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Badho Bahu 28th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Lucky stops the engagement

Badho Bahu 28th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lucky lies that he came to take something. Aditya tells him to come. We were just getting comfortable with each other. Titli tries to get up but Aditya holds her hand. Lucky notices it but looks away. He has his back to them when Aditya again caresses Titli’s shoulder/ hand. Titli is uncomfortable. Lucky observes it too, picks some random stuff and leaves. Titli thinks maybe men are alike. It is wrong to expect anything from them. Aditya asks her where she is lost. She shakes her head.

Raghubir ji and Kailash ji come home. Malti ji and Kamla ji tell them that Titli’s and Aditya’s alliance is almost fixed. Titli and Aditya also join everyone. Aditya’s mother asks Aditya if he asked Titli whatever he wanted to. He nods. He says yes for the alliance. Ask Titli ji once too. Kamla ji says

you and your family is ready. Why should we ask Titli then? Let’s do Roka right away. Ram ji seconds them. Raghubir ji asks Titli if she is happy with this alliance. Titli looks at her father. Kamla ji answers on Titli’s behalf. She sends Pinki to bring puja thaal.

Aditya’s mother does teeka of Aditya and Titli and follows the rituals of Roka Ceremony. Aditya and Titli are asked to extend their right hands. Aditya does so and waits for Titli. After repeated reminders, Titli is about to do so when Lucky holds her hand. Everyone stands up in shock. Lucky glares at Aditya and announces that this Roka wont happen. Come Titli. Kamla ji asks him what he is doing. Raghubir ji says Titli and Aditya have said yes. why are you doing this madness? Lucky replies that this girl is mad. She keeps quiet when she should actually be talking! Aditya and his family question Lucky. We just said yes for the alliance. Lucky says it wasn’t any favour. I know it well why you are keen for this alliance. Don’t make me say it. Titli’s father will tell everyone. Ram ji tells him to drop the matter. Lucky asks him why he should let it go. you are saying this? Don’t you love your daughter? How can you let your daughter marry such a guy? He tells everyone that Aditya’s family agreed for the alliance as Ram ji has paid them money. Flashback shows Lucky overhearing the conversation between Ram ji and Aditya’s father. Ram ji pays him 10 lacs. It will take some time to get the papers of land. I have told Varun already. It will be ready soon. we will do the best possible. Flashback ends.

Lucky says it is good that Babu ji has given us good upbringing or I don’t know what would have happened to them. Raghubir ji asks Ram ji what he was about to do. No family should give such a family their daughter. If I was in your place then none of them would have been here today! Malti ji and Komal agree with them. Aditya’s mother says we dint come to you. He called us. Komal says he called you but you only took advantage of a helpless father. Lucky reminds them they are standing under their house. We wont let out Titli marry this Palturam. I am taking her with me. Whoever can stop me should try doing so! He takes Titli with her. She quietly looks at him.

Malti ji thanks God for saving them in time. Raghubir ji asks Ram ji if he feels they are doing anything wrong. Ram ji declines. I am the father of a daughter. I got weak. Kamla ji says they seem to be from a nice family but they are so greedy! Aditya’s family leaves. Kamla ji does not let them take money with them.

Lucky scolds Titli. Have you lost your mind? You should have beaten him right there! You kept quiet when you should have been doing something. Thank God I found out everything at the right time. You should be thanking me instead. She asks him why she should thank him. Did I request you to come and help me? Lucky looks at her (he is not at all surprised by her behaviour/retorts). This is what I expected from you. It is pointless to make you say thank you. He leaves. Titli gets upset for taking out her anger at the wrong person, at the wrong time. I should have been thanking him but I sent him away just like that. Stop crying now. I must thank Lucky.

Pragya is irked with Komal for ruining her plan again. If I would have pressurised Bhai a little more then he would have agreed. I would tell him about Banaras. Teji speaks positively about it. It is good that Komal is busy with Titli. Tell her not to say anything. You are still not divorced. Pragya agrees to speak to Komal. Even enemies forgive each other on Holi. She is my Bhabhi after all. She will forgive us. Teji agrees. he thinks no one will come between them if Badho forgives them.

Kamla ji speaks to Malti ji about Holi and Titli’s training. Malti ji reminds her that Komal will train Titli. We just have to supervise. Rest everything is ready. Don’t worry about anything. Kamla ji smiles. You look after everything. I don’t have to worry about anything till you and Komal are there. I also got herbal colours for Holi. No one, not even my husband would recognize me in other colours. Malti ji smiles. Do anything but Kailash ji will surely run away from you. This time Latthmaar Toli is here. We will play that ways only. Kamla ji gets excited.

Komal hits Lucky with a stick. He asks her if she has gone mad. She tells him she was only practising for tomorrow’s Holi. He apologizes to her. I am disturbed by that mad girl. She dint even thank me once.

In her room, Titli tries saying thank you to Lucky. She encourages herself to apologize to Lucky as she stands in front of the mirror. He did such a nice thing. It wont be that tough.

Komal tells Lucky he must understand what all she went through today. She wont be able to understand what she say to someone. Pardon me. I thought you will be excited for Latthmaar Holi. He nods. We will enjoy it thoroughly tomorrow. Just keep that Titli away from all the fun. She hands him the stick to keep her away from him. He thinks she isn’t doing his work but the idea isn’t bad.

Titli thinks to thank Lucky tomorrow during Holi. He wouldn’t realise and my work will be done.

Precap: Titli is asking everyone about Lucky. She drinks bhang wali thandai and looks at Lucky. She falls and he holds her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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