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Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 27th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Chaitu gets a threatening letter

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 27th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chaitu asking Jha to get food for the cow. He says who will clean all this mess. Rajneeti and her sister have a fight. Rajneeti says I had no friend in my college, I m CM daughter, so no one befriends me. Malai understands. Puttan comes there. They all get glad seeing him. Puttan says I was busy in some matter. Imli says the entire state is yours. He asks where is Chaitu. Imli says he got a cow from village, he is getting milk. Chaitu asks cow to give some milk. Puttan comes and asks him to say politely.

Puttan asks Chaitu to feed something to the cow. Chaitu tells them about the conspiracy against the govt. Puttan says give me blessing, I will manage the guy, who is he, what’s this name. Chaitu gets a threatening letter from Suresh. He asks Jha to check

the letter. Jha reads the letter for him. Suresh comes to Chaitu’s house, as Party’s friend. Rajneeti welcomes him. Suresh says why did I get friendly with CM’s daughter, who will save me from CM. Puttan comes home. He prepares to deal with Suresh. He says we will hit Suresh, we will not leave him, wherever we get him.

Puttan sees Suresh and asks who are you. Suresh introduces himself. Puttan says I m CM Saala Puttan, you are Suresh. He scolds Suresh and threatens him. Suresh calls for help. They all catch Suresh. Suresh says let me go. Puttan slaps him. Suresh says I have come with a party. Puttan beats him with a slipper and says you are with opposition party. Suresh says listen to me, wait. Puttan says you have come to ruin us. He beats Suresh a lot. Suresh runs for his life. Puttan asks did he go, he won’t come back now. Rajneeti comes and asks where did Suresh go. Puttan says he has gone, what happened. Party asks where is Suresh. Puttan says I made him leave. Party says he is my best friend. She starts crying. She says he is my only friend, get him back. Puttan says I didn’t know about him. Imli and Malai ask Puttan why did he make Suresh go. Puttan says sorry. Party cries and says he was my only friend. Imli says get him back. The men say he won’t come back, Puttan had beaten him a lot. Puttan says I will get ten friends for you.

Puttan gets some guys to befriend Party. He asks them to stay in limits. He asks Party to meet the guys and choose a friend. She asks what’s this. He introduces everyone. She disapproves the guys. She tells Imli that she doesn’t like anyone, she wants Suresh back. Rajneeti says this is happening because of Puttan. Puttan beats his men and holds them responsible. Puttan asks Party what does she want, Suresh can’t come, he has beaten him. Imli says then get him by some way. Party says say sorry to him and get him back. He gets angry and says I love you a lot, shall I kill myself and show you. Party says no. Puttan says I will apologize to Suresh. He asks his men to kidnap Suresh. They get Suresh home. Suresh says leave me. Puttan says I wanted to apologize, I made a big blunder, forgive me.

Suresh says no. Puttan slaps him. Suresh says I mean you don’t touch feet, I will forgive you. Puttan slaps him and asks are you giving me charity. Suresh says sorry, forgive me. Puttan says fine, I have forgiven you. Suresh says I have also forgiven you, you have to play with Party. Suresh says no. Puttan says just get friendly with him. Suresh refuses. Puttan beats him. He says call police and get him arrested. Suresh says its fine, I will get free from you. Puttan says get friendly with Party, else I will not leave you, you will regret all life. Suresh begs him and holds his feet. Puttan says leave else I will shoot. The men take Suresh. Puttan says what shall I answer Party now.

Suresh says I m ready to get friendly with Party. Puttan says she doesn’t want to become your friend. Chaitu tells Puttan about a minister’s son, who has gone missing. He shows Suresh’s pic.

Update Credit to: Amena

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