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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th March 2018 Written Episode Update angooris bad phase affects whole colony.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu says go get first aid,no body walks and anu steps and slips and sprains her leg,daddu looks at his watch.two men walk in with sticks pull tikka malkhan and tilu and start hitting them,and say return gulfamkalis money quickly or else this will repeat again.

Angoori looks at daddu,commissioners phone rings,minister calls him and minister says he has lost his 4 sheeps and he and happu Singh are suspended.

Vibhu says uncle did you realise me you and saxena are the only one who are spared so cheers on that and let’s have cake,a guy enters and says I hope you didn’t eat the cake actually my servants sent 6 months old cake this is yours,vibhu and daddu suffer from upset stomach.

Anu with her leg bandaged and mourning in pain says god I shall die in pain,vibhu please come

out atleast give me a coffee,vibhu says I’m not interested to stay in bathroom in sufgerwning from upset stomach,and is wearing lungi.

Dadu walks to them and says I’m tried,anu says so is vibhu and says uncle you came out without pants,daddu says I left it purposely I’m so damn tired taking it off repeatedly.anu says did you two not smell it,daddu says it’s the 7.30 consequence believe it now,anu says I don’t,daddu asks what is it then,anu says just a coincidence,vibhu says we are modern people.

Angoori walks in,daddu says why are you here,you are the reason for the bad here and runs to bathroom,angoori starts crying and says I won’t come here if you all think so,anu gets up to stop her and falls down and sprains other leg too,angoori says shall I leave then,anu says yes please,angoori leaves crying,vibhu says you made bhabhiji leave you hurt her let me go check.
Anu and daddu hear a big noise,daddu rushes out to check and sees vibhu and happu meet with an accident.

Vibhu says this happu Singh was in full speed and broke my leg,happu says is your mistake you blind,daddu says it’s the bad phase it’s mistake and not yours,vibhu says I don’t believe it it’s coincidence,daddu says don’t believe and anu baby can you please help me,anu says I wish vibhu I myself can’t get up.

Daddu says let me help you,angoori walks out and asks what’s wrong daddu,vibhu pulls his hand and daddus hand breaks.daddu sits on his bike and leaves and says I can’t stay here.vibhu says uncle you left your pants,vibhu with broken leg rushes to bathroom and anu keeps shouting for help.anu looks at angoori and her leg and goes inside sliding.

Boys at tea stall,all injured and tilu says thank my friend who lended is the money or else we would be dead,it’s all the bad phase effect,saxena says don’t blame my bhabhi ma,you three ate hopless,I’m around my bhabhi ma too but I’m fine.angoori comes there and says why shout at them,tikka says don’t worry you please go,angoori says yes but it’s not good to fight,the two men come there and hit boys again.

Angoori asks saxena to go and save them,saxena says let it be,tikka says we did return the money and calls gulfamkali to confirm,gulfamkali tells her boys and they say sorry to tikka malkhan and say we had to hit someone else by mistake we beat you and leaves.

Saxena gets a call from lawyer that he won the case and he says thank you bhabhi ma you are lucky for me I won the case,tilu says bhabhiji please leave us alone.

Angoori gets home and is very upset,she gets call from tiwari and he asks are you home,she asks where are you,tiwari says even bedroom and don’t come to me,you know why your bad phase passes to me,angoori says okay I get it and starts crying,tiwari asks is lunch ready,angoori says I shall cook and get back to you,tiwari says don’t just cook and call me and get away from there and keeps the call.angoori very hurt.

Angoori says I can’t serve my husband why I am alive and upset angoori in kitchen says how shall I get Rid of it,vibhu says stop it stop crying,angoori says I’m bad now my negativity will cost you too,vibhu says no no,angoori says didn’t you what all happened even your leg is injured because of me.

Vibhu says it was just an accident and an coincidence and I’m enjoying the pain,angoori says ok be happy but go before something else happens and throws the cauliflower and hits the knife and gets into vibhus hand.

Pre cap: amaji asks angoori whats wrong,angoori says don’t even look my face or else something bad shall happen to you,amaji says don’t do this I’m here for you and amaji slips off the balcony and falls on vibhu.angoori writes a letter that she is leaving everyone she can’t see anyone being affected because of her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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