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Aankhon mein Teri 

Episode – 19th

`The previous day ` :- Ahil tells Naina that he’s going to get engaged due to his parents , Naina decides to give property to Kamini
Someone standing at door loudly and strongly in crooked and grief stricken voice exclaimed ” No this marriage can’t happen , Stop it right now ”

The whole audience looks there , Janki’s eyes grew larger with shock , She exclaimed ” you ” , ” Here ”

Janki Stood up ” Naina , Why are you here ?

Riya : I’m not Naina I’m Riya Rai , The girl who has real right over this ring

Ms.Mukesh : Janki Ji what’s this girl saying , Who’s she ?

Janki : She’s a fraud , Just for sake of money she wants to marry my son and nothing else .

Nitya : Does she knows Ahil ?

Janki : She’s just Ahils  friend , I’ve have already made it clear to her that we don’t

Riya : You’ve said No ! But what about Ahil ! He loves me

Mr.Mukesh : What all this ? Mr.Adesh you’ve called us for our insult

Janki goes to Riya , ” Shut up , Riya or Naina whosoever you’re and get out of here ”

Riya : I knew you’ll not believe me so I’ve bought some clues too .

Riya see this , Shows them all some pictures , ” You can see here clearly what’s going on ”

Nitya : Oh god , Mom Dad did you saw this .

Ms.Mukesh : I can’t believe on my eyes

Janki : This all is a trick , This girl is misleading us

Riya: Truth is always bitter , But you’ve to believe , Ahil really loves me .

Janki : No it’s not true , No ways .

Riya : Last night , Didn’t he came home late , He called me , He said he wants to meet me at a hotel , There we was completely drunk and he confessed that he loves me and he did what should never happen , And this is clearly seen in these pictures .

Mr.Mukesh : How shameful , Shhit !! see your Naked Son Mr.Sinha , Thank god everything is clear before Engagement .

Ms.Mukesh : That is why I felt why’s Ahil always out of house , It’s horrific .


Abhay : See Ahil this is the only way we can win , Otherwise go and marry Nitya and forget NAINA forever .

Ahil : No , No ( He said in enthusiasm ) , Okay I’m ready for this .

Abhay : Go my brother and win your love , If you didn’t took a step now then for whole life you’ll regret , Go Ahil , Go !

Ahil rushed from there and Sat in the car ” Today I’ll do what my heart is saying to me , Since my childhood I’ve done what others have said , But today it’s about me and my life , So I’ll do accordingly ”

Ahil calls Pinky ” Hi Pinky where’s Naina ”

Pinky : She’s very Sad she hasn’t even visited Temple as usually she starts her day visiting there .

Ahil : If I’ll give you a task to bring your friend back to life , Will you do it ?

Pinky : Off course I’ll .

Ahil : Okay Listen then ,,,,,( silent conversation )

Pinky : Wow I’m so excited , You will really do this ?

Ahil : I’ve sent a package to your house , Make her agree and do what I told you .

S̴I̴N̴H̴A̴’S̴ ̴M̴A̴N̴S̴I̴O̴N̴…

Mr.Mukesh : Now we’re not at all interested to stand here and get humiliated , Come Nitya let’s go.

Janki : Wait please ! This girl is continuously telling lies and we’re standing still .

Ms.Mukesh : Something which we’ve heard could be false but this , This we’ve seen with our eyes , How can it be not true ?

Adesh : You know our family since so many years then how can you say like this

Mr.Mukesh : Maybe this could be the reason that you wanted to have a relationship with us just because we belong to rich status and you might have ignored your sons choices .

Adesh loudly : Mr.Mukesh we’re not like that cheap kind of people , Did you get that ?

Mr.Mukesh : Just keep your mouth shut ! Now after seeing your Son like this we’ve got to very well who’s cheap and who’s not .

Riya in her mind ” Wow I could be such a great actress , I’m so talented , Now see I’ll show more of my talent ”

Riya cries more and Screams ” Please , I kneel down uncle and Aunt don’t say that My future husband is characterless , He’s very good , He himself said that he’ll marry me for sure ”

Janki : Keep quiet ! and he’ll never marry you Okay !.

ᑎᗩIᑎᗩ’ᔕ ᑭOᐯ ..

Pinky : Naina hurry up we’re going to Temple

Naina : No I’m not going anywhere ?

Pinky : Hurry up I said , Pundit Ji called me , He said it’s a special occasion today

Naina : what ? a special occasion

Pinky : Ya ! we need to reach there urgently , Just wear this costume , Come on.

After some time , Pinky took Naina to Cab .

