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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 28th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha cries to not leave gokul.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 28th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with radha saying kanha has supported us till today and savd gokul and its people from all dangers, so manik kaka you don’t know anything. People then say you are right radha, kanha is our savior and we love kanha. Manik thinks next time I have to use some more harsh words to break the unity of gokul. Keshari says manik try better next time.
There kansa is with rishi shokracharya. Kansa says old man tell me where is guru shokracharya? You have wasted enough of my time. Old man says I am only guru shokracharya. Kansa is shocked and says guru you? Why did you do this? Guru says I was testing your patience kansa but you seem to be very impatient, you are no bhagwan. Kansa says guru, the enemy of my enemy is a friend and I think you know we both want to defeat Vishnu,

he is our common enemy. Tell me how to defeat Vishnu? Shokracharya says the reason for me to hate Vishnu was never that he did not let me be the guru of gods. Kansa says then what is the reason? Rishi says I am the only rishi who has got wish from mahadev to give life to the dead. Rishi says I prayed a lot for that wish and I gave life to the demons who died but I couldn’t save the one whom I loved a lot because of whom I was shokracharya, my own mother!
Kanha comes home as nand brings him home with yashoda. Kanha says what happened father? Nand says kanha we are leaving gokul, I have done the packing and we will go and stay in vrindavan from now. Nand goes inside as kanha says but baba… kanha says to yashoda, mother what is father saying? He is saying we have to leave gokul. Why? Yashoda says kanha your father is worried about our family and he doesn’t want you to be the reason for anything bad happening gokul or rather the people shouldn’t think that. Kanha hugs yashoda and says I will miss gokul mother. Kanha thinks it is right, the time has come to go to vrindavan.
Laxmi says prabhu it seems kanha is ready to go to vrindavan but what about the people of gokul? What leela is this? Lord Vishnu says devi, kanha is sad and he doesn’t want to leave his mother land gokul, he was born there but he knows vrindavan is to be his new place. Kanha doesn’t want to leave gokul. Laxmi says prabhu I don’t believe the people of gokul after what manik has put in their heads, will they stop kanha?
There radha says I will never help that kanha ever, even if he comes asking for help to me I wont help him. Kirti says you both fought agaim? Radha says I am a fool that I always support him, manik was talking against kanha so I fought with manik but kanha instead of thanking me he made me quiet. Kanha comes and says gopi! Radha smiles but then gets angry and kanha comes. Radha says father tell him to go from here. Radha goes in her room. Kanha goes behind her and radha says what is it? Go away. Kanha starts teasing radha to make her talk with him. Radha ignores. Kanha then dances in front of her. Radha laughs. Kanha says forgive me gopi, don’t be so sad. Radha says kanha you don’t listen to me. Kanha says gopi I will be soon away from you. Radha says I wont let you go from me, why do you say that? Kanha says father said we are leaving gokul tomorrow forever. Radha is shocked and she goes to gokul with kanha.
In nand’s house. Radha and her family are there. Radha says nand baba, please don’t leave gokul, I don’t want kanha and anyone to go from here. Nand says radha, we have to go from gokul, it is for everyone’s good. Brij bhanu says radha, don’t cry as nand has to go to vrindavan and leave gokul. Radha says please don’t do this otherwise I will tell all people of gokul that you all are leaving. Brij bhanu says radha we should not cry and bid someone farewell, we should be happy and I will take you to vrindavan to meet kanha. Radha runs away, kanha goes behind her. Radha sits and cries and kanha cries and says gopi don’t cry. Radha says kanha you don’t go, I will stop crying. Kanha says gopi I don’t want to go but I have to go.

Precap: all people of gokul come to stop nand baba and kanha from leaving gokul. Nand says we have to go. Kansa cuts his head as dakshina for guru shokracharya.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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