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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 28th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Rahul witnesses Namrata’s truth

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 28th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rahul saying Namrata is helping me and Gauri in taking shivlings to Siddhpur. Aghori laughs and says no, she is taking Gauri’s help to take shivlings somewhere else, you won’t believe this till you see it yourself, I helped her in controlling you, you are doing everything what she said, she asked you to kill me. Rahul asks what. Aghori says she made you attack Gauri and others. Rahul asks what. Aghori says you will do the same, stab me and prove to Namrata that you are in her control. Rahul asks how can I kill you or anyone. Aghori says you have to stab me, so that Namrata doesn’t doubt on you. He forces Rahul and stabs himself. He falls down. Rahul asks what did you do. Aghori says always wear Rudraksh, Namrata can’t control you. He dies. Namrata comes there

and asks did you kill him. Rahul gets shocked. She says you did as I told you, what happened to you, why do you look worried, its first murder, so you are feeling strange, this happened with me too, come to room, I will manage all this. He goes.

Truck drivers hear people shouting and go to back side. Pujari asks who are you all. Narendra says leave us else we will call police. Goon scolds them and takes Minty with him. Shambu and fake Rudra see them and follow the truck. Rahul gets restless thinking of Namrata’s words.

Namrata hears Thakur and Gauri’s talk. He asks Gauri what did you dream. Gauri says someone kept five shivlings near a pond, I have seen us in same clothes. Latika says it means we are in same city, we have to get it. Lakhan says we have to get five shivlings. Thakur says fine, we will leave right now. He says this time Namrata shouldn’t be saved. Namrata laughs and says you will not be able to do anything, I will get five shivlings, I won’t let anyone take the shivlings. She calls out Rahul. He acts to sleep. She goes to him and says get up, Gauri had a dream about five shivlings, go there and get shivlings to me, how much will you sleep. He doesn’t get up. She laughs and says he got tired in one murder, I will go and get the five shivlings. She leaves. Rudra follows her on his bike. She gets a call from Seth ji. She stops the car and answers. She says I will get shivlings in two days. Lakhan sees Namrata coming and thinks she is alone, she is coming in our trap. He whistles. Namrata gets surrounded by Thakur and everyone. She gets shocked. Rahul comes there and looks on.

Thakur says stop this drama, your drama is over, I got a toy for you in childhood, boomerang, remember, this is your toy which you threw at me to stay ahead, see I got you trapped using this, I felt you will send Rahul and then we have to follow him, but you made it easy for us. Gauri says where is my dad and other villagers. Rahul thinks Namrata kidnapped them. Latika says surrender yourself, I m witness of your doings, you have spread terror and killed people, you framed your dad. Namrata starts laughing. Lakhan says I think she got mad. She says you all will get mad, your villagers, Gauri’s dad, Rahul and Preeti are in my clutches, if anything happens to me, I commanded them to kill them, think about them, forget this ring, I knew you did this planning to catch me, Seth ji was after me, he told me about your plan, now I m sure I m my dad’s daughter, I remember boomerang toy, your plan failed. Lakhan asks what is she saying, she has come here deliberately. Yashpal and police team comes and arrests them. Rahul gets shocked. Yashpal says don’t think of running. Namrata says yes, no use to run, surrender, tell them where did you hide all shivlings, they killed Aghori, don’t know what they did with Rahul. Yashpal slaps Thakur and says enough now. They find Aghori’s dead body. Namrata says take them, I will find Rahul. She smiles seeing them arrested. She waves to Thakur….

Rahul stops the police jeep. Thakur says Gauri this isn’t your Rahul.

Update Credit to: Amena

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