Naina : What have you made me wear , A lot of jewelry , Saree , What is all this

Pinky : Stay calm I told you Na ! Pundit Ji told me all this , There’s a special event today .


Ahil was sitting beside Grandpa in Hospital .

Ahil holds His hands ” You said Na ! that Naina needs time and one day she’ll realise my love , She did and She told me that she loves me too ”

Grandpa : Do you know Ahil ! I don’t think I could live more than few days now , I was really stressed who’ll take care of my child if i died , But now I can rest in peace

Ahil : Please don’t say like that ! Naina needs your blessings , She can’t live without you

Grandpa : Now what are your decisions ?

Ahil : I want to get engaged with Naina , Today itself , Now .

Grandpa : what ? Ahil but did everyone knows about it , Really are you sure .

Ahil : I don’t care about anyone , I just know is I love Naina and She’s coming here , But she doesn’t knows why I’ve called her ?

Grandpa : See , Ahil now you’re young enough to take your decision but still I’ll say Are you ready to accept Naina as your Life partner , Knowing who She is ?

Ahil : Yes ! I am !

The door of the room opens and Pinky and Naina enters

Naina : Pinky this is not the Temple , Where are we ? Tell me !

Pinky : Shh ! Keep quiet Naina

Pinky : Ahil bhai , This is your Girl

Naina : Ahil ! Means ,, what ,, where are we . I don’t want to have any conversation with him .

She twists back , Ahil holds her hands .

Ahil holds Naina’s hand ” We’re in hospital with Grandpa ”

Naina : Dadu , Ahil , Pinky what is this going on ! And Ahil today it’s your engagement Na !

Ahil : Ya ! it’s my engagement today , With You , Naina .

Naina : Ahil !what are you saying , How can we secretly do anything like this .

Ahil : You love me and I love you , Then why should we care about the whole world , By the way , Grandpa is with us , He’s with our decision .

Naina : If without telling anyone else we did it then your parents would be upset with you .

Ahil : 

I don’t care , Even if whole earth gets upset , But I really care if you got hurt .

Ahil : So tell will you give me your hand , I’ve bought a ring for you and in front of grandpa we’ll present a ring to each other .

Naina : Ahil ….

Ahil : No just tell me yes or No , Today if you didn’t tell me the truth then there’s no way we can live together .

Naina : Yes ! I will .

Grandpa and Pinky claps loudly .

Ahil holds Naina’s hand and puts a ring in her fingers .

Naina : But for Ahil I don’t have any ring !

Pinky : But I have ! , She took out form her bag a little piece of cloth ,
Pinky : Remember Naina you made this ring form a cloth with your hands , And you said that this ring you’ll give to one who’ll love you like no one did .

Naina sobbingly : Yes ! I made it myself .

Ahil : Problem solved , Here’s my ring much much expensive than gold or diamond ring .

Naina puts it in Ahil’s finger

Ahil : See it’s completely of my size as if it’s made for me only .

Grandpa cries of happiness ” Today I’m so happy , Finally now I need not to take any kind of tension for Naina , One who will always keep her smiling is here ”

RAI'S house.

Kamini mutters : I don’t know what would be happing with Riya , I just hope our Plan works

Naveen : What Plan now you and your daughter have made that you’re shaking like this ?

Kamini : Oh Ji ! this is my and my daughters thing you don’t interfere Okay !

Naveen : Okay , Okay ,,, His phone rings .

Naveen : Mr.Doctor is calling

Kamini : Which doctor

Naveen : Grandpa’s doctor , Who’s handling grandpa , whom we’ve said to Plan what do with him , You’ve forgotten .

Kamini : Sorry ! Now pick the phone .

Naveen : Yes doctor , When will you tell us a good news that he’s no more .

Doctor : Naveen Ji , That I don’t know , But what I can see with my eyes is terrible really .

Naveen : What ??

Doctor : Your Daughter NAINA and Udaipur’s richest boy is presenting each other Ring in front of your Father .
It seems like some engagement is going on , Really !! Wait I send you pictures of you don’t believe .

Naveen : Haha ! What are you saying   Ahil and Naina are getting engaged in from of Dady.

Kamini : what ?

Naveen shuts the phone and sees the pictures sent by him .

Kamini : No this can’t happen , No .

She grasped the phone anf breaks it down .

Kamini :Naveen Ji come we need to go to SINHA’S mansion right now !No! Hurry up .

Precap :- Ahil brings Naina in front of everybody , Before he could come Kamini keeps a proposal , Janki puts a condition in front of Ahil to chose Riya for marriage or His mom .

Hope you liked it , Put a thumbs up if you did 👍👍 do comment and good night to my besties …

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