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Belan Wali Bahu 28th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Servants in house becomes a problem for Roopa

Belan Wali Bahu 28th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prem and Jitendra are fighting over newspaper. Naren says I want it too. Dada says I want to read it first, I have right. Pinky says dont fight, I will read it loud for you. All are impressed. She starts reading newspaper. All women come there and looks on. Lata asks what is happening? Prem says we dont have to read newspaper, Pinky is reading for us. Women look on.

Door bell rings, men of house dont open door. Prem says servant will open it, we dont have to work. Kamini opens door and takes laundry bill. Dada asks Lata to check it. Kamini says let me check, Dada asks her to take money from his purse and pay. She says okay. Lata looks on.

Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that no one need anyone here as they just need servants now. Laddo’s ghost says I cant be servant

in next birth to get attention.

Prem says to Lata that we dont have any topic to fight or talk since servants have come in house. Pinky brings tea for Prem. Prem drinks it and says Lata I hate your tea after getting tea from Pinky. Lata is jealous.

Jitendra says I want to eat halwa, will you make it? Shalini acts like she has seen a ghost. Chinky brings juice. Jitendra asks if she can make halwa for him? She says I will make it quickly. Jitendra is impressed. Shalini is jealous and asks her to work. She leaves. Jitendra smiles. Shalini says you didnt even ask me which ghost I saw. Jitendra says I will not tell you any work now.

Suzzi makes Dada eat medicine. Dada says Kamini already gave me medicine, she knows everything, we are lucky to have them.

Train passesby house. All run to grab shaky things but servants are already holding things down and men dont have to hold anything. Women of house are worried.

Scene 2
Roopa says to women that do you want servants in house? Lata says no, I wanted them to have more respect infront of guests but they have made me guest in our house. Roopa says no one is working house, they are not even opening doors, we used to eat together but now all are eating in their rooms, this way family will break. Laddo’s ghost comes there and says I wont let it happen, I have an idea. Lata says God will show the way. Roopa says God is telling me something. Laddo’s ghost whispers something to Roopa. Roopa says good idea, she gives idea to women. Lata says God talks to you? Roopa thinks she is talking about Laddo’s ghost and says yes he guides me and scolds me too. Roopa says lets work on our plan.

Lata and women are working in kitchen. Suzzi says Roopa’s idea is good that Lata gave an off to servants. Lata says Kamini didnt want to leave, she said they dont take off so I told her to take her daughters to mall and movie so she agreed. Roopa says we got our kitchen back, all men will eat our food and old days will be back. Roopa mistakenly throws some utensils and says sorry.

Prem drinks tea and says I think what if we didnt have servants? we wouldnt be getting nice food but they are not here today. Lata says breakfast is ready.
All men are sadly sitting on dining table and frowning. Lata serves food to Prem and says its your favorite food. He says you? Lata says you ate my cooked food for 40 years. Suzzi asks Dada to eat too. Door bell rings, all men run to door and open it. Kamini and her daughters comeback, women are miffed. Lata says I gave you off for whole day then why did you return? Kamini says Dada asked us to return and he will give us double payment so we cameback, she sees breakfast and says they dont like this, Prem says yes. Kamini says I will prepare best food in 15 minutes, all men get happy.

Roopa is tensed and says to Laddo’s ghost that all family members are different now, no one drinks tea together, they all eat in rooms, Dada takes help from servants instead of Suzzi, all are changing. Laddo’s ghost says it will break our family, talk to Dada. Roopa says yes.

Roopa and women ask men of house to send servants off. Prem says but you wanted them in house, they do work nicely, they cook nicely. dada says they dont bicker, they dont avoid work, they cook nice food so why we should throw them? Roopa says to Lata that we dont have any reason to throw them our, women leave.

Lata says to women that servants have to leave, we have to find a reason to send them off. Laddo’s ghost gives another idea to Roopa and says it will work out. Roopa is tensed and tells Lata that I have an idea, we have to plan, they dont do any mistake but what if we put stealing blame on them. Shalini says but they didnt steal. Roopa says I will put Shalini’s jewelry in Kamini’s bag then Shalini will make a scene and all bags will be searched and it will be found from Kamini’s bag so Dada will throw them out. Lata is reluctant.

PRECAP- Shalini says to family that my jewelry got stolen, someone stole it. Lata says family members cant do it. Dada says then who did it? Kamini says you people think that we steal things? Jitendra says sorry but we have to search your bag. He searches Kamini’s bag while Roopa looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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