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Kriyam ff chapter: Love in Trip (Episode 9)

It’s morning time

Krishna is avoiding Sayyam but  he wants to apologize her for his last night’s behavior.

Everyone is sitting at the dining table for breakfast. Just then Baby comes with Yuvan and sits. Yuvan is feeding Baby as she is having some injuries on her hands. Krishna is having some trouble in eating with left hand as her right hand is fractured. Suhani notices this.

Suhani – Can’t you see Sayyam Krishna is unable to eat, feed her na.

Sayyam looks at Krishna

Krishna – No aunty, I will manage.

Sayyam – I will feed you.

Sayyam starts feeding her. He is constantly looking at her. But she is looking down to avoid him.

Krishna – I am full now excuse me I want to go to my room. (She leaves)

It’s noon.

Krishna is in Suhani’s room. Sayyam passes from there and he quickly hides when he sees Krishna in his mother’s room.

Krishna – Aunty I want to talk to you about something very Important.

Suhani – Yes tell na Beta .

Krishna –  It’s about Sayyam (Sayyam is shocked to hear his name he gets tensed and starts bitting his nails)

Suhani – (gets worried) He is fine na… Is there any problem

Krishna – He is fine right now but if we don’t do something soon then he won’t be fine till long.

Suhani – What are you saying say it clearly.

Krishna – He is having an addiction. (Sayyam is shocked to hell he quickly thinks something)

Suhani – Which addiction

Krishna is about to say something when Sayyam comes.

Sayyam – Krishna I am not getting a important file. Come and help me.

Krishna – Sayyam you go I will come in 5 minutes.

Sayyam – (In a loud voice) I said come with me right now it’s urgent.

Suhani – Krishna you go we will talk later.

Sayyam grabs Krishna’s wrist and drags her to their room. He then throws her on the sofa and locks the door. She is shocked she gets up and goes towards him. He holds her throat.

Sayyam –  How dare you Krishna. Who the hell you think you are. (Krishna is about to say something).  Don’t utter a single word Krishna otherwise I swear I will choke you to death. (Sayyam has never been so angry in his life).

He leaves her, he then starts breaking things and in the process he gets hurt on his hand and his hand starts bleeding. Krishna gets scared seeing this, she runs to bring First Aid Box. She brings it but Sayyam takes a packet of drugs and starts having it. Krishna takes the packet and throws it (Sayyam’s eyes are now burning due to Krishna’s foolishness). She then starts doing his aid. But he pushes her hard.

She falls on the glass table and the glass breaks into millions of pieces. Sayyam realizes his fault and he runs and takes her in his lap. He pats her cheek and tries to wake her up.

She opens her eyes which are filled with tears.

Krishna – Yeh kya kiya tumne (What have you done), Itni nafrat kyu karte ho mujhse (Why do you hate me so much) (With this she falls unconscious)

Krishna’s every word breaks Sayyam’s heart into billions of pieces.

He takes her to the hospital and informs everyone (Birla family) about Krishna. Krishna is taken to the Operation theater and everyone is sitting outside the OT.

After 10 minutes

Doctor comes out and everyone runs to him.

Doctor – Her condition is very critical. The glass pieces have entered her body through her head and they have started cutting the walls of brain. And internal bleeding has started. If the glass pieces are not removed early then we won’t be able to save her. (He again goes)

Sayyam breaks down and Yuvani consoles him. He hugs her and tells everything that’s been happening between them. And about his drugs.

Yuvani – Sayyam leave this drug addiction. Today because of this addiction Krish is fighting for her life.

Precap – Sayyam realizes his love for Krishna. But will she survive. Will Sayyam be able to leave his addiction.

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