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Shakti 27th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya gets job in toy shop

Shakti 27th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with toy shop owner Sameer coming on his bike. Soumya looks at him. Preeto asks Harman to have food. Harman refuses. He says Soumya didn’t have money, don’t know if she had food or not. Jasleen says we have to search Soumya and that’s why we have to be alive and eat food. Moti lal asks Harman to have food and trust God. Sameer asks where she is getting inside and asks if she is a thief and wants to steal in his shop. Soumya says no. He gathers people. Sameer asks her to tell where did she steal? Soumya says she is not thief, she wants to work and earn money to feed food to herself. He asks her maths questions. Soumya answers right. He apologizes to the people and asks them to go. He asks Soumya to go as well. Soumya says she needs work and money. Sameer tells about his struggled life

and says he has no customers. He says I don’t have money, what can I give you. Soumya says I asked many, but nobody gave me work. She says she will work and pray to mata rani for his shop. Sameer gets emotional and says I can’t see tears. He asks her to clean the toys and he will give her something. Soumya agrees. Preeto tells Harman that Mata Rani will not let anything happen to her. Soumya starts dusting the toys.

Moti lal tells Preeto that he is going to Canada as his friend have broken friendship with him. Jasleen says but…He says I thought to get you married, but…Harman apologizes to him. Moti Lal says marriages are made in heaven. Harak Singh apologizes to Moti Lal. Moti Lal forgives and hugs him. Veeran hugs him. Jasleen hugs him and says she will miss him. He asks her to take care of her. A couple comes to the shop and buy Soumya’s teddy. Soumya tells Sameer that she is hungry and needs money. She couldn’t see her teddy and asks for it. Sameer says I have sold it. Soumya is shocked and runs. Sameer also runs. She stops the couple and says this teddy is mine. Woman’s husband tells that he will give more money. Soumya says it was not for selling. Soumya snatches money from her hand and runs. Sameer makes the man fall stop him from running behind Soumya, helps him get up and returns his money.

Balwinder tells Raavi that Jasleen has ruined everything. He says we have to think about ourselves and asks her to steal everything. Raavi scolds him and asks him to earn.

Harak Singh gives money to Kareena and asks her to go and kill Soumya. Kareena says we will try and smiles looking at Raveena. Soumya thinks nobody can separate her from her Harman ji. She says you have made me away from you, but I will not get away from this teddy. Sameer comes to her and asks her take her money. Soumya refuses. He says I didn’t know that this teddy is precious to you. Jasleen searches for Soumya and tells Harman that she will upload Soumya’s pic on social media. Harman is tensed.

Harman and Jasleen come to Sameer’s shop. He is about to show soumya’s pic to sameer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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