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Agnifera 28th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Anurag Fails to Convince Ragini Again

Agnifera 28th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vani confronts Vikral asking how can he think of Ragini’s second marriage. Vikral says whatever he is doing is right, just wait and watch. On the other side, Anurag angrily throws things and vents out his anger on punching bag. Shristi walks in and corrects things. Anurag says he was not let into Ragini’s house, earlier he was not let to go out. Shristi says he is doing same thing which Ragini did, Ragini is deeply hurt seeing him leaning towards Sangini, she thinks he does not think she is perfect match for him. He says how to explain Ragini that he loves only her. She says he should express his love. Anurag says he will show what his love is.

Shirsti distributes clothes and sweets among villagers. Village ladies start drama and cry that they were not present during Vishu’s

bad news. They see Shristi wearing baby pink color sari and yell that her husband died just a days ago and she is wearingn colorful sari and makeup, it is a sin. Vidhvan brings fire torch and says 22-year-old Shristi did a big sin by wearing colorful sari, she should be burnt alive and they should do it. Dulari says what is he doing, even govt has banned superstitions. Vidhvan says even if govt spares, this society will not spare his bahu, they can’t see her heart crying and are just bothered about her clothes. Women realize their mistake and say they don’t know whether to apologize of thank him for opening their eyes. Dulari asks to do both. Shristi emotionally says Vishu used to call him papa, even she will call him papa. Vidhvan also gets emotional and says Anurag is going to bring Ragini, she should go and help him. She agrees.

Ragini picks lipstick and thinks she used to get ready for her misterji, why should she now. She hears drum sound and walks out scolding. She sees Anurag with Shristi playing drum with background sound..Dunya me kitni hain nafratein…song…Anurag pleads her to forgive him and reaccept as he loves only her and no one else. Ragini asks Shristi even if she is taking Anurag’s side. Shristi says she is taking love’s side, she should clear her misunderstanding and reaccept Anurag. Anruag continues pleading and requests her to return home with him. Her heart softens and she takes step towards him, but Vikral walks in and asks what is this drama at his house and holds Ragini’s hand. Anurag kneels down and pleads that he is incomplete without her and she should return with him..

Precap: Anurag asks Ragini if she will remarry. She says yes, she wil marry a better man than him, he should get out of here now. vi

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