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IB & Naamkaran FF-Hatred Love-Chapter 13

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Omkara feels irritated to stay in his cabin and decided to leave. He was walking towards outside when he heard someone’s chuckles. He turns and sees a girl on call with her back facing him. He sees her enjoys talking on her mobile and walks towards her. He sees her reflection in the mirror and get shocked. He still remember her face. How he could forget her?? After all, she is the reason for his grief. He stood behind her in anger and listened to her conversation. He is angry to see her laughing without feeling any guilt inside her. Her last sentence pissed him to the core. Ishana realised someone’s presence and turns behind.

Ishu: Mr Omkara Singh Oberoi?? (Omkara just stares at her angrily. She feels scared looking at his eyes which are shooting daggers at her) I want to talk with you for a while. (Omkara goes closer to her still staring at her. He pulls her hand tightly and drags her from there. Ishana cries in pain) Sir, what are you doing?? Please leave my hand. It’s hurting. Please, sir…. (Cries but he never listen to her and continue dragging her. He took her to his car and pushed her inside. Ishana is confused with his behaviour. He goes to the driver seat and starts the car) Where are you taking me?? (Omkara doesn’t answer and continue driving) Sir, I know you are angry with me. But, please forgive me, sir. I didn’t know how it happened. I….. (cuts by Omkara)

Om: (shouts) Shut up!!! (Ishana is shocked listening to his voice. Omkara drives his car in high speed. Ishana feels scared seeing him driving like this. She clutches her duppata tightly and closes her eyes. The car stops after a while. Ishana opens her eyes and looks at the place. She is surprised to see a temple.)

Ishu: Why did you bring me here?? (Omkara pulls her hand and drags her inside the temple. Ishana tries to get her hand out from his hold but his grip is too tight. He walks towards a pandit.)

Pandit: Mr Oberoi, you??

Om: Yes. Me. What time these people will leave the temple??

Pandit: (looks at few people who are still praying) Only few people are here. They will leave in a while. Next pooja will be at night only.

Om: Is there any room here??

Pandit: Yes, there is one room. But why, Mr Oberoi??

Om: I’ll tell you. (Drags Ishana to the room and locks her inside)

Ishu: (pats the door) What are you doing?? Why are you locking me here?? Please let me go. (Cries. Omkara ignores her cry and walked back towards the pandit. Ishana looks from the window. Omkara is saying something to the pandit. The pandit is shocked and hesitates at first. But, he agreed after Omkara said something and leaves from there.) What are they talking?? Why he locked me here?? God, please help me.


Omkara comes to the room after a while. Ishana is about to say something but he doesn’t listen to her and dragged her from there. He took her inside the temple. She is shocked to see wedding preparation there.

Ishu: Is there any wedding going to happen??

Om: (smirks) Brilliant. You guessed it correctly. But, do you know whose wedding is going to happen?? (Ishana shakes her head. Omkara brings his face closer to her) Yours.

Ishu: (shocked) Wh.. wh.. What??

Om: Yes. It’s your wedding. You know with whom you are going to get married?? (Smirks again) With me.

Ishu: No. I won’t believe it. You are lying right??

Om: Who are you to me?? Why should I lie to you?? I’m saying the truth. You are going to marry me. You are going to marry this Omkara Singh Oberoi.

Ishu: No!! I won’t marry you.

Om: (holds both of her arms tightly) You have to marry me!! You made my life miserable. Your life have to be more miserable than mine. For that, you have to marry me!!

Ishu: No!! I won’t agree to marry you.

Om: Who cares you agree or not?? I have decided that you have to marry me.

Ishu: You can’t do this to me. I won’t marry you!! (Pushes him and runs from there. She runs towards the entrance but her bad luck the door is locked. She cries tapping the door loudly.) Please open the door!! (Omkara comes towards her.)

Om: No one can hear you. All the doors are locked here. You can’t escape anymore.

Ishu: (falls on her knees and folds her hand) Please, sir. I know whatever I did was wrong. But…. (Cuts by Omkara)

Om: I don’t want to listen anything. Whatever you are going to say won’t return my Gauri back. You have to face the consequences for your deed. Better come with me.

