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Ikyawann 28th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Jhanno helps Susheel

Ikyawann 28th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Susheel shouting for help. Soumya sits in front seat and says I like this K3G song. Shivam comes. She says sorry, I have motion sickness, I had to sit in front seat. He says its okay, where is Susheel. Susheel moves away the leaves. Leela says Susheel went to neighbor, Vishu will pick her. Satya drives off. Leela asks Vishu to take Sejal, they can get time. Sejal asks where is Susheel. Leela says she is with neighbor, Satya will pick her. They leave. Susheel struggles. Kali says we will make a ring for Soumya.

Leela says fine, we will go to her room. She asks Jhanno to go to Gulabo. Susheel falls down. Soumya smiles seeing Satya. Some people protect to ban cutting trees. Sejal goes to see. People say we should grow more tress. Sejal asks what shall we do now. Satya says we

have to go by other route. She asks where is Susheel. Soumya says Susheel was coming with you. Vishu says Dadi said she will come with you. Soumya says no, where is she. Sejal says call her. Satya says its her problem if she didn’t come. Sejal calls her.

Kali says we shall call Soumya. Leela calls her. She says its not connecting, we shall check her belongings, go there. Gulabo comes and asks what happened. Leela says we have to make new ring for Soumya. Kali sees a mangalsutra in drawer. Leela shuts drawer and says its fine, we will make ring of your size, we will go to market. Leela says we have to find Susheel, we have to show as if she met with an accident. Susheel sees her ring and recalls Satya’s words. She digs the soil by the ring. She thinks Satya’s ring came in use. Sejal says we are not far from home, we will go home, pick her and come, I won’t go without her. Vishu agrees. They leave. Kali says children took two cars. Gulabo says we will go in auto. Susheel keeps the stones. She climbs up and sees Jhanno. Jhanno pulls her. Susheel thanks her. They go home. Kali and Gulabo come from shopping. Sejal, Satya, and others come home and ask where is Susheel. Susheel comes home in tired state and holds the door. Satya worries and stops. Everyone runs to Susheel and ask what happened. Susheel says I fell in a pit.

Kali does the aid. Shivam asks did you get hurt. Satya asks what were you doing there. Susheel says I went to give envelope to neighbor. Leela says I will complain about the pit. Soumya thanks Lord that Susheel is fine. Satya says relax Soumya, nothing can happen to Susheel. He jokes on her weight and laughs.

Kali asks how did you come out. Susheel says I piled rocks and climbed on it. Leela sees Soumya. Susheel says Satya’s engagement ring helped me in digging. Satya says your weight will get less if you climb daily. Soumya says don’t mock her. Leela says we will start engagement preparations. She shows clothes to Soumya. She gives sarees to everyone. Susheel likes the outfit and says this is Satya’s fav color. Sejal chooses white dress. Soumya says this color doesn’t suit me, shall I wear pink. Susheel gives her choice. Shivam looks on. Soumya thanks and hugs her. Satya says picnic plan is cancelled, I will make some other plan for myself. He goes. Kali praises Susheel’s strength and determination. Sejal says don’t bother about Satya’s words. Susheel says Jhanno came and saved my life. Leela gets shocked. Susheel thanks Jhanno and hugs her.

Kali comes to Soumya’s room and says I wanted to know your ring size, I have to make engagement ring. Soumya says thanks, I will give you this ring. Kali says I came to your room to look for ring, I thought it won’t be good to check in your absence. Soumya asks did you see my stuff. Kali says yes, sorry. Soumya says don’t say sorry, you are Satya’s mum, Susheel’s mum in law, elder to me. Kali says I found mangalsutra in your drawer. Soumya gets shocked. Kali asks whom does this belong to.

Leela gifts Shivam. She asks Susheel to get Soumya. She calls Soumya to inform.

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