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Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari (SwaSan) Season 2 Promo by Marsuu

Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari (SwaSan)
Season 2

The story is continuing from kavita’s track. Sanskar got engaged to kavita and swara was heart broken. She left kolkate the day sanskar engaged kavita. She don’t have strength to see her love with someone else.
Sanskar was also feeling bad for hurting swara infact he was guilty for choosing kavita over swara. But he has hope that he will start a new life with kavita and will be happy with her. He has someone beside him but swara was left all alone. No one thought about her.

Everything does not happen like we plan. After one week of engagement, sanskar met with an accident. He knew swara left kolkata but he didn’t tried to contact her because he want her to move on. Sanskar’s accident was very critical that his leg was broken and he won’t be able to move for next six months. He would be bound to bed for coming months. Moreover, due to severe injury in his abdomen he would never become father. The whole maheshwari family was beyond shock.

Kavita who was suppose to be sanskar’s wife in few weeks should have taken the responsibility to take care of sanskar but he backed off. She said she can’t live with a handicap. She left when she got to know that sanskar can’t be father and he will be on bed. Sanskar didn’t felt bad wheb when she left because he has already not expected anything from her. His guilt increased and he regretted for the wrong choice he made. He was knowing kavita can never be like swara infact both are incomparable but he thought to give chance to kavita and he admit he was wrong.

All are characters are same like serial but they won’t be included in the story as it is just based on swasan.
Do you think swara will come back???
How will sanskar live with his guilt and regret????
Let me know your views if you are interested.
Thank you
Take care.

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