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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 27th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti asks Kanhaiya to diet

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 27th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum asking Kunti why she is shocked and asks if she saw ghost. Kunti says not ghost, but Kanhaiya’s future. She tells Prema that she is right about Kanhaiya. Pari says now you can call him janu,shone etc. Kunti asks did you call him by this names. Prema says I didn’t call him by these names. Kunti says I have understood seeing Bablu and says I can’t see Kanhaiya as unwell and diseased. She asks them to feed diet food to Kanhaiya. Panjiri says I thought Maa ji will not let Kanhaiya have diet food, and that’s why she made all regular food. Kunti says we will make him diet from tomorrow. Prema says Kanhaiya will do dieting from today, now itself. Prarthana says we have to do tomorrow’s work today itself. Pratibha says we will make diet food for him and asks

him to go to shop by walk and return by walk. Kunti agrees.

Pratap comes to Kusum and asks her to give old stuff. Kusum says my phone is old. Pratap says I am talking about you. Kusum says I will sell you. Kanhaiya says lets have food. He sits to have food. Pratap sees food and gets happy. Panjiri says I made special things for you. Kanhaiya sees the dishes and asks its name. Panjiri says sehat ke do bol, dahi aur maung ka gol. Kanhaiya says it is good, but I can’t have this. Panjiri says don’t be sad and says after this you can have bitter gourd sweets. Kusum says bhaiyya shall not have sugar. Panjiri says she has added jaggery in it. Kusum says she will make bhaiyya have it. Kanhaiya says he will have food made by Maiyya. He tells that he can’t have food now and will sleep now. Panjiri says you are worried about your diet and says I will make sabudana khichdi etc. Kanhaiya asks if you will make me cry.

He comes to Kunti and asks her to give food to him. Kunti says food..and signs him towards tiffin. Kunti goes near table and opens the tiffin. He says I am sure that you will make your lalla have food. He sees salad, fruits and vegetables. He asks did you forget to cook. He asks her to bring food for him. He emotionally blackmails her and asks you have also changed and think me fat. Kunti says little bit. Kanhaiya says I will eat this food for your happiness. Kunti gets emotional and says I will bring food for you. Kanhaiya says yes. She is about to go, but then imagines Kanhaiya fat and refuses to go. She says you have to eat this food only. Once your stomach goes inside, till then you shall have this food. Kanhaiya have salad. Prema and Pratibha tell the food items list to Kanhaiya. Panjiri says ok.

Prarthana says Kanhaiya shall walk and exercise. Pratibha says it is our responsibility. Kanhaiya says it is happening in every house, and taunts them. Pari asks where is taunt and calls it. Kanhaiya taunts them and says you couldn’t see your doings and says you have raised wall between Maiyya and me. You people made my maiyya against me. She used to feed me food, but now…I am getting tears in my eyes now hearing food name. Panjiri says I will bring handkerchief for you. Prarthana says please don’t blame us and think us wrong, we are doing this for your food health. Kanhaiya says this is a conspiracy. Panjiri says Didi is saying that we are doing this for your good health. Kanhaiya says Maiyya is separated from me. Kunti comes and says Buas have not provoked me and says she helped Buas seeing bablu. Kanhaiya is sad. Fb ends.

Pari’s mum says Kanhaiya got lean because of you all. Kunti says he didn’t agree so easily. Prarthana says it was difficult for us to make him diet. Pari’s mum asks did he have much food. Panjiri says we all were after him. Pratibha says Kanhaiya was not dieting.

Prema and Pratibha makes Kanhaiya do exercise and run. Pratap and Kanhaiya come to shop to drink palak and bittergourd juice, but the latter tries to have samosa hidingly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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