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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 29th March 2021 Written Episode Update Mahi discovers Arjun’s true face

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 29th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode begins with Bebe and Rupa discussing that they cannot face people anymore after what happened. Yogi suggests that they should all move to Jalandhar. He says let’s go home pack our stuff and move to Jalandhar. Rupa says what Pappu was not able to do all this year, Mahi has done it in a day. She has managed to get us out of our cattle farm. Yogi says that Mahi is also not entirely wrong. Her mother was hurt and even then she bailed us out. He says that leave the past in this town only and start a new life in Jalandhar. Rupa although agrees with Yogi about moving but says that she will never forgive Mahi.

Mahi is sad to recall all that Yogi has said to her. She recalls him telling her that she does not understand what friendship is. On the other hand, Yogi is also crying recalling the words of Mahi realizing that they can never be friends again. While going back home Mahi sees Chanda who accidentally bumps into the auto. She tries to stop her yelling her name but she kept on going. She follows Chanda and sees her confronting Arjun. She tells Arjun that she has written his name on the suicide note and will not leave him even when she is dead. Arjun says that he will have to marry Mahi. Chanda says that you always make some excuse of this kind. He says that if he will not marry Mahi then that oldie will not transfer the property in his name.  Chanda tells him to please Dadaji first then they will marry. He promises her that she will marry Mahi and then will leave him. Mashi breaks down after knowing all this. Yogi also reaches there, after following Mahi.

IN the flashback it is shown the Pappu has conspired with Chanda to make Arjun confess his real plan. While Arjun was trying to convince Chanda that he is marrying Mahi for the property, Pappu recorded it all. He says now Mahi will not marry Arjun and hence Chanda will marry Arjun.

Yogi tells Mahi that she will only break this relation but I will break his bones. Mahi says I am not breaking this relation. Yogi says I cannot believe that you are the same Mahi who was my friend. Yogi asks her not to speak like a tragedy queen. Mahi says that you are my friend, why are you increasing my troubles. I can’t break this marriage. She says that she needs a life of luxury. She is sick and tired of working. Yogi says you are lying. He says your honesty and passion towards work are evident so I want you to tell me the truth. Either you tell me or I will go and ask Arjun my way. She says if you want to hear then so be it. She tells him everything, how the money and jewelry were stolen from her house and house she had to face the creditors. She says she will have to marry Arjun to make it all right. Yogi says that you are not weak, don’t do it. What if your family knows about this. Mahi asks him never to tell anything to anyone.

The episode ends.

Precap will be added soon. 

Update Credit to: Swapnil

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