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Meri Zindhagi (AvNeil – Naamkaran Fan Fiction) (Episode 8)

Hi friends.I hope you all liked the 7th episode . And yeah I can’t be regular so after the episode I’ll tell when will I update the next episode . As I’m currently in 11th grade and I have exams now so I can only post short episodes. I’ll try to give big episodes . From April 3rd I’ll try to give big episodes . if there’s any grammatical mistakes I’m sorry . Please bear with me as this is my first Fan Fiction . And I might be adding some AvNeil scenes from the serial but it will be a bit different. Hope you all will like it.

This episode is very short . I’ll try to give big updates . Sorry if it’s boring 😅😓

If you have missed the 7th episode here’s the link .

Episode 7 here

Enjoy the episode

Scene 1:
Khanna mansion – Neil’s room

Neil is in his room playing and he’s playing Flute seeing the music notes . He keeps thinking about Avni .

Neil : (Thinks) Just one day . In one day I have met that girl Avni so many times . And she even saved my life . Everything happened in one single day . I don’t know why all these happen only with me .

He sees Avni’s bag which she left in His car .

Neil : (to himself) I should have not talked to her like that . I need to thank her for saving my life and apologise for behaving rude .

Suddenly someone knocks the door

Neil sees Neeraj standing near the door .

Neil : Neeraj .. come in

Neeraj comes in and sits on Neil’s bed

Neeraj : how are you feeling now ?

Neil : Ah… better .yeah I’m fine .

Neeraj : (smiles) MHmm good . (Sees Neil’s flute and music notes on the bed) So you will play flute huh ?

Neil : Umm yeah . I feel relaxed when I play this .

Neeraj : That’s good . And remember bhai when we were in high school you always played flute in the cultural programme and as usual you used to win the first prize .

Neil : (smiles) hmm yeah . I do remember . And you used to play saxophone and even you used to win many times . And yeah I even remember we used to play guitar together in our school band . Do you still play guitar now ?

Neeraj : yeah I do . And you know what ? all girls go crazy when you play the flute during cultural programmes .

Neil : Crazy ? About me ? I guess You were more popular than me among girls .not me .

Neeraj : of course you were . Do you Remember Samaria ? The female singer who was in our high school band ? She almost fell for you .

Neil : Eh ? Now Who’s this Samaria ?

Neeraj : (rolls his eyes) I knew it . You won’t remember her . And yeah how will you know ? You don’t even care about any girls Till now .After all you were only concentrating on music , sports and academics .

Neil : Ugh . Never mind Neeraj .

Neeraj : And now you concentrate only on our family and your job .

Neil : hmm

Neeraj : So What about now ? Do you have any girlfriends ?

Neil : (rolls his eyes) me and girlfriends ? I don’t even have one and you are like do you have “GirlfriendS” . You know I don’t believe in all these and I don’t have time for that . Plus I’m a very busy person .

Neeraj : I know you’re very busy .

Neil comes and sits near Neeraj

Neil : Today is indeed a very long day for me .

Neeraj : hmm I know .

Neil : 18 years Neeraj …. we met that person after 18 years ?

Neeraj : I wish that never happened . Why did we meet that person again ?

Neil : I don’t care about that person’s existence anymore . Neeraj what about mom ? Is she fine ?

Neeraj : she didn’t say anything when I asked . She was silent . I know she’s hurt. And She cried a lot as you were hurt . She cares about us a lot .

Neil : yeah .

Neeraj : Anyways . I’m feeling sleepy now .See you tomorrow . Take care.

Neil : (nods)

Neeraj leaves from the place . Neil lies on his bed and stares at the white ceiling for sometime and he sleeps .

Scene 2:
Mehta mansion – Hall and Aman’s room

Next day morning .

Avni , Riya , Aman , ketan , deeksha and hetal are waiting in hall

Ketan : still I didn’t get any message from ashish bhai . Is mom ok or not ?

