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Thirst For Revenge #Riansh #IMMJ2 (Chap.18): Wedding Preparations

Hello guys, how are you doing?
All the comments I received and the lovely welcome back, I received made me emotionally. Thanks to everyone who took their time and comment, I felt so good. Someone even asked that I should not end this FF so I decided to put some more episode.
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So let’s start:

Two years later,

Now it had been two years since they left India and went to Austria. During those years, Vansh and riddhima became one (they got married). Not only that but siya had a boyfriend now. Ishani and Aryan had been dating for one year and we are about to get married.

In the Morning, At TR House (Trivedi& Raisinghania):

Vansh and Riddhima’s room:

Riddhima was sleeping hugging vansh, while vansh was awake caressing her face.

Riddhima (still closing her eyes): Good Morning

Vansh: Good Morning, Honey

Riddhima: vansh, how many times have I told you not to call me honey

Vansh (smiles): I know but you know na, you are so sweet like honey

Riddhima (waking up): ooh, don’t start with your flirting manners, early in the morning

Vansh (pulling her till she falls in his laps): why not? After I am doing it with my wife. Honey, please give me some honey. (For the ones who don’t understand what I mean by honey here catch me later, I will explain😜)

Riddhima (raising her eyebrow): what do you mean by to give your honey?

Vansh: aree, honey you are not so innocent to not understand what I mean here. Even if it is for one hour, just give some honey

Riddhima (slapping on his face, softly): shameless boy, you want honey early in the morning. Sugar is not good for health, you will have diabetes

Vansh: it is okay, if I have diabetes because of the honey you will give me then I accept

Riddhima (standing up from his laps): shut up, I am going to take a bath

Vansh (pulling her again): you are not going anywhere until you give me a kiss or some honey

Riddhima was about to say something but someone knocked on the door.

Vansh: aree yaar, I am sure this is mother-in-law; she is always behind my romance

Riddhima: shut up, crazy you are talking about my mother

Vansh: I know, go and open before that person knocks again

Riddhima went to open to the door and found her mother

Priya: I hope I didn’t disturb you

Vansh: maa, you always disturbs us

Riddhima: vansh shut up. (To Priya): mom, ignore him. Tell me did you need something

Priya: yeah, breakfast is ready and today the priest is coming for Ishani and Aryan’s marriage so get ready

Riddhima ok (she said while Priya left and she closed the door)

Riddhima (to vansh): couldn’t you keep quiet, did you hear what you were telling mom

Vansh: what, I said nothing, and you know mother-in-law and me, we always do that. I know she doesn’t’ mind

Riddhima: If you continue arguing tonight, you will not get some honey

Vansh: what! No please

Riddhima: accha ok, go and get ready, mom is waiting for us downstairs

They went to get ready and went downstairs.

On the dining table:

Manish (Vansh’s dad) {mocking}:  vaise, vansh when will we hear some good news, every night, we hear some sound coming from your room but we do not hear some good news.

Vansh: dad, don’t you get tired of teasing me early in the morning

Manish: nope

Vansh: vaise where are the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be

Manish: they went to shop for some clothes with Sia and her boyfriend, Angre.

Vansh: boyfriend?

Uma: haa, do not you know

Vansh (possessive): who is that boy who wants to take my sister away?

Riddhima (laughs): vansh, can you sometime stop being possessive.

Vansh: no, I first have to meet him. I want to see if he is good enough. I want to see if he will keep her happy. I want to see if he will not cheat on her. I want to see if he really loves her or he is behind our money. I want to see if…

Riddhima (interrupting him): we understood, you would get to see what you want. I will talk to siya

Vansh: no, I will tell her to call him, here

Riddhima: no, I will tell her or else you will scare that poor girl

Vansh: accha ok

Everyone went to do his or her proper work. In the afternoon, the priest came, matched their horoscope, and told them that the auspicious time is 5 days.

Vansh: so, for the first days mean tommorow, we will have the Engagement. Second day, we will have Mehendi Ceremony. Third day, Sangeet ceremony. Fourth day, Haldi Ceremony and the last day, we will have the wedding.

Riddhima: ooh ok.

Vansh:  and tell siya, that I want to meet Angre, tommorow

Riddhima: ok

In the evening, Aryan, Ishani and Siya came home. Riddhima and vansh came and said:

Riddhima & Vansh: We have two sort of news, bad one and good one. Which one should we start with?

Aryan: wooh, now you are scaring us. But tell us those news are for whom

Riddhima: for ishani and you

Aryan: Aah, now that is another bad news. Start with the bad one

Vansh: ishani and your horoscope…

Aryan (scared): no, do not tell me that what I am think right now is correct

Vansh: maybe

Ishani (to riddhima): ridz, please tell us what did the priest say, I’m scared right now

Riddhima (Sad): he said that your horoscope don’t match

Ishani (shocked): what, please tell me that you are lying (she said broken)

Vansh (trying not to laugh): no

Aryan: what the f*ck, I am sure that priest is lying, (to ishani): do not worry; I will talk to another priest tomorrow.

