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Samaina OS – Standing up for her love

Munna, pandit and preeti watched angrily as Arjun got the trophy for the man of the match . They were more Angry with Arjun for not giving any credit to sameer for this trophy. sameer was the one who helped Arjun to win the match.
Like always rakhesh and Arjun remained ungraceful to sameer.
Naina stood here angrily watching the whole scenario. It was her sameer’s trophy which Arjun bhaiya was holding and flaunting . It was sameer who had deserved to win the trophy but what happened? Like last time he again lost because of Arjun bhaiya. Everything has a limit. Last time she had let go her brother for hurting sameer but not now.

She angrily stormed inside the changing room to find sameer sad.
Sameer looked at Naina and tried to smile at her.
” who the hell said you to help arjun bhaiya? Why do you have to act so mahaan? ” screamed naina upon sameer.
Preeti, munna and pandit entered the room to find Naina scolding sameer for his foolishness.
” Naina he is your brother ” said sameer.
” that does not mean that every time he will do wrong and get away. Not this time sameer. This time Arjun bhaiya will answer me. ” said Naina and went away angrily.
Preeti went back of her and sameer followed her worried.

Naina went towards Arjun who was happily holding the trophy in his hands.
” Naina see I have finally won. Aren’t you happy for me?”asked Arjun to his sister.
” yes bhaiya I am. You have again won by cheating and this time you don’t have ounce of guilt in your eyes. I’m so proud of you ” said Naina making Arjun widen his eyes in shock.
Sameer was beyond shocked to see Naina speaking so rudely with Arjun.
Munna and pandit were silently cheering their bhabhi whereas preeti had a smirk on her face.
” Naina.. ”
” yes bhaiya I’m listening what reason do you have now for cheating. Oops sorry you have your permanent reason papa’s pressure right. Not this time bhaiya, everytime you commit a mistake you can’t get away with this reason. If this the thing then every criminal should roam freely because each of them have their own reason for committing a crime right. Answer me what is your reason ?” asked Naina looking at her brother angrily.

Arjun gulped in fear looking at her anger. He never thought his docile sister can get so angry on him.
” Naina it happened by mistake. I’m sorry ” said Arjun.
Really a sorry not this time. Arjun bhaiya will not get her forgiveness with a sorry now.
” mistake. Really bhaiya a mistake. We all saw how deliberately you made sameer out because you were afraid of losing to him. You knew sameer could win the man of the match and that’s the reason you made him out.
You knew sameer is far better player than you. You are jealous of sameer bhaiya because you can never be like him and don’t give me the reason of papa’s pressure if that’s case even sameer has the same pressure from his parents but that did not make him do anything wrong ”
Arjun did not know what to do. His sister was throwing accusations on him and he could not accept the truth.
” Naina you are defending the person who made a bet on you ” said Arjun reminding Naina  of her past worst memories but little did he know that his sister had moved on with sameer already letting go everything of the past.

” no bhaiya I’m defending the person whom I love,  I’m defending the person who admits his mistake and makes up for it crossing every limit. Lastly I’m defending the person who helped you to win the match and you still remained ungraceful for him. You know why he is bearing every insult thrown on him without complaining? It is because of me bhaiya that sameer is not telling you anything just because of me but don’t think this as his weakness. Trust me if you were not my brother sameer could have shown you your place on the field itself ” answered Naina confidently.

Arjun was left speechless. He did not have anything to reply.
” Naina it’s ok. Whatever happened it is over. Let bygones be bygones. Come let’s go from here ” said sameer trying to drag Naina from the place. He did not want the situation to go out of control.
” leave my sister’s hand ” shouted Arjun on sameer.
Sameer left naina’s hand but Naina holds his tightly giving Arjun a slight heart attack. Thank god rakesh had gone home with the car leaving Arjun alone.
” Naina ” screamed Arjun angrily. How could she hold a boy’s hand in front of him?
” yaa bhaiya continue to defend yourself. I want to hear more reasons for your mistake ” said Naina.
” Naina ” said sameer softly trying to clam her down.
” I still don’t understand how are you so proudly holding this trophy. You did not earn it bhaiya, you have snatched it. It was sameer who deserved it. The head boy position and the trophy both rightfully belonged to sameer. My sameer had given both the things out of mercy to you. You never deserved this bhaiya. Yeh trophy mera sameer ka diya woh beek hai apko ko. ” taunted Naina hurting Arjun and earning gasps from everyone present here.
” I’m sorry bhaiya for behaving so rudely with you but I can’t let you go hurting sameer everytime ” thought Naina sadly looking at her brother’s face which was filled with tears. She knew everytime Arjun could look at the trophy from now he would remember the bitter truth. What was she supposed to do? Did not she let go and supported her brother the last two times he committed mistakes . Both the times sameer had been blamed for the mistakes. The last two times she fulfilled her duty as a sister and choose her brother over sameer but this time she could not do the same thing. If she had let the same thing happen this time, things could continue . So this time she decided to choose her love over her brother. This time she decided to fulfill her duty as sameer’s love than being sister of Arjun and it caused her to hurt her brother. Maybe now Arjun bhaiya would understand and stop committing mistakes .
She left the place with sameer wiping her tears.

Sameer knew she was hurt. Today she had hurt her brother because of him.
” Naina. What was the need of doing this? ” asked sameer as he wiped her tears.
” it was necessary sameer otherwise Arjun bhaiya could continue to misbehave with you and you could bear it without complaint for me. I never want you to lose for me against anyone. I want to be the reason of your success sameer not your
failure ” expressed Naina.
Sameer’s face lit up with a smile hearing her words.
” what if tomorrow I end up in the same situation because of rakesh sir. Will you fight with him also for
me ?” asked sameer teasing her.
” I would. ” said Naina looking at him and holds his hands in assurance.

” you remember once I said you that first love gives you strength to fight against the whole world . I was not joking I will fight the whole world to be with you sameer. If papa crosses his limits, I will not stop myself from shouting at him. I will never forgive Arjun bhaiya for today ” revealed Naina.
Sameer was taken by surprise hearing his words . He realized that how lucky was he to have Naina in his life who was ready to be with him at any situation. He had always had a complaint with god for not giving him his mother’s love from childhood , it looks like finally god had decided to make up for his mistakes by bringing Naina in his life who loves me more than anyone and anything. She was blessing in disguise in his life.

” but I forgive him. Because of him my shy Naina had the guts to hold my hands ” said sameer lightening up naina’s mood.
Naina face had turned red remembering how she had held sameer’s hand in front of her brother boldly. Sameer smirked seeing her shy and went close to her.

i wrote this os yesterday so I’m sorry if it offends anyone. i was so angry with arjun at that point of time for making sameer out.

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