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Ikyawann 28th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Satya tricks Leela

Ikyawann 28th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Satya saying Leela knows something. Fighter Didi says I m worried for Susheel. Satya says I have a belief, nothing can happen to Susheel. He calls Mehul and says I know you are worried, don’t worry, nothing will happen to Susheel, she will be with us soon. Mehul says everyone here thinks Susheel is with Fighter Didi, her Dada ji has gone to tirat to pray for her. Satya says we don’t know how will Dadi take us to Susheel. Fighter didi says I have a way. Soumya gets angry hearing Susheel’s name. She gets angry on Kali and Sejal. She says no one values me here, you have forgotten me, I wish she never comes back. Kali slaps her. Soumya gets angry.

Kali shouts get out. Soumya asks Leela to see how Kali slapped her. Leela goes. Soumya warns Kali and goes. Sejal asks Kali

to relax, she will manage Soumya. Fighter didi says we just have to spy on Leela, if she sees us together, she will get alert. He messages her and waits for Leela.Sejal says I will see Soumya, she can’t do anything for four days. She makes a plan. She goes to scare Soumya. Soumya gets tensed seeing someone in hood. Sejal says don’t forget, you will always have my name mangalsutra in your neck. Soumya gets shocked seeing a mangalsutra made on the mirror. Leela thinks of Susheel and wakes up. She sees a teddy. She gets a note. She thinks how did Susheel come back. She runs out of her room. Satya sees her. Leela sees Sejal in hood. Sejal says I miss you Susheel and cries. She goes to her room. Leela says it means Sejal is trying to scare me, its fine. She gets a stick and goes to beat Sejal. Sejal screams. Leela says you came to scare me. Sejal asks why will I scare you. Leela asks didn’t you keep all those things in my room. Sejal says no, I was troubling Soumya. Leela worries. Sejal goes. Leela checks at the door.

Its morning, Leela wakes up late and checks the time. She sees someone sleeping beside and shouts to Jhanno. She gets a scissor and reads the message I m back on mirror. She says Susheel is doing this to trouble me. Satya comes to her and asks for remote. Leela thinks he will ask me if he reads the message. She stops him at the door. He scares her that morning dreams come true. She worries. He enters the room and takes remote. She sees the mirror clean and thinks how did this get clear. Satya hides the dummy from there. He says I m thinking of Susheel, everyone is talking about her, she got famous, I wish I didn’t leave her, anyways I will go. He goes. He tells Fighter Didi that he will soon find Susheel.

He says Leela got scared because of this invisible ink. He recalls how he executed the plan of using invisible ink and pulling the dummy away. Fighter Didi asks what did you do of that doll, just get it out of the room, we have to make Leela sure that Susheel is doing this, so that she makes us reach Susheel. He says fine. He sees Kali at the door. She gets milk for him. She says I know you were thinking to propose Susheel again, I had seen engagement ring with you. He says it doesn’t matter, I did wrong with her, she disappeared to punish me, I used to roam like a hero, I can’t relax till I get Susheel, I know my Susheel is alive. She says maybe you realized you love Susheel. Soumya asks what, you still love Susheel, why are you doing this marriage drama with me. She goes. Kali says don’t know what will she do now. He says relax, I will end her chapter today.

Leela checks the mirror and says how can anyone not know about her. She gets the dummy and says who is doing this, Fighter Didi I won’t leave you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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