Ishani: ok

Aryan: now what is the good one?

Riddhima (smiles): Vahi, that you are getting engaged tomorrow

Aryan (not understanding): ooh, I am getting engaged tom… Wait What! I am getting engaged but you just said that our horoscopes did not match

Riddhima (smiles): we were just joking, right vansh

Vansh (smiles): yes. But Aryan’s face had turned pale even though he tried to control himself (laugh)

Aryan: crazy wife and husband, we were worried and you were just joking. That joke was a bad one

Ishani: Yes, it was a horrible one.

Riddhima: ooh, you two do not act innocent, I hope you remember that you did the same with us when we were about to get married, so we repaid you. You know Mr. & Mrs. Raisinghania do not keep favors, right Mr. Raisinghania

Vansh: absolutely (he said while side hugging her).

Ishani: accha, ok. If you finished with your drama, let us go and freshen up. We are so tired

Riddhima: ok, go. (To siya): siya, I want to talk to you, let us go to your room.

Siya: ok, bhabhi

In Siya’s Room:

Siya: what happen bhabhi, what did you want to say

Riddhima: vansh want to meet Angre

Siya (scared): how did he know?

Riddhima: father-in-law said it thinking that he knows. But do not worry, he wasn’t angry but possessive. You know how your brother is, so he wants to meet Angre, tomorrow during Ishani and Aryan’s engagement.

Siya: ok, I will tell him to come.

Riddhima: ok, freshen up and come downstairs. Dinner will be ready in some time

Dining table:

Abhay: riddhima, did you call the one who will decorate?

Riddhima: yes, I called them. Vaise, dad, don’t you think that we should say who will do what. So that it will be easy.

Abhay: Yes, you are right.

Riddhima: mother-in-law, you will take care of the food

Uma: ok

Priya: why not me

Uma: Because I cook better than you do, (she said showing her tongue).

Priya: no, because my daughter will give me the best

Riddhima: mother-in-law and mom, why do you fight like kids?

Priya (smiles): because we enjoy it (she said while hi-fiving Uma)

Uma: exactly, when we do that, we feel like young people (she said hi-fiving Priya back)

Ridhima: ok, let’s continue. Mom you will take care of the arranging the rings.

Priya: ok

Riddhima: father-in-law, you will take care of the music

Manish: ok, but what sort of music do you want, retro, classic, modern …

Ishani: uncle, have you even seen classical music in a wedding, no right. So I think we will go with Bollywood music for the whole wedding

Aryan: yes.

Riddhima: dad, you will take care of the clothes. I want everyone to wear some special things, so you will take care of that.

Abhay: ok.

Vansh (pouting): dear wifey, I think you told everyone what to do except my dear sister and me

Siya: yes, I was about to say the same

Manish: what to do, riddhima understood that you two are absolutely useless that’s why she told you nothing, right Uma (he turned toward Uma smiling but found that she was looking at him angrily).

Uma: my kids are not useless, got it.

Vansh: go mom, go mom, go mom. Did you see how he was troubling me, in the morning?

Manish: you are complaining about me. Now you look like a two years old kid complaining to his mother that someone pushed him.

Vansh: I know and I even know that for mom, I am such a small baby, right mom

Uma: absolutely

Manish: what a team! If you are a team then siya and I are another, right siya

Siya: absolutely.

Riddhima: Woahh, calm down. If you continue, you will never finish. So I was saying that vansh and siya would help me for the decorations. I think everyone knows what to do.

Priya: ishani and Aryan after the engagement ceremony you will not be allowed to see each other.

Ishani: what! Mom, please don’t spoil it

Priya: no the rituals are rituals, even vansh and riddhima had to do it. So, after the ceremony tomorrow, the house will have two parts. The left one for the bride’s family and the right one for the groom’s family. So decide who will be on which side.

Riddhima: I will be on the bride’s side

Vansh: of course, I will be where my honey is.

Manish: honey?

Vansh: yeah, I meant my wife

Manish: accha ok

Siya: I will be on Aryan’s side

Uma: I will Aryan’s mother

Aryan (having tears in his eyes): thank you so much aunt.

Uma: don’t say aunt, call me mom

Aryan: thank you mom

Uma: who thanks his mother?


Manish: I will be Aryan’s father

Aryan: thank you so much for all the love you gave me

Priya: Do not thank us Aryan; instead, we should thank you for being there for our children

Uma: yes

Vansh: Aryan, that is not fair, you took my mom and dad away (he said smiling)

Uma: shut up you crazy

Priya: and I think everyone knows that Abhay and I will be on Ishani’s side. So everyone has a side. I think we should go to sleep. We have so much work tomorrow.

Abhay: wait, riddhima, you did not tell me what color should everyone wear tomorrow.

Riddhima: haa, tomorrow everyone will wear Orange and Peach clothes, even the decorations will be of the same color

Abhay: ok.

Everyone went to sleep in his or her respective room, Waiting for tomorrow

So that is all. I really tried to update soon. Hope you enjoyed this part, tell me in comments how you found it and do tell me if you think that some changes are needed.

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