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Midnight Proposal – OS by monaa

Twinkle was standing in balcony.. at about 1 AM.. Gazing at the stars and feeling the cool breeze..

Suddenly she felt two arms wrapped around her in a back hugginh position.. His chin on her shoulder.. But she knew who could he be.. Ofcourse our hero kunj.. She leaned her head on his shoulder feeling relaxed.

“What happened baby doll? What are u doing here at this time” He asked.

“Nothing just not able to sleep.. so thought to get sone fresh air” She replied.

“Everything is ok?? Right??” He asked

“Ha baba.. Everthing is good” She replied turning in his embrace n hugged him properly placing her head   on his chest.

“But whta happened to you?? How are you still awake..? I remember when i came here, you were sleeping soundly” She asked.

“Yeah!! But u know na shona.. I cant get sleep without your warm embarace… As soon as you left, i lost your warmth and saw you here so came running to you.  Like a love sick puppy” He replied teasingly..

She slapped him on his chest playfully.. And he hugged her tightly and kissed her temple..

He suddenly laughed remembring something..
She parted from hug and asked him the reason of his laughter raising her eyebrows..

“Nothing!! Remember 2 years back, at this hour of night, i proposed you” He asked.

“Ofcourse my Babyy.. How can i forget that day.. it was almost 2 years back but seems like its yesterday’s incident only” She replied.


Twinkle- (on the road in the middle of night) Kunjj!! Kunj yr what are u doing?? Walk straight.. we need to go home back otherwise mumma and aunty wont spare us this time.. We promised her to reach early but see the time its already 12.30

Kunj- Are twinkii!! Chill baby doll.. Mom and shomi ma would have been asleep by now.. Let’s Enjoyyyy.. (In somewhat inberited state)

They were actually comming from their friend’s birthdayy party and his friend made him dirnk a little bit but he being not a ‘drunkard’ cant handle that too and now Swara is facing trouble handling him.

Twinkle- (little angrerly) kunj dont be a kid and listen to me.. and plz walk straight .. i cant handle ur weight..

Kunj- Haw.. (Perfectly O shaped mouth) Twinki.. !! How can u say soo.. (making funny faces) You.. you.. (pointing a finger towards her) You are calling me Motu… Aaahh (Faking cry)

Twinkle- Oh plz kunj stop your drama..

Kunj- Jao twinki.. you are very bad..I wont tell you a secret..

Twinkle- Secret?? What secret?? Tell me kunj .. what are you hiding from me?? Kunjj (little emotionally) Now you even started keeping secrets from me.. Jao now I will never talk to you.. (sitting on the middle of the road only)

kunj- Are twinki!! I promise.. I will not keep secret from you.. But you too promise me, when I will tell you my secret.. Top wala secret, you wont be angry with me.. Promise (Asked childishly.. keeping his palms in front of her to promise)

Twinke promised him keeping her small palmson his but still being a little angry..

Kunj got up from road after getting  promise from her and took out a paper from his pocket..

Kunj- (reading from the paper)

You are the sun in my day, the wind in my sky, the waves in my ocean, and the beat in my heart. All my dreams came true the day that I met you. I Love You! You are the sunshine of my life! Thanks for brightening my world with the warmth of your Friendship… You are the fire that burns the passion within my soul. I love You with all my heart… I want to be your arms, I want to feel your touch, I want your lips on mine, I need you very much…

I.. I soo much love u Twinkii.. (spreading his arms showing how much he loves her) Will.. Will u marry me?? Please

Twinkle was shocked listening his proposal.. But immediately got up from road and run towards him n hugged him dearly replying him ‘I LOVE YOU’ again and again to him..

****Flashback Ends****

Twinkle- Yeah! How can i forget that dah.. How cutely u proposed me.. My cutee Babyy.. ( She kissed him on his cheeks showing her love)

Kunj- (whinning) Yr shona!! How many times i told you not to call me cutee.. U know it dont suit my personality..

She laughed seeing his angry cutee face n pecked his lips and hugged him saying ‘I love you’ to him..

He too hugged her dearly replying ‘Me too’

Both then went to bed and slept hugging each other feeling their warmth and lost in their dream world..


Hello friends.. how are you… its my first ever oneshot on Twinj.. hope you guys liked it..

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