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Saam Daam Dand Bhed 27th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Vijay Gets Shot Trying to Save Sadhna

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 27th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Boss points gun at Bulbul and warns to accept that she mixed something in food and made his people sick. Gayatri says if that was the case, why did she serve Resham then. Vasu says she is right, if 3 people eat 10 people’s food, that too spicy, stomach will get upset obviously. Sadhna returns and says she did not find digestive pills. Vijay hands over fake passport to Boss and says his vehicle will drop them to Katmandu flight. Boss walks back in. Vijay goes to inspector and says he is going in via AC duct and if he hears bullet or fighting sound, he should barge in with whole team.

Boss walks back in with passport. Agastya says now he got passport and should go from here. Bulbul reads Vijay’s message that he is coming in and signals family. Goon hears sound and tries

to run up, but Gayatri dances on Jab tak hai jaan jane jahan mai nachungi…song…and stops him. Her drama continues and she slaps Boss..continues acting.

Bulbul’s phone falls down. Boss picks it and reads Vijay’s messages, hears foot steps and stops Gayatri’s mad dance. He points gun at Bulbul and asks Vijay to come down, else will shoot his wife. Family surrounds Bulbul. Boss says he loves to kill them all and asks Vijay to burn his family’s dead bodies in furnace at once and not waste time. He is about to shoot when Vijay jumps from balcony and pushes goon away, punches him and tells he warned not to harm his family, else he will not be spared. He asks agastya to open door and calls police in. He sees Sadhna’s injured hand and gets more angry and trashes goons in rage. Family stops him. Junior goon shoots Sadhna, Vijay pushes her and bears bullet on his hand. Family gets worried. Police arrests goons and drags them away. Vijay says he is fine and collapses. Sadhna cries holding him in her lap, says she should have died instead. Vijay asks not to say that, she bought him up and is like his mother. Sadhna cries that she doubted him and is very bad. Vijay asks her to promise to keep guiding him whole life.

Doctor comes and removing bullet dresses wound and informs family to let Vijay rest. Resham asks to give him medicine. Doctor says once his system clears, he will be fine. Drama company artistes walk in and demand money from Bulbul. Family yell at them to get out. Bulbul says they are right, she called them to frighten family so that Vijay forgets his differences with Sadhna and forgive her. She pays them and sends away. Gayatri yells at her. She says she knew Vijay and whole family are sad with Vijay’s decision of leaving home, so she made this drama. Vijay says she manipulated things. Gayatri continues yelling and asks Sadhna to speak. Gayatri says she will for sure.

Precap: Vijay says I love you to Bulbul and asks her to repeat. She says thanku ji…Vijay says he will not speak to her until she says those words.

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