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Belan Wali Bahu 28th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa does another blunder

Belan Wali Bahu 28th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shalini comes to roof and says I should throw it on road, no one will know. She throws it from roof. Laddo’s ghost is standing downstairs and says why you keep throwing trash there.

Laddo’s ghost comes to Roopa and says ask Shalini to not throw trash on me every morning. Roopa says you can move away too. Laddo’s ghost says you are asking me to move my sleeping place on tree but cant ask her? Roopa says okay let me ask her, dont be angry.

Roopa comes to Shalini and says please dont throw trash from roof, Shalini says I dont throw it on anyone. Roopa says you can use society’s trashcan. Shalini says its very far away. She leaves. Roopa says I should ask someone else to go and throw trash in trashcan.

Roopa comes to Prem and sees him working

on moustache, she says you should go for walk everyday. Prem says yes. Roopa says you can go on walk and also throw trash in trashcan. Prem says I wont look good holding trash bag.
Roopa comes to Suzzi and says you take Dada to morning walk? you can take trash bag and throw it in trashcan. Suzzi says no it smells a lot, I wont take it.

Roopa comes to Laddo’s ghost and says I asked everyone but no one wants to take trash to trashcan. Laddo’s ghost says all are lazy in this house. Roopa says you can leave that place. Laddo’s ghost says I have already left world. Roopa says I can go to municipal office and asks if they can put trashcan in our street. Laddo’s ghost says take Prem with you, he has that beggar face. Roopa laughs.

Prem and Roopa are going to office. Prem drives away and throws mud on some man. Roopa says our car threw some mud on someone. Prem says leave it.

Prem and Roopa comes to municipal office. They see commissioner Mohan there. They see mud on his clothes. Mohan says some fool threw mud on my clothes. Roopa says so it was you? Prem mistakenly threw mud on you. Mohan glares at him. Prem says there are many digs on roads, I am sorry. Roopa says forgive us. Mohan laughs and says leave it. Prem says we dont have trashcan near our society, Roopa says if you put trashcan in our street then it will be beneficial to everyone, Mohan says message me your address, trashcan will be there tomorrow. Roopa thanks him.

Scene 2
Next morning, trashcan comes to street. Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that are you happy now? Municipal workers put trashcan infront of Laddo’s house. Roopa says dont put it infront of our gate, move it away a little. Worker says Mohan have given us orders to put it here, it will not move away and if you try to move it away then you will be fined for 50,000rs and will go to jail for 6 months, workers leave. Lata says if this trashcan remains here then we will die of smell. Prem calls Mohan and says your men put trashcan infront of our house. Mohan says yesterday if you had moved your car away from me then I wouldnt have gotten dirt, Prem says you deliberately put this trashcan infront of our house? Mohan says if you try to move it an inch then you will be fined. He ends call. Prem is stunned and tells it to family. Jitendra says you should have said sorry. Prem says I did say sorry. Lata says you cant drive, you always do something wrong. Dada says why did you need to bring this trashcan here? Katori says its nice that you have put trashcan here. She puts trash inside and says its good that its near. Scrap seller throws his trash in it too. All society members keep throwing trash in trashcan. Roopa says what we will do now? Family goes in house. Laddo’s ghost sees Roopa’s hands lines and why you always do something wrong? why did you tell Mohan that Prem’s car threw mud on him? Roopa says I mistakenly told him.

All people throws trash in trashcan. Dada is finding newspaper in trashcan. He asks Prem to search inside. Prem says its very smelly, I cant put hand in it.

Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that dont worry, everything becomes better in the end otherwise its not end. Laddo’s ghost says so what about my end? is it end or something else? Roopa says I dont know.

PRECAP- Jitendra says to family that we have to stop neighbors from throwing trash in trashcan. Lata says all have become habituated to it, they wont stop. Prem says then we have to guard it, we will take turns and wont let anyone throw trash in it.
Shalini and Jitendra are guarding trashcan. They are busy taking selfies while people throw trash in it.
Prem and Lata tries to guard trashcan but people keep throwing trash from here and there.
Dada says to family that get habituated to this smell, we get smell from railway station behind our house so we will be habituated to get smell from front of house too. All look on sadly.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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