooden hut.

Neil looks at Priya while looking around, and says, “I have to think about your safety before facing them”

He thinks to knock on the door. Priya understands his idea. She says, “Dare you knock on the door”

Neil:- (surprised) why?

Priya:- what why? We didn’t come here to visit anyone ! We came to catch that stupid goons!

Neil:- Yes I know but do you have any better idea than this?”

Priya looks aside.

Neil knocks on the door .

Priya looks at him and murmurs, “This one will never listen”

An old woman opens the door. She is puzzled to see Neil and Priya outside.

Old woman:- Who are you? What are you doing here?

Neil:- Actually aunty.  We are … I mean she is my wife…. Our car brole down near by…  It will take some time for the repairers to come so…..

Priya gets much surprised and looks at Neil shocked. Neil signs her.

Old woman:- Oh beta you are most welcome here. Come inside.

Neil and Priya enter the hut.

Neil thinks, “Where did my team disappear!”

He says to the old woman , ” Aunty I will go and try to do something about the car. Till then can you take care of her?”

Old woman smiles happily and says, “of course beta don’t worry. I will take a good care of her. You go”

Neil nods and tries to leave, Priya stops him and says , “But .. .”

Old woman :- beti don’t think much. He will come soon.

Priya looks at Neil’s eyes. Neil too stares at her and leaves. She looks on…

Precap: Priya faints. Neil catches her and takes her to a hospital.

Hope you enjoyed this part. Credit goes to original author Deeyaana 😊 Like and comment 😘😘😘

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