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Gods Most Beautiful Gif SIBLINGS-Episode 3

[judge passed his verdict and announces life imprisonment for Roop everyone moves out of courtroom it was burning outside as it was 2:00 in afternoon Roop saw Abhay and asks permission to talk to him for few seconds and she walks towards Abhay with two lady constable surrounding her she was close within the hand’s reach, Abhay notices a red dot on Roop’s forehead he gets confused for a moment but the shot gets fired and Abhay pulled Roop on ground with himself but gets himself injured in process]

Roop:[security rushed in the direction from where shot was fired and some of them helped Abhay and Roop get back on their feet] considering that I kidnapped your ex-fiancee what was her name again Tanya and forced you and her to trouble your own family and also tried to kill your sister once you shouldn’t have risked your own life for mine

Abhay:[the bullet hit Abhay’s left shoulder he was holding his handkerchief to maintain pressure on wound he looks at Roop and says]firstly,I might be related to Oberois by blood but they don’t exactly fit in my definition of family so i don’t care who troubles them or who saves them and secondly, saving you was an act of humanity something that you have lost but not me

Roop:[she let out a small laugh and then said]You know what it’s good that you are doing good virtues in your last few days of life you see I am gonna get out of prison within matter of days and the day I am free from jail I will set you free of this horrible world

Abhay:[he had serious look on his face he looked at Roop and then at his injured shoulder and said]bullet might have hit me but it wasn’t meant for me.[he looks at Roop]Now if you were needed out of the prison why would someone hire a sniper to kill you[lady constables started taking Roop way but as she was being taken away Abhay’s word were audible to her]face it Ms.Oberoi it’s your last few days of life not mine

Ranveer:[he came to Abhay and looked around him and said with slight anger visible in his voice]Abhay your shoulder is bleeding you should’ve been in hospital by now come on I’ll take you to the hospital

Abhay:[Abhay interrupted Ranveer and said]Inspector Ranveer it’s okay my colleagues are here they will drop me at hospital you have important things to deal with right now

[Abhay left for hospital with one of his colleagues and he was rushed to Operation theater immediately to get bullet in his body removed]

Dadi:[entire Oberoi family was back in Oberoi Mansion and elders were sitting on the sofa where as couples were standing Dadi was worried about Abhay she says]We should thank Abhay for what he did and give him another chance

Tej:[Tej hears to Dadi and then says] Maa after what he did for us today I think he deserves to be recognized alongside his brothers as one of the Oberoi[Rudra interrupts tej]

Rudra:[Bhavya was standing beside Rudra,he talks in a little angry voice]papa you all are partly maybe correct but we can’t  trust him for sure I mean if he wanted to help us then why did he troubled us he brought Swetlana in this house and then disappeared himself even Veer told Shivaay bhaiya that Abhay was with them in all this mess

Shivaay:[Shivaay interrupts Rudra]Rudra calm down okay.I called Abhay yesterday night he said the he was doing it because he regrets what he did earlier with us and he wanted to repent for it although seeing his attitude today I don’t believe what he said to me[Shakti interrupted Shivaay]

Shakti:[Shakti  was sitting beside Tej] maybe Maa is right this home belonged to Vishal bhaisaab and so does belongs to Abhay as much as it belongs to us

Dadi:[Dadi stands up and says]Shivaay find out in which hospital Abhay is I want to meet him

Shivaay:[Shivaay didn’t like Dadi’s decision to meet Abhay or to bring him back in Oberoi Mansion but he kept quiet about it and said]Dadi I can meet him and ask him to come back

Dadi:[Dadi interrupted Shivaay]No I was the one who ousted him with his father out of the house and it will be good if I bring him back[Shivaay nods in assurance what Dadi said will happen Dadi,Tej,Shakti left for their room]

Gauri:[Gauri was standing beside Omkara and asked Janvi]Maa what shall we say to servants about dinner[Janvi looks at Pinky and then back again at Guari]

Pinky:[Pinky and Janvi stood up to leave for their rooms]Gauri you don’t worry about it it’s still 4:30 we will look after it later[and she and Janvi leaves from there]


[Abhay was in operation theater for an hour after that he was moved to general room he was was conscious as doctors used anesthetic instead of sedative doctors asked Abhay not to put pressure on his left shoulder as that could open stitches that sealed his wound]

Abhay:[Abhay was sitting on bed and he was replaying the scene when he saved Roop’s life over and over again a knock on door disturbed him]come in[person entered was Abhay’s childhood friend seeing Devansh brought smile on Abhay’s face as Devansh entered room Abhay said]people don’t knock when they enter in their best friend’s room

Devansh:[he chuckled at Abhay’s comment and said]well I have to admit it that you got innate talent of causing your sister and your childhood friend a lot of tension other than their own professional ones

Abhay:[Devansh makes Abhay sit properly and Abhay says]You told Amu about all this

Devansh:[Devansh sits on stool kept near bed and says]No I didn’t told her anything but she will know as you are coming home with me right now[Doctor who treated Abhay was Dayal he walked in Abhay’s room to instruct him about his healthcare and medicines]

Dayal:[Dayal came near Abhay’s bed and said]I wouldn’t have discharged you this early if your sister wasn’t a doctor and also this idiot[pointing towards Devansh] had not requested me to do so I know you can’t stay away from your office so I will allow you to work for few hours a day and rest of the time you have to rest thankfully bullet just caused tissue and cell damage which recovers in a month[Dayal walks towards the door to leave but turns back and says]and,no workout for two weeks

Abhay:[Abhay was complaining about it]but two weeks is a really long time and what am I supposed to do with rest of the free time if not work or workout then[Abhay was irritated as he loved working out he was not a fitness freak but for him working out was the time when he just thought about himself and cared for himself]

Dayal:[as Devansh got on his feet to take Abhay home Dayal said pointing to Devansh]Dev can help you spend your time

[Shivaay puts Khanna on work to find out in which hospital Abhay was taken Khanna reports to Shivaay within a hour and half with name and contact no. of hospital Shivaay contacts hospital to confirm about Abhay but Abhay was discharged by then]

Shivaay:[Shivaay was searching for Khanna he spots Khanna and calls him but Khanna was busy on his phone Shivaay goes near him and snatches phone from Khanna and says in angry tone]what the hell is so important in this that you didn’t hear me calling you

Khanna:[Khanna looks at Shivaay and says]sorry sir I was busy inquiring[Shivaay had look at Khanna’s phone]

Shivaay:[Shivaay interrupts Khanna and says]don’t lie Khanna you were busy on

was about to scold Khanna again but then he realized what Khanna said Shivaay had second look at Khanna’s phone and he notices that on phone a girls picture posted with caption ‘Youngest Psychiatrist in India: Amaya Vishal Singh Oberoi’ Shivaay googled her and after reading few articles found out that she is Abhay’s sister and also his and he was now hell angry on Abhay for not telling him about his sister]


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