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Shakti 28th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman and Soumya yearns for each other

Shakti 28th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer telling Soumya that he has seen many girls, but saw girl like her for first time, and says who refuses money for a teddy bear and says you are really great, and says may be my shop will run well, may be I will get married and go to foreign. He hires her and asks her to stay in his shop. Soumya looks on. Sameer says you might be thinking that we are strangers and I will misbehave with you, and laughs, and says I will not do such things, as I am a hero. He says you can trust me hesitantly and asks her to enquire about him. Soumya says you gave me work and food, and good man for me. Sameer takes Soumya’s teddy and hangs with his teddys. He says when I meet you, I will beat you for leaving such a good wife. Surbhi and Kinnars are searching Soumya. Kareena and Raveena is also searching

her. Jasleen tells Harman that it is late now, we have to go home.

Later in the night, Sameer gives food to Soumya and says now he is going home else his mum will scold him. Soumya asks him to keep the door open and says she is afraid of darkness. Sameer says I can’t trust you fully. Soumya sits in darkness and thinks of Harman. Harman wishes Soumya to return and says I love you very much. Soumya thinks she will be of Harman in all births. Preeto comes to Harman and wakes him up. Jasleen comes and shows Punjab map. She says we will make target to search Soumya.

Sameer comes to the shop and gives pakodas to Soumya. Soumya thanks him. Jasleen tells Harman that they need to search in Ludhiana. She tells preeto that Soumya is in Harman’s heart and says you tried to make me understand, but I didn’t understand. Preeto says it is a big thing that you understood it now. Jasleen sees Soumya and Harman’s marriage photo frame. Sameer asks Soumya how is pakoda. Soumya says it is ok. Sameer asks him to praise it. Soumya says it was good. Sameer says my mum comes here daily to do puja and asks her to hide when his mum comes, if she sees you then will throw you out of city. He says I will sign song and then you shall understand. Soumya says ok. Jasleen sets the room with Harman and Soumya’s photo frames. She says you are really lovely and says I feel jealous sometimes. She says I also love you a lot and says people do anything for money, and you left from here without money. She says you are devi of sacrifice and says I am not less than you, first come here then we will settle the scores. Harman comes and says don’t know how she forgives others.

Balwinder sees his vest torn and gets upset. Raavi asks him to buy vests when he gets money and asks him to do work. She asks him to be happy with the money he gets. Balwinder says you are talking so much. Raavi insults him taking his relatives name. He comes out and asks her why she taunts him. Raavi says your father sent you here, and says you are here like a beggar and have free food. She says you can’t buy a vest and calls him and his family as poor. Balwinder slaps her.

A man comes to Harak Singh’s house and threatens to tell his secret to everyone. Harak Singh gets shot. Harman comes to Sameer’s shop and is about to show Soumya’s pic to him, but just then he gets Preeto’s call who tells him that Harak Singh gets shot.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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