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Ragini and Sanskar reached the office at the same time. This time Ragini stopped seeing Sanskar.

Ragini “Good morning sir.”

Sanskar “Good morning.”

Sanskar asked her to enter into the lift saying, “Ladies first.”

Ragini smiled and entered into the lift. Sanskar pressed the floor number. The lift doors closed for a second and the lift stopped working. Suddenly the light and fan in the lift also stopped working.

Sanskar “What the hell?”

Ragini started breathing heavily.

Sanskar “Ragini… Are you alright?”

No response from Ragini side. Suddenly she started crying, sitting on the floor like a small kid. She don’t know what to do? Firstly she doesn’t know Sanskar properly. Secondly neither he’s her friend nor a complete stranger. The only relation she shares with him is boss and employee relationship. So she started crying not knowing what to do?

Sanskar bend to her level. He don’t know what to do? But he can’t see tears in those beautiful eyes. Till now, he only saw her cuteness, shyness. But now he’s seeing her cry baby face. That too he never faced this kind of situation before.

Sanskar kept his hand on Ragini’s shoulder and said, “Please don’t cry.”

Listening these three words from his mouth, Ragini stopped crying and hugged him tightly. Sanskar breath stopped for a second. His heart is beating fastly. He can hear his own heartbeat sound. Slowly without his knowledge, he reciprocated the hug and rubbed her back softly. He came back to reality listening to her sweet voice.

Ragini “Please don’t leave me Sanskar. Please…”

This is the first time, she called him by his name. It sounded sweet from her mouth. But this is not the right situation for him to feel the sweetness.

Sanskar “I’ll never leave you Ragini.”

He himself don’t know why he said like that. But whatever he said is right. He’ll never leave her. Because she’s his life. His life depends up on her.

Sanskar moved apart and wiped off her tears with his hands. Suddenly the lift doors opened and Ragini came back to her senses. Sanskar helped her to stand on her legs. She wanted to thank him. But for now, she can’t face him. To avoid the situation, she ran to washroom side to clean her face and to gain some strength. Sanskar went back to his cabin. After washing her face, she went back to her place and started working.

Sanskar TAT(Thought at that time) “I don’t know what had happened to me at that time. But i came to know one thing today that is, i can’t see tears in her eyes. Every single tear from her eyes killing my heart with pain. What this feeling called?”

The landline kept on Ragini’s desk started ringing,

Ragini “Hello!”

Sanskar “Come to my cabin once.”

Ragini “Okay sir.”

Ragini TAT(Thought at that time) “Now how i’ll face him? Babaji please help me.”

She knocked on the door. Sanskar asked her to come inside.

Sanskar stood up from the chair. He went towards her.

Sanskar “How are you feeling now?”

Ragini “I am feeling better sir. Thank you.”

Sanskar “It’s okay. If you want you can take leave for today.”

He’s reading her facial expressions. Some where at the corner of his heart, he didn’t like the idea of sending her back to home. But her comfort is his first priority. Going and not going depends up on her.

Ragini “No… I am fine sir.”

Sanskar smiled and said, “Okay your wish.”

Ragini was about to leave from that place. But Sanskar stopped her and asked his schedule today.

Ragini “Sir… At 10:00 am you have meeting with dravidians and at 2:00 pm you have another meeting with chinese.”

Sanskar “Okay. You may leave now. I’ll call you if i need something.”

Ragini “Yes sir. But i forgot to say one thing that is, the investors called and said that they can’t attend to the meeting at 10:00 am. So it’ll take one and half hour for them to reach here.”

Sanskar got angry and said, “What they’re thinking about Sanskar Maheshwari? I don’t wait for someone. I don’t like the people who don’t have punctuality. So tell them i am busy and cancel all the meetings. Do it right now?”

Ragini with fear said, “Yes sir” and left the place without turning back.

Ragini TAT(Thought at that time) “OMG! He looks like chocolate boy but in reality he’s angry man.”

Laya, Shreya, Karthik came to Ragini as it was break time. Ragini completed her pending work and all went to canteen area to eat something. In this time, Sanskar called someone and fixed the speaker under Ragini’s table.

Ragini, Laya, Shreya, Karthik came back from canteen and sat at Ragini’s desk.

Karthik “So how’s boss mood Ragini?”

Sanskar alert his ears to listen Ragini’s
words. Because he’s curious to know, what she’ll tell about him to them.

Ragini “He looks like a chocolate boy/lover boy. But he’s angry man. I mean he’s like a bomb which will blast at any second.”

Laya, Shreya, Karthik laughed. After listening to her words, a smile appeared on his face.

Karthik “That’s the reason, we all call him as Khadoos.”

Ragini “Please don’t call Sanskar sir like that. He’s really a nice man.”

Laya “Okay mam. We don’t call your Sanskar sir as Khadoos.”

Ragini “My Sanskar sir?”

Shreya “Of course your Sanskar sir. I think you fall in love with him. Am i right?”

Ragini “No nothing like that.”

Karthik “Something something!”

Ragini “Nothing nothing!”

Laya “Okay tell me one thing Ragini, do you love someone?”

Sanskar again alert his ears to listen her words.

Ragini “Yes.”

Sanskar heartbeat stopped for a second.

Shreya “Then tell us, who’s that lucky person?”

Laya, karthik “Please…”

Ragini “I love my Sumi maa.”

Laya, Shreya, Karthik at a time said, “What?”

Sanskar laughed listening to her answer.

Laya “This is cheating yaar.”

Shreya, Karthik “Yes yaar. This is cheating.”

Ragini “What cheating? I didn’t do any cheating. In fact, what i said is truth. when i am 6 years old, i lost my parents in an accident. From then to till now, my Sumi maa never let me feel alone. She’s there for me whenever i need her. She’s my life and my single reason to live and Laksh is my best friend. I love Sujatha aunty and i am thankful to Sanskar sir for giving me this job. For now, i have only 4 people in my life and here i got 3 friends. You all know who are they. So don’t ask me again.”

Listening to her words, Laya, Shreya, Karthik eyes became wet. All hugged her. Ragini hugged them back. After sometime, they broke the hug.

Ragini “I am sorry. I made you all emotional naa.”

Laya “No.”

Shreya “Not at all.”

Karthik “No Ragini. From now on, i am like your brother. I’ll never give chance to others to call me as bro. But for you i am your brother and you’re my sweet little sister. Okay?”

Ragini gave him a big smile and side hugged him and said, “Double okay bhaiyya.”

Karthik “That’s like my sister.”

Laya, Shreya “From now on, we’re best friends Ammu. What you say?”

Ragini “I’ll say double yes. In between how you two came to know about my nick name?”

Laya, Shreya showed their 32 teeth.

Laya “We heard when your grand mother called you as Ammu on phone. I mean in canteen area you called her naa. Then we came to know that Ammu is your nick name.”

Ragini “You can call me Ammu that too when we are in canteen or off time. In office you all will call me Ragini.”

Laya, Shreya, Karthik “Done.”

All bid bye to her and went back to her work.

Sanskar TAT(Thought at that time) “Laksh told me that she lives with her grand mother alone. So she lost her parents, when she’s 6 years old. I know that pain. Even i lost my father, when i am 8 years old. She made me emotional. So Ammu is her nickname. So sweet just like her. She said that they’re four persons in her life. Her Sumi maa, Laksh, Maa and Me. I am falling for her innocence, cuteness, shyness and cry baby face. She’s making me crazy.”

To be continued…

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