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Personal View : Kumkum Bhagya a non-sensical tale of Bhagya streched like a chewing gum

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Hey guys,
I’m a just a petty fanfic writer, but after seeing Latika’s article on YRKKH, I felt I should also point out a few words about again one of the most famous shows “KUMKUM BHAGYA”.
This serial was and to a certain extent is still supposed to be one of the best INDIAN SHOWS of the INDIAN TELEVISON. But is it really the BEST according to ALL the viewers????
The PLOT of the show is absolutely null from the time the Season 2 of the Younger generation has been introduced. Let me be frank and ask all my readers, what has actually happened in the show since the latest protagonists Prachi, Rhea and Ranbir have been introduced!!
It is all a roundabout of Kidnaps, Parties with the female lead Prachi constantly getting INTO TROUBLE due to her EVIL TWIN Rhea and the male lead trying to protect the female lead by taking a stand for her always!!!
In the end, the character Prachi starting ANOTHER FIGHT AND AGAIN Ranbir for something or the OTHER!!!
So is there a LOVE STORY which the makers are trying to create ACTUALLY HAPPENING!!!
Again, the answer is NOT AT ALL!!!
This is what the Kumkum Bhagya team has been doing since March 2019, CONSTANT FIGHTS OF PRANBIR, CONSTANT EVIL PLOYS BY RHEA AND CONSTANT HITS AND MISSES OF ABHIGYA!!!
So, what is the STORY of Kumkum Bhagya!!
Again NOTHING!!!!
So, what is KUMKUM BHAGYA creators actually doing????
Fool around with the viewers????
It’s absolutely dejecting that a TOP-RATED show has absolutely nothing other than NEGATIVITIES and repetition of storyline OVER AND OVER AGAIN to be shown to its viewers!!!
To make matters worse, even the characters of Season 2 are UNDER-DEVELOPED!!! The characters are just minions of the CHARACTERS of Season 1.
Ranbir of Abhishek, Prachi of Pragya, Rhea of Tanu and Aliyah, Aryan a HALF-MINION of Purab because his character doesn’t have any ROLE other than being a helper to the character of Ranbir and in the same way Shahana also is a HALF-MINION of Bulbul because her only role is being the helper of Prachi.
The other ridiculous side of the characters of Kumkum Bhagya is that they DISAPPEAR and APPEAR from nowhere!!! As the case of Rishi-Priyanka right now and of Ranbir’s sister, Mishti!!!
So, don’t the FANS who still hype Kumkum Bhagya think that this show is just OVER-RATED NON-SENSICAL DRAMA.
What could be reason this show is slowly losing its popularity ???
The repetition of the same story over and over again OR the cast of the new generation!!!
Please put in your opinions in the comments section.

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