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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 28th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Gauri defeats Indra

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 28th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thakur asking Lakhan to come to him. Lakhan collides with Rahul and Latika. Everyone meets. Gauri asks why did you call me here, what happened, we decided to go in five different directions. Thakur says we were running away being scared of a devil, he died, look there. They see Indra in the car. Gauri goes and checks Indra’s pulse. Indra gets conscious and coughs. They get shocked. Gauri falls away. Indra and his goons point gun at everyone. Indra wipes his blood. He gets the knife. He says check my nerves Rahul, since many years, this medicines was tested, now this tablet has come in black market, this tablet stops body for two hours, person dies, then after effect ends, breath comes back, Thakur person’s heart shouldn’t be soft as yours, you all came back to me,

thanks for this.

He checks the bags and find stones and sticks. He shouts on Gauri and asks where are Shivlings, tell me. Gauri says Shivlings has reached Siddhpur, I played this game to divert your attention. Indra says you are lying, don’t make me mad, I will kill you. Gauri says you can’t do anything, you will forget about shivlings now. He gets angry. They hear some people coming. The people get fire torches. Gauri says when Thakur called me, I understood you played some game, I called the villagers for our safety, your game is over. Indra says your game will be over now. People come and save everyone. Rahul and Lakhan fight back. Indra tries to run away. He flees from there. Thakur praises Gauri and feels proud. He says Indra can do anything to stop us, till we have Kaal Bhairav blessing, Indra can’t do anything. Its morning, the man says this truck will make you reach Siddhpur. Thakur thanks everyone. Gauri says you helped us, thanks a lot, we will be glad if you come to our village for Shivlings’ placement in temple. They leave in the truck. Gauri goes to Rahul. He gets away. She says I didn’t tell you about Shivlings, it was necessary to divert Indra, he was after us. He says you could have told us, why did you not say.

Thakur says Indra knew about us, Gauri’s idea was good, pure Shivlings will reach Siddhpur, she did right. He asks Gauri how did she send Shivlings. She says trust me, Shivlings will reach Siddhpur. He says we trust you, whom did you trust. Lakhan asks her to tell them, who is doing this. She says maybe Shivlings reached village till now. Pujari gets the Shivlings. All the villagers smile and pray. Namrata comes there. The people ask how did she come here. They all scold Namrata and go to beat her. Preeti stops them and says Namrata has got Shivlings back, don’t do anything to her, my husband Indra has done everything, he is after Gauri and Thakur, he is trying to hurt them. FB shows Namrata meeting Gauri. She says Indra won’t let you take Shivlings.

Gauri asks did you get fine. Namrata says yes, Lord washed my sins in Ganga ji, I have changed, I hate myself, law can punish me, I want to end my sins, I will place Shivlings in temple, don’t get scared, I will use my mind to repent, Indra won’t let you succeed, we will play a game with him, you will act and fool him. Namrata says I will give the Shivlings to pujari ji, I spoke to Preeti, you can talk to her once. FB ends. Preeti says I spoke to Gauri then, Namrata didn’t run away, she came here with Shivlings, she will surrender to police. Rahul says you didn’t trust me, you trusted Namrata, how. Lakhan asks Thakur to see. Thakur says calm down, Shivlings reached pujari ji, but you shouldn’t trust Namrata, how did you identify her words. Gauri says I just identified Lord’s signs, Namrata and I were chosen to place the Shivlings again, see Shivlings went to Siddhpur by her hands. They smile. Indra follows them. He thinks I will ruin Siddhpur to get Shivlings.

Thakur says Kaal Bhairav and Shivgans will protect the Shivlings. They lock the temple. Rahul says Latika, we have this chance to get Shivlings and give it to police.

Update Credit to: Amena

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