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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 28th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Diya Cooks Food For Ratan

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 28th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ayush and Ratan think of name for the event, but they couldn’t decide. Ratan says it should be amalgamation of tradition and relation. Diya comes there and suggests name Vivah ek atoot rishta. Ratan kisses her hand. Ayush says your mind work fast and asks how she could think. Diya says when people come from all around the world then they shall be knowing what the event is. She says you will get busy now. Ratan asks are you scaring me. Diya says she came to give courage and says she will send tiffin for him. Ratan says I will have food at home. Diya says 4 mins will wasted if you to and fro. She asks him to understands the importance of 1 mins and gives many examples. Ratan makes her tight lipped to stop her from talking and asks her to send tiffin. Diya jumps happily. Ratan comes and she

stops. He says you are behaving weird. Diya thinks she is changed and is in love with him now.

Next morning, Diya thinks to make Ratan’s favorite food. CT comes and asks her not to make anything for Ratan. Diya insists to make food. CT asks her about Sajjan Singh and says when they are informing their decision to him. Diya recalls Ratan’s saying. Nitya comes and asks Diya to make food for Ratan and takes CT with her. Ratan tells Yash that Diya is behaving strange and was dancing. Yash says it is a serious matter and asks him to find out. He asks how does you feel seeing her weird behavior. Ratan asks what you are saying. Yash says may be you loves her. Ratan says I don’t love her, and she also don’t love me. Yash whispers that she loves you. Ratan asks what did you say and says Diya and your habit are bad. Yash says may be you both are falling for each other. Ratan says no.

Nitya asks CT why she is forcing diya and asks her to let them free. Mohana comes there. CT asks her to make tiffin for Yash. Mohana says ok and goes to kitchen. CT tells Nitya that like she dislikes the wall painting, Ratan don’t like Diya as his wife. Bhuvan hears her. CT gives him promise asking not to tell anyone and tells that she wants Diya and Ratan to tell everyone. Mohana comes to kitchen and says good morning to Diya. Diya says she is making tiffin for Ratan. Mohana says seems like competition started between us. Diya says it is not like that and tells that Ratan is busy due to ongoing event and that’s why she is sending tiffin. Mohana troubles her intentionally.

Ayush and Ratan come to the event. Mohana offers to make chapati, but Diya says she wants to make it for Ratan. Ratan asks vendors to be quiet and gives all details to Ayush, says only the best thing will be exhibited. He thinks don’t know how Diya managed this before. Diya packs his tiffin and writes a note that she wants to make tiffin for him daily. She hopes Ratan realizes her feelings. Servant comes and tells Ratan that wife sent this tiffin for you. Ratan says whose wife. Servant says your wife. Ratan thinks don’t know why Diya is behaving weird and sent tiffin for him. He opens the tiffin and gets shocked.

Ratan tells Diya that there is lot of sweets in the box. Diya thinks he is talking about her love. Ratan says he will distribute sweets to everyone. Diya thinks with whom she wants to share my love.

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