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Magical and True Love of Samaina-Chapter/Episode 4

Notice:-I wanted to tell that I will update my fan fictions on weekends and Middle of the Week..Coz On weekends There is No YUDKBH..So I thought it to write only on Weekends and Middle of the week (when I am have time)..

Precap:-Naina was really happy to get Sameer’s Call and she was Constantly Smiling..😊😊 (Though it was Bymistakely Called by Sameer)

Sameer was also happy😊😊 and he was lost in Naina’s Voice….

Chapter/Episode-4 Begins…

At Sameer’s House

Suddenly Someone Knocks the door..

Ramu Kaka:-Sameer babu .. Dinner is Ready…

Sameer:-Ok Ramu Kaka.. I will Come..

Sameer goes to dining hall

Sameer sits and Nana Ji also Sits with Him…

Ramu Kaka Serves them…

Nana Ji:-So..You Are done with your Assignment Sameer..??

Sameer:-Yes Nana Ji.I have Completed it.😊😊

Nana Ji:-So tell me what had Happened in your School today..??

Sameer starts to narrate the whole incidence…

Here, Sameer would share all his problems, feelings, Matter to Nana Ji.They were just like Best Friendzz..

Meanwhile In Naina’s House..

Preeti:-Mummy..Today also tinde..😜😜😮😮

Chachi Ji:-Yes So What??

Preeti:-I think God Has Made us only to eat tinde..😊😊😁😁😆😆😜😜

Chachi Ji:-Chup kar Preeti..🙊🙊🙊 Otherwise you will not get today’s food..😡

Preeti:-Ok Mummy..😜😜

Naina was still lost in Sameer’s thought…

Chachi Ji:-What Happen Naina Beta??Why are you Smiling Soo Much..??🤔🤔

Naina:-Nothing Chachi Ji.Actually I finished my Assignment on time so that’s why I was smiling and very happy today.😊😊

Preeti was sitting Besides Naina..

Preeti(in low voice):-Actually She was talking to Jijaji..That’s why..😉😉

Naina(in low voice) Chup kar Preeti..🤐🤐🙊🙊

Chachi Ji:-What are saying Preeti??

Preeti:-Nothing Mummy..

Chachi Ji:-Naina.I am Also very happy For you..Preeti you should learn from Her..

Preeti:-Okk Mummy..

Naina:-Where is Chacha Ji today??

Bela Chachi:-He will come very late..

Naina:-Ok Chachi Ji..

They all have their Food and Goes to their Room…

Naina:-How do you Know Preeti It Was Sameer’s Call..???

Preeti:-I know you very well meri Pyaari Behena..From the time you received that call I was Noticing you and you were just smiling and blushing soo much..😊😊😋😋Then I knew It was Jijaji’s Call…Don’t Hide anything from Mee..

Naina:-Yes it Was Sameer’s Call.. Ok Preeti.. and Now Let me study..

Preeti:-Yaar Naina..How Many Times you will Study??🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️It’s Already 10 p.m.

Naina:-I have to revise the last part.You sleep.I will sleep After Revising It…

Preeti:-Ok Meri Pyaari Behena..😘😘😍😍

Naina studies…📚📚

Meanwhile At Sameer’s House

Nana Ji:-So that’s why you are doing your work Right..???

Sameer:-Yes….. I mean No Nana Ji…

Nana Ji:-I know you very well my Prince..You love her ..❤❤💘💘

Sameer:-No Nana Ji…

Nana Ji:-Then why you were waiting for her after school hours.After long time You are doing your work on Time with Sincerely..I know you very well..Don’t Hide anything from Mee..Okk

Sameer(smiling😁😁😊😊):-Yes Nanu..I love her…❤❤

Nana Ji:-Then why don’t you say it to her..??

Sameer:-Nanu..I want Naina to experience My Love for Her without Confessing it..I know Nanu That she loves Mee but she will not confess it..I think She is Nervous to say or She wants to experience her love to mee..

Nana Ji:-Hmmm…..And I am Noticing You these days..You are Changing Sameer..The way You Talked with your Mother was so politely and Also very Kindly..I know that Naina’s love has Changed you…

Sameer:-But Nanu..Please don’t tell to Mumma..Promise Mee..

Nana Ji:- I Promise You that I will not tell to your Mother Ok..

Sameer:-Ok Nanu…

Nana Ji:-I know Naina very Well..She is very Caring and Loving Nature

Sameer:-How do you Know Nanu..??

Nana Ji:-I am the trustee of your School , I come for Special Occasions/Functions..

Sameer:-How did you Meet Naina..??

Nana Ji:-When I was about to faint during a function ,she holded me in her Arms and I was Taken to Hospital…

Sameer:-When Did this Happened Nanu?? I didn’t knew it..

