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Laado 27th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Anu and Shaurya get engaged

Laado 27th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Inder asking Malhari to see Rantej’s deeds. Malhari sees Rantej going and tells that he has picked a gun before started speaking. Inder tells Malhari about Rantej’s deeds and says he has become a devil and have not left any girl in the village, and tells that he has killed innocent people, you would have stopped him, but you didn’t do this. He can attack us also. Juhi hears about him and is shocked. Inder thinks your sister is gone from your hands Rantej.

Dadi asks Anushka to wear earrings to enhance her beauty. She then gives her necklace and tells that she loves her a lot. Kuldeep helps Dadi. Anushka wears it. Kuldeep stops Kajal from using Shagun’s make up stuff. Shagun comes there and tells Kajal that she can do make up of Tulika and gives her make up kit. Kuldeep

asks if you are loving anushka and says Dadi gave all jewellery to her. Shagun says game is not yet over.

Later Juhi sees Rantej going somewhere taking the plates in his hand. She is about to follow him, but just then Malhari comes there. Juhi stops. Anushka thinks about Shagun’s real face. Shagun comes there. Anushka reminds her that she is Anu and says nobody will doubt. She asks why Dadi has kept party? Shagun says I don’t know. Dharam and Komal comes there. Anu greets her and asks how is she? Komal says Dharam is taking care of her. She thinks she wants to hug her, but can’t infront of all. Shaurya comes there in suit. Dadi gets glad and asks him to meet Anu. Amrish says he will go as a beggar. Kajal tells Anu that she is looking bad. Anu says you are looking good. Kuldeep comes and says you are beautiful. Kajal gets happy and says I am going to play now. Anu says you have become a good husband atleast, if not a good brother. Kuldeep asks why you are saying this. Shagun comes there and says shaurya is waiting for you. Kuldeep asks Shagun what happened? Shagun says something is going to happen which will make her speechless.

Anu and Shaurya are looking in each other eyes. He says you are looking like a poet’s poetry. Anu looks at him. Shaurya asks her to thank him. Anu says it was a cheap line and asks it is from which cheap book. He holds her hand and asks will you not ask me, why did I wear suit and why I am looking happy. Anu says yes, and asks what is the occasion. Shaurya says I will not tell you. Dadi asks Shaurya if he is ready. Shaurya says yes. Dadi calls all the guests. She calls Anu and Shaurya to come near her. She says this day is special for me and announces their engagement. Shaurya shows engagement ring. Kuldeep says Anu doesn’t like Shaurya and asks why did you let this happen then. Shagun asks him not to spoil the happenings and be silent. Anushka looks at the engagement ring. Shagun thinks Anu will slap Shaurya now and waits happily. Dadi asks Anu to forward her hand. Shaurya smiles waiting for her to give hand. Anu gives her hand shocking Shagun and Amrish. Shaurya makes Anu wear ring. Anu is unhappy though. Everyone claps for them. Kajal says Juhi and Shaurya’s marriage.

Anu thinks she is wearing ring of her name and will return it when she returns. Shaurya says I never thought this will come true. Dadi asks Anu to make Shaurya wear ring. Amrish asks Shagun to handle herself. Shagun gets angry. Anu makes Shaurya wear ring. Shaurya smiles. Komal hesitantly claps. Anu also smiles.

Amrish asks Anu to sign on the papers. Just then she gets Komal’s call and she informs her about the papers. Anu tells her that she will not sign.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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