Ishu: (cries badly) No!!! Please leave me. (Omkara doesn’t bother her plead and pulls her. Ishana refused to go with him. He lifts her in his arms and walks towards the altar. Ishana cries and tries to get down from his arm but he holds her tightly. After reaching the altar, Omkara puts her down harshly. Ishana fell down and hurts her hand. Omkara sits beside her and the pandit already chanting the mantras. Ishana tries to get up but Omkara holds her hand tightly. After a while, the pandit ask them to get up and take phere. Omkara gets up from his place pulling Ishana with him. Ishana doesn’t want to take phere with him and tries to take her hand from him. But, Omkara is Omkara. He never leaves her hand and lifts her in his arms. He take the phere with her in his arms. Ishana cries badly thinking of her fate. Omkara places her down after finishing the phere. The pandit ask him to fill her partition with sindoor. He takes the sindoor in his palm and puts it harshly on her partition. Ishana steps aback with his sudden push. She touches the sindoor and cries cursing herself. The pandit again asked Omkara to wear her the  mangalsutra. He takes the mangalsutra and wears it on her neck. Ishana continue crying looking at her mangalsutra.

Pandit: The marriage is over. You both are husband and wife now. (Ishana cries vigorously thinking of her fate. Never in her dream she thought that she will face this kind of day. She thinks of her friends faces and cries.)

Ishu: No. I won’t accept this marriage. (Omkara smirks at her)

Om: (handing over some money to the pandit) Take this and leave from here. No one should know what happened here.

Pandit: (takes the money) Thank you, Mr Oberoi. I won’t tell this to anyone. (He leaves from there)

Om: (turns towards Ishana) What did you say?? You won’t accept this marriage?? (Holds her arm tightly) In fact, I also don’t accept this marriage. (Ishana looks at him shockingly) What do you think?? I’m very desperate to marry you?? No way. I married you only to revenge you. (Pulls her closer) A girl like you don’t deserve to be loved and marriage in your life!! You only deserve hatred!! (Pushes her. Ishana feels hurt with his words.)

Ishu: If you want to take revenge on me, you can do it without marrying me. Why did you marry me??

Om: Because I don’t want anyone else marry you. You snatched my love from me and you want to live with your loved one?? (Shakes her head) Nnaah…. I won’t let that to happen. If I can’t live with my loved one, then you too should not live with your loved one. You must feel the pain that I’m feeling now after I lose my Gauri. (She looks at him with tearful eyes. He flicks her tears with his finger and shows to her) Don’t finish all your tears now. You will need them more. This has just started. Just wait and see what else you are going to face after this. (Pulls her hand and drags her out from the temple. Ishana just follows him like a lifeless soul. She doesn’t have any energy to fight with him. He pushes her inside his car and he drives leaving from there)





NeilGau’s House


AvJa eyes are filled with tears listening to Ishana. They never thought their beloved angel has faced this much during their absence.

Avni: (wipes her tears) Fine. You did Gauri’s accident and she died. Let’s say it was your mistake. He should not do like that to you. He should have complained to police and ask them to take action on you. He can’t forced you to marry him.

Pooja: Avni is right. Who is he to punish you?? He might have lost his fiance but who gave him the rights to punish you??

Rudra: Exactly, di!!! I said the same to him but he never listen. He just wanted bhabhi to suffer. That’s it. (Sighs in anger)

Avni: Ishu, you didn’t tell this to bhabhi??

Ishu: My bad luck. After you all ask me to stay with her, I called her. I got to know that she and bhaiya went to London for his business meet. They only aware of it after they returned here.

Pooja: How they got to know?? (Ishana smiles sadly)



NeilGau’s Office


NeilGau are still sitting sadly thinking about Ishana. Ranveer feels bad looking at them.

Ranveer: Guys, I think you both better go back and rest for some time.

Neil: One second. Swetlana bhabhi is in Mumbai. She must have known about this too.

Gau: Yeah. That’s why Siddharth stopped her from having any contact with Ishu.

Ranveer: But, they were in Delhi right when this incident happened. Why they shifted to Mumbai??

Neil: I don’t know, yaar. It’s ok, I’ll call her. (Takes his mobile and dials Swetlana’s number)

Ranveer: Neil, ask her what she knows about Ishana?? As I know, no one other than Priyanka’s family aware of Ishana’s marriage. (Neil nods and places his mobile on his ears)



To be continued…..


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