Deeksha : see let’s go to hospital and check .

Hetal : deeksha … lets be patient. ma will be fine

Suddenly Aman gets a call . He sees the call and he gets tensed .

Aman : (tensed) Ugh… I’ll be back in a minute .

Aman goes to his room . Avni and Riya see him

Riya : (to Avni) Avni … what happened to Aman ?

Avni : what ?

Riya : he’s acting very suspicious these days .

Avni : is he ? I’ll go and see .

Avni goes to Aman’s room .

In Aman’s room

Aman : (in call) Listen please . I request you . Don’t harm her . I’ll do anything but please don’t do that …..

Avni comes inside . Aman cuts the call seeing Avni

Aman : Avni …

Avni : bhai why did you cut the call seeing me ?

Aman : Ugh … Avni …

Avni : bhai I know you’re hiding something .

Aman : Ugh … Erhh .. nothing like that

Avni : you’re like .


Avni gets shocked seeing Aman’s behaviour .

Avni : Hmm … fine then .

Avni storms out from Aman’s room

Aman : (to himself) I’m sorry Avni . I should have not shouted at you like that . I know I was wrong . But I’m helpless and I can’t share about this with anyone .I’m sorry .

Aman feels bad for shouting at Avni .

Scene 3 :
Khanna mansion – dining table .

Shweta is seen arranging the plates . Neeraj comes there .

Neeraj : good morning mom . (Sits on the chair)

Shweta : good morning

Neil comes there wearing his police uniform .

Neil : good morning mom . Neeraj . (Sits on the chair)

Neeraj : Good morning bhai

Shweta : good mor.. (sees neil in uniform ) Neil even today you’re going for work ?

Neil : Yeah .

Shweta : Beta you need to rest . You’re not well .

Neil : mom when you are ill and when I and Neeraj ask you not to work did you take rest ? You used work all day and still you work all day .

Shweta : (rolls her eyes) anyways you won’t listen . But take care of yourself .

Neil : Hmm .

Shweta serves the food and they start eating . After eating Neil goes to his room and he takes avni’s bag . He then goes outside and he puts avni’s bag in the back seat and he sits inside his car . He calls DD

Neil : DD ?

DD : yes sir .

Neil : tell Commissioner sir that I’m working today .

DD : but sir doctor has advised you to take rest .

Neil : I’m fine now . I’m coming . Just inform him

DD : okay sir .. And yeah there’s a new case .

Neil : what is it about ?

DD : It’s about stolen bikes which are being sold illegally by some group of people .

Neil : okay . You start collecting the information about this case . I’ll be there soon .

DD : Ok sir .

Neil : and DD …I just wanted to ask you . it’s about … that girl who saved me yesterday .

DD : Miss Avni ?

Neil : yeah … Avni … do you know anything about her ?

DD : About her ? Umm I have no idea . But why are you asking about her ?

Neil : Ugh … (sees her bag) just wanted to thank her . That’s it .

DD : I don’t know … but yeah I have her number . Because when I the car stopped ….

Neil : (cuts DD in between) I don’t want to hear stories again . Just message her number to me right now .

DD : (confused) eh… okay Neil sir .

Neil : And I’ll come to police station soon . Bye .

Neil cuts the call .

Neil takes avni’s bag and sees it .

Neil : (to himself) I don’t want to meet her again . But … (sees her bag) this is her property . I need to return this to her .

Neil keeps the bag in the seat . He starts the car and he goes to the police station .

Episode ends

Precap : Aman wants to apologise to Avni so he plans To take Avni and Riya for trekking . Dayawanti returns home . Neil gets information about the people who are involved . Neil and Avni meet again .

I’m sorry for not updating yesterday . I went for a function so I was unable to update . I’ll update the next episode tomorrow evening or night . I hope you all liked the episode . And sorry if it was bring .And I won’t drag it , I’ll try to end it soon And silent readers do leave your feedbacks .

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