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Jiji Maa 28th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Falguni gets framed

Jiji Maa 28th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Uttara asking Falguni did she do this for money, does relations not matter to her. She asks Shom to call lawyer, I will give entire property to Falguni, then she will realize we love her. She says money isn’t everything for us, relations are everything. Falguni asks her to be scared of Lord. She says you cheated your sister for property. Jayant gets shocked. Vidhaan says we will donate these toys to kids in orphanage. They get sad and pack all the toys. Uttara asks what is she saying, what does she want to prove. Jayant asks Falguni what is she doing, why are you dragging Gayatri in this.

Falguni says Suyash’s promise has stopped me. Suyash says I release you from all promises, tell the truth. Falguni says Uttara has cheated Gayatri and snatched Jayant and Suyash from

her. Uttara cries. Suyash says enough, Uttara is like Devi for me, she gave me a meaning of life, you were trying to kill Niyati, who calls you Jiji maa. They get shocked. Uttara asks what. Vidhaan asks Falguni wanted to kill Niyati? Jayant says Falguni can’t do this. Uttara says Niyati has lost her child. Falguni gets shocked.

Suyash says I found out that Falguni did everything. He tells everything. Suyash says Dilip told me, Falguni gave him money to kill Niyati’s baby. He scolds her. He says you knew I love you, I would have given you everything if you said once, what was the need to do all this. Falguni says trust me, I didn’t do this. Uttara says what will you love Suyash if you don’t love Niyati. Falguni asks them not to better Uttara. She says I was attacked in Goa, I was buried in coffin. Uttara says I understood, it was your plan, so that no one doubts on you. Falguni says all the blames are false, trust me Suyash, why will I try to kill Niyati.

Niyati comes and says you are jealous of me, you always wanted me to live as your puppet, you couldn’t see everything fine in my life, you played this move and became my Jethani to control me, you wanted to kill me. Falguni gets shocked. Falguni says I just lived for you, you got annoyed with me. Niyati says don’t do this drama, I lost my child, you are happy now. Uttara says I feel bad for Niyati and hugs her. Shom says Uttara is doing good drama, she divided the sisters. Falguni asks Uttara to stop her dual faced drama, now she has to tell everything to them. She says Suyash, Uttara tried to abort Niyati’s child, knowing its Vidhaan’s child, tell them Vidhaan. Uttara says I admit, I felt they aren’t sensible, Niyati knows this, but everyone knows I loved this child a lot. Falguni says you love children, why did you remove my uterus and snatch my right to become a mum. They get shocked.

Falguni says don’t be shocked, its true, she kept this condition for Niyati and Vidhaan’s marriage, that I marry Suyash and never become mum of his children, so she removed my uterus. Uttara asks why are you blaming me, why will I do this, Suyash checked the reports, was there anything. Suyash says I have seen the reports, there was nothing mentioned. Falguni says she had changed the reports. Uttara says come, we will clear this matter right away, come with me to hospital, we will do sonography. Falguni says I m saying truth. Niyati asks her to stop it, why did she drop her down by leaving her hand. Falguni says I left you to save your life, I felt you won’t get hurt, you would have died. Niyati says but you didn’t die.

Uttara says I couldn’t think how this girl planned this, she planned this to show Niyati’s death as an accident. Suyash consoles her. Shom asks shall I call police. Uttara says no, Falguni is my bahu, I can’t see her going to jail. Suyash asks Falguni to see, this is called mum. Falguni says but… Suyash says there is nothing left now, I thought we will start life afresh, it would be better if you stayed in coma. He goes with Vidhaan. He asks Vidhaan to drop Falguni to her house. Vidhaan cries and hugs him. Suyash says no, its my mistake to not identify her. Falguni thinks of Suyash. She leaves from the house. Vidhaan turns away.

Niyati says I trust you more than myself, I will not believe even Lord, when I heard Uttara blaming you, I understand your game and blamed you to know her plans. Falguni cries and hugs her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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