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Yeh un dinon ki baat hain- Totally fallen for you!!! Episode 12.

Hello friends. I am back with my new article of my ff 😉😉😉. Thanks for the amazing response for my articles and everyone are loving my way of writing, dialogues and story progress….. Thank you so much friends that you guys are really feeling like you are seeing yudkbh from another angle through my fan fiction. This is really so great to hear from you guys 😘😘😘 and I will try my level best to entertain you all in the same way!!! So, let’s start….

Recap : Sameer and naina reach the university. Both of them admire the college beauty and reach the admission department to complete their admission process. Then sameer and naina were about to Clash when they both part their ways and finally they meet at the water fountain.

Now, the episode starts…..

Naina and sameer gets shocked by seeing each other faces…. They both are staring at each other in shock 😨😨😨

Sameer : It can’t be her!!! No no.

Naina : How is it possible? He came again into my life….

Both of them remember their first ever meeting, that night party…. Naina remembers about tieing him to a tree and smiles 😊😊😊and Sameer remembers seeing her in that black dress with her hair flowing with the air and smiles 😊😊😊

Sameer : I can’t be dreaming…

Saying so, he comes close towards her and was about to touch her when

Naina : Hey! What are you doing?

Sameer : No. Don’t misunderstand me. I was just checking that I wasn’t dreaming about seeing you.

Naina gets tensed on hearing that and moves backward…. And turns to other side.

Sameer : Don’t worry. I won’t do anything.

Naina : I didn’t turn for that reason.

Sameer : Then???

Naina : Have you once seen your position? You are wet and all your clothes too….

Sameer looks towards himself and realizes that he got wet by falling into the fountain.

Naina : Please go and change fast. I can’t talk to you in this position.

Sameer comes a little forward towards naina and….

Sameer : Why? Why you can’t talk to me in this position?

Naina : How can I see and talk to you in those wet clothes?

Sameer : Why? Do you feel shy to see me like that?

Naina : Don’t overthink. Not only you, whoever may be in your position, I would have told the same. Got it? Now go and change your clothes. Or else….

Sameer : Or else…. What?

Naina : Or else, you will fall sick and the college is going to start in 2 days and you can’t miss your classes right?

Sameer : Exactly. That too in such a wonderful college.

Naina : So, please go fast. I need to talk to you….

Sameer : Talk to me? Really?

Naina : Yes. I want to talk to you. About something very important.

Sameer : (getting excited) I will be back in 5 minutes.

Saying so, he goes from there…. Sameer gets to his car and takes his clothes.

Sameer : Thank God. I did a good thing by leaving some clothes here. It helped me today.

He immediately changes his clothes and was about to come when he saw naina coming towards him.

Sameer : She is coming herself here. Nice 👌👌👌

Naina comes there. Sameer looks at her lovingly 😍😍😍

Naina : Are you alright now?

Sameer : Yes. I am perfectly alright.

Naina : Ufff. Thank God!

Sameer : Thank God??? For what?

Naina : No. Nothing.

Sameer : OK tell. (folding his arms and leaning himself on his car) What you want to talk to me?

Naina : You have spoiled my letter.

Sameer gets up from his car in confusion….

Sameer : What? I spoiled your letter???

Naina : Ha. You spoiled my letter. My admission letter. See this.

And shows the admission letter to him. It is totally wet and spoiled.

Sameer : Sorry but when did I did it?

Naina : You forgot? Didn’t you remember your beautiful skating you are using and was about to clash with me???

Sameer then remembers that he was about to clash some girl and then parted ways with her saying sorry and went to catch that thief.

Sameer : Oh yes. I remembered it. Oh, so it is you that I was about to clash with???

Naina : Exactly! And because of you, my letter fell into the water near the plants and got spoiled.

Sameer : But I didn’t mean to do it!

Naina : So what? It got spoiled and my money went waste. Now, who will bring back my money? You will bring it aa???

Sameer gets angry on hearing argument about money.

Sameer’s voice over : I don’t know but suddenly my mood got changed into angry. I don’t know why but when anyone argues with me regarding money issue, I get so angry and easily loses my temper 😤😤😤 and at that moment, I made a big mistake….

Sameer : Stop it!!!

Naina stops her talking by his words….

Sameer : Now, everything is making sense to me that why are you so worried about me and my health? Because you want my money right?

Naina : What? What are you saying?

Sameer : Or what else? Why would you worry about some unknown person who has done some loss to you? Why? Because you could get your money back right? I know. I know about such type of girls.

Naina gets angry on hearing that….

Sameer : You want your loss to be covered right? Wait a second.

He takes his wallet out and takes some money out.

Sameer : Here is the money. I hope it is more than sufficient for you!

He keeps the money on her letter and was about to get into the car when…

Naina : Hello excuse me! (taps on his car)

Sameer turns towards her. Naina comes a little forward and they both stood exactly opposite to the car.

Naina : Whatever you felt, you have told me. Now listen to me. What did you say? I was worried about you because you could cover my loss?

Sameer turns his face to other side, seriously.

Naina : I was not worried because of your money, I was worried about your health because I knew the value of health and when you fall sick, it’s your family who get hurt first and they will feel your pain just like you. I don’t want that to happen with you. And secondly, I came to tell you the mistake so that you won’t repeat it again but not for your money and lastly, i never take money from anyone for such silly reasons. Got it?

She keeps the money on the car and was about to go….

Naina : And ha, I am not such type of girl who helps others seeing their status.

She leaves from there angrily, with tears in her eyes 😢😢😢. Sameer gets totally shocked on hearing her words and sees towards the money that she kept on the car. Sameer feels frustrated and immediately leaves from there in his car.

Sameer’s voice over : See guys, this is how our first meeting in college happened. I knew that the mistake was mine but as you know about my anger, I can’t easily accept my mistake. I was feeling so special about her, even our friendship has not started but we fought before itself. That too in a severe way!!! Don’t know what she would be thinking about me 🤷🤷🤷. Only the time will answer this question…..

The episode ends….

So guys, this is my update. Hope you guys will like it. If you guys have any suggestions for my story, you can happily share them with me. Please do read it and comment your views on it…. Enjoy reading 😊😊😊 and keep supporting my articles 😘😘😘

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