Nana Ji:-It happened when you were not there.She cared me like I was a Family Member of Hers…

Sameer:-Sorry Nanu..I was Not there..😔😔

Nana Ji:-It’s Okk Sameer☺☺..You have choosen the Right and Best Person..She will Love you till the end of her life..Her Eyes Speaks that she is innocent,kind,caring nature..Uska Dil Bahut hi Saaf Hain…

Sameer:-I know Nanu…

Nana Ji(looking towards his Watch):-Oh!!It’s 10:30 p.m. …😯😯😮😮 Sameer..You finish your Dinner Fast and Go to Sleep and Don’t Forget to keep your Assignment b.k. in your Bag..Will talk Tomorrow. Sameer:-Ok Nanu..☺☺

Sameer & Nana Ji have their Food And Leaves the table…

Sameer:-Bye Nanu, Love You Nanu..😘😘 and Good Night..

Nana Ji:-Love you too Sameer..😘😘❤❤GST..


Nana Ji:-Haan GST..Good Night,Sweet Dreams and Take Care…

Sameer:-Aap bhi na Nanu..Same to you Nanu…

Nanu and Sameer Leaves from the dining room…

Sameer goes to his room…

He packs his Bag and goes towards his Bed…

He Thinks about Naina and Sleeps..🙇🏻‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️💤💤💤💤

Meanwhile in Naina’s Room..

After Revising,she keeps her books in her bag..She opens one of the drawers🗄🗄 of her Study table and takes out a small box..She Opens it and Took out a Photo and it was of Sameer’s photo..

Naina:-I am very happy to know that you have completed the assignment on time…I was always worried about you,I do care for you and I love you but whenever you come infront of mee,I get Nervous,I dont know why??..I wanted to talk with you but I don’t know why my lips doesn’t speak infront of you..I just wanted you to experience my love for You..Coz I love You..❤❤ and Every Time,every single minute and Every Second I miss you and even now also I still Miss You…

(Actually this above lines/Statement is Real..I have also done the same thing)

Suddenly Preeti gets up

Preeti(only her voice):-Yaar Naina..To whom you are speaking..

Naina(worriedly🤐🤐🙊🙊😮😮😲😲):-No one…

Preeti:-Ok Byee..

Naina quickly keeps Sameer’s photo inside the box and she keeps it in the drawer and closes it…

She goes to her bed…She Think About Sameer and Sleeps..🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️💤💤

Next Morning

As Usual,Naina’s day starts..Her Day’s in the school starts from her Duty…

After Prayer,She goes to her Class and Sits besides Swati…

Priya Ma’am Enters

Priya Ma’am:-So Class I have asked you to submit your Assignment..Monitor’s Bring that list to mee..I will see who has Not Submitted it.

Priya Ma’am Checks the list…

Priya Ma’am (shocked😮😮😲😲 and Happily☺☺):-Aree wah Sameer You have submitted your Assignment on time…

Everyone listnening to this was shocked to hear this News..

(Sameer was Actually changing..Before, He used to submit eitheir he would submit his Assignments/project very later or he Forgets it..But now He has Changed..He wanted to become Responsible Person only for his Naina..)

Sameer stands up and Answers..

Sameer:-Yes Ma’am..I have Completed it.You can check it Ma’am..😊☺☺

Priya Ma’am:- Who reminded you??


(He was about to tell Naina’s Name but he suddenly stopped/paused..Naina looks towards Sameer and Sameer Looks Towards Naina..)

Sameer:-Na..Na..Nana Ji…

Priya Ma’am:-How did your Nana Ji Knew It???

Sameer:-He Just Asked about my H.W/Assignments and I remembered..

Priya Ma’am:-Ok Sameer..Now Sit down..The Students Thise who have Not Submitted your Assignments will not Go/leave home until its Sibmitted..If Anyone is Leaving/escaping from the school Premises..Next Day They will sit and Complete theirAssignment in Principal Ma’am ‘s Cabin..Is that Clear..??

Student(those who did not submit their Assignment were Standing):- Ok Ma’am

Priya Ma’am Starts to teach..

Sameer was looking at Naina but Naina was Concentrating what teacher is Teaching..She also looks at Him/Sameer without noticing him but during Intervals…


Chapter/Episode-4 Ends

Upcoming Precap will be in suspence….So thats the end of My Chapter..Do comment or Share your lovely feedbacks to mee…And Do tell me Which Part Do you liked the Most in this Chapter…Will update Next Chappy ASAP..Till then Stay Safe and Take Care..And Do not forget to mention/comment/feedback your Favourite part or You liked the most part in this Chapter..Will be Very Happy to know it..😊😊☺☺


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