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A month passed by, so much has changed amid the relationships, Om-Ishu’s marriage is today, and Rudra-Soumya’s developing bond is worth to watch. Rudra’s duffer nonsense and Soumya’s understanding yet cute nature has made Rudra love her even more and on the either side another man, Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi is angry; reason- Anika was busy in works of marriage and was not giving Shivay his time. Moreover daadi has made rule that after 8 PM at night till next day 8 AM at morning none of the girl will meet any boys until Om-Ishu’s marriage is done and vice-versa.

Major chop took place a day ago when ShivOm tried to go into AniIshuSoumya’s room at midnight through the window and Rudra informed Daadi. The fun was worth watching, daadi was scolding ShivOm and here Anika, Ishana and Rudra were enjoying the fun but Soumya said sorry to daadi on ShivOm’s behalf and assured her that they won’t do any such kind of stunt again.

Back to present and here Anika was trying to pacify Shivay.

“Arre Shivay daadi does everything for our good only right? Please now stop behaving like a kid and get ready for the marriage” Anika extended his sherwaani but he was in no mood because almost two hours ago Shivay called Anika to his room so that he gets to spend some time with her and in turn she will make him ready but she just walked in five minutes before after making Ishana ready.

“Shivay please see just an hour is left for marriage. Now please don’t act stubborn, it’s Om’s marriage Shivay… please” Anika has perfectly learnt from Rudra that his brother easily gets melted by seeing puppy eyes made by his loved ones and she applied this technique at last. He literally snatched the sherwaani from her hand and went to washroom to change.

He came out soon and walked to the mirror, Anika held his hand faced him towards her and kissed on his cheek “I am sorry billu, I know I was so busy but being the bari bahu I know would be but then also… being the bari bahu I had some important works right? Please now don’t be angry na” she said justifying her feelings, the family’s feelings and their respect relating her.

“You just perfectly know na how to vanish my anger?” he asked smilingly.

“Because I love you and more than that you love me so much” she said wrapping her hands around his neck, he held her close by her waist.

“Yes you are my wife” he said and pushed his face in to the crook of her neck.

“Yeah but still would be mister” she chuckled after completing as his deeds tickled her. He pulled back and looked at her smiling face.

“Ufff I so love you” he said and hugged her. But she being most unromantic person according to him said “I know but now get ready”

“Ohhh god… Miss Anika no Miss SP please at least say I love you and don’t reply like an unromantic person” he pouted. She tried to push him but his hands wrapped around her squeezed her more to him. She rested her head over his chest and waited till the moment he feels contended. Minutes passed by and he at last left her. She smiled and helped him setting his hair.

Om on the other side was getting restless to see the beautiful bride of his. Shivay came and patted his shoulder saying “Om beta… I know how it feels to stay away but wait for a little bro” he teased, winked and went back. But in everything Rudra were nowhere to be seen. Then came Rudra along with Soumya and the bride. Bride went and sat beside the groom. His face flushed with red hue while she couldn’t lift up her gaze being shy. The marriage rituals started.

“Hey…” Shivay whispered in Anika’s ear. Anika nodded her head but was busy watching the marriage going on in front of her.

“Let’s get married today only na” Shivay said and received a not so cool reaction.

“You are mad” she said.

“Yes a little” he answered and smiles took over their lips.

But as no one can withstand with the ongoing happiness for longer time and badmouthed people exist everywhere. Two women started.

The first women said “you know Anika… the girl standing beside Shivay, she got rap*d but then also he is marrying her, she must be grateful to him” Immediate reply came from the other woman “arre they are in relationship since long, maybe they have some other relation also and maybe this girl only forced him to marry her.” “Yeah it can be… but Shivay and his family has such a huge heart” an invited man joined them too. “Yeah, she is in police and had relationship with that man also who turned out to be the main culprit” another man said joining them. “What was his name… and who can say that she never had some bad relation with that man also?” the first woman asked. “Yeah… his name was… hmmm… Inesh…. Yeah Inesh” the second man replied.

“Shivay relax… don’t” Anika held Shivay back as he was about to turn after listening to the comments and give them back.

“But Anika how dare they?” he replied, his eyes changed colour again, he was angry from head to toe and at this time no one had courage to stop him but his angel held his hand.

“We will give them back, but let the marriage get over… please I request” she said and Shivay looked at his brother who was happily tying the nuptial chain, mangalsutra, around Ishu’s neck. His gazed travelled down and then he looked at Anika and smiled. Anika smiled back. The marriage got over; Om-Ishu took blessings of everyone and lastly went to Shivay- Anika. Ishana was to touch their feet and so was Om when they held Om-Ishu and hugged them tight and wished them a happy married life.

By then the comment passers had their food and came to Oberoi family to ask for the permission to leave. None of the Oberoi spoke anything when Om thanked them for attending his marriage.

A voice spoke aloud grabbing everyone’s attention “YES MY ANIKA IS RAP*D but do you know why she is still special and pure for me? Because I love her and I am lad and grateful to have her in my life and have her to love me back, listen a girl or a woman remains pure until their heart is pure, and women like you are impure who just don’t know how to respect others” Shivay said aloud holding Anika. Anika was not ashamed; she was standing beside him with her head up.

“You people…” Shivay pointed towards them who were murmuring sometime ago “…please come here and say everything that you were saying some time ago… please come” the women and men looked down. “Please come… come come” Shivay’s taunt again rang.

The men and women walked to them and mumbled a sorry. This made Anika more angry and then she could not shut her mouth any more “wow… actually this is nice, you say whatever you want and then just say a sorry, and everything is solved… wow… actually you know what, let us say anything that we are not narrow minded, we are not going to disrespect a girl but it only lies over our tongue and not in our heart, sometime before there was a group over here and they were discussing about my character, they were giving me character certificate and now see when we asked to say those things only but in front of everyone, all your gazes shifted down, does it mean that you are ashamed? No it’s not… that just means that you don’t want your reputation to get damaged, today you assassinated my character, tomorrow you will do someone else’s and then day after another girl will become the victim of your character assassination… why is it so? And yeah this can never be stopped as we all have so called view inside our head that a girl is bad if she wears short dresses, a girl is bad if she has boy-friends, a girl gets rap*d because of her mistake only and no one ever sees the other side. And thank you so much for proving it yet again that whatever it be you all narrow minded people are never going to change. Actually there is no point in saying all these also as you will take it as lecture so better you just get out and never dare to disrespect a girl again” Anika stopped.

Yet again everyone who all was badmouthing her felt guilty and apologized to her. The day ended but Shivay-Anika made sure that no one gets disheartened thinking all what happened some time ago so they arranged for family antakshari, boys versus girls, and then went to drop Om and Ishana to their room for their wedding night. Teasing session was their but elders interrupted and saved Om and Ishana from getting more teased.

As promised by Anika, her and Shivay’s marriage got fixed too after few months. Everyone was happy for the next marriage of their house. Again daadi’s torturous rules started and Shivay was forced not to meet Anika much before their marriage.

PRECAP- ANIKA GETS KIDNAPPED… no need to fear, when I am the writer… sorry I know it’s a very cheesy dialogue but yeah nothing to worry, twist and fun coming up.

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