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Kasam 27th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranbir coming back to India, Kritika to move to Mumbai

Kasam 27th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kritika’s mother watching her husband alive on TV and recalls moments with him. He tells that he tried, but he has no work. She tells that she will handle money and asks him to have food. She serves him food. He gets angry seeing rice, gravy and onion, and refuses to eat food. Kritika gets scared. Later he gets job in Mumbai. He asks him to take them to Mumbai and says we miss you. He says ok and says I miss you too. She finds film tickets from his shirt and questions him. He says I am busy in work and don’t have time to watch films. Later neighbor comes there and tells that Arun died in a bus accident. She gets shocked and asks him not to do dirty joke. Neighbor Ashok tells that his body was burnt much, and he had to do his last rites there itself. Kritika’s mum cries aloud hugging

her. She thinks I didn’t enquire about him. She tells Ashok left place after a month and understands that her husband feigned his death to marry someone else with whom he watched film. Kritika comes and asks how am I looking? Her mother says you are beautiful. Kritika asks why you are crying. Her mum says something went in my eyes while dusting. She asks her to go and help Mayuri, as baraat is here. Kritika tells her that her guy will come to her crossing seven seas.

Mahima comes to Ranbir and asks him if he is not getting sleep. He says yes. Mr. Kapoor comes and says my AC is not working, I will sleep here. Ranbir says no. Mr. Kapoor says when you can share room with your mum, then can’t you share with your dad. Akki comes there and says I will sleep here as witch is in my room. Ranbir understands that they are worried for him.

Kritika comes to her mum and asks why didn’t you come for Mayuri’s wedding. Her mum says she is having headache. Kritika says it was fun in the marriage, aunty cried a lot, food was good. She massages her head. Her mum asks her to go and sleep. Kritika goes to sleep. Her mum thinks shall I tell her that her father is alive. She thinks she shall meet him first and get answers for the questions.

Someone comes and says he wants him to be brand ambassador of his company and says you are a sports man. He says I will keep your big hoardings in India. Ranbir agrees. Mahima gets happy and says we will go. Mr. Kapoor says he needs to sort out some issues here.

Kritika calls her mum, and finds her missing. She thinks where did she go early morning. Her mum comes home and tells that she went to buy tickets to Mumbai. Kritika says Mumbai and flight tickets. Mum says we have to go in the morning. Kritika asks who is waiting for us. Mum says our destiny is waiting for us. Kritika says my mum is with me. Mother thinks now you have your father also. Kritika says ok and asks her to have medicine. Mother thinks I will go and search your Papa, and says what I couldn’t do anything for you, will be done by your Papa now.

Ranbir and his family get ready with their bags. Mahima asks Ranbir why he is taking water with him, as it will be finished in some days. Ranbir says then we will be back. His father asks why you hate India and says we found you there. Ranbir is shocked.

Mayuri tells Tanuja that the man whom she talked last night was not her Jiju, may be some cross connection. Tanuja says God has made someone for her. Akki asks if God is playing game with you. Ranbir says when I see her, I will realize that she is the one.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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