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Tere ishq me jana- RagSan Episode 20

Hi sissy’s. Thanku all for ur valuable comments on my last ff pyar ki kasauti. M very happy that u liked it. Thanks for ur support. Keep supporting like this. Love u all.

Let’s start

Ragini enters. She sees sanskar luking at changes. She pats his shoulder.

Rag: so, mr. sanskar. Did u like ur new mansion?

San: hmmm. Beautiful. I must say mrs sanskar. Ur choice is not bad.

Rag: of course. My choice is always best.

San: is there anything special behind this? (saying mischievously)

Rag: don’t think over dear. Its just coz of u.

San: me? How?

Rag: u always use to stay in London only. rarely u come to india that too for few hours. U never noticed ur own mansion, that how old model it luks like. And another reason is, if any imp clients or close frnds comes, they shud stay in our guest house only. not outside. I changed tht interior too.

San: y?

Rag: atleast by that reason I can make u stay in home only.

Both smiles.

Ragsan enters their room. That was fully changed. Sanskar got happy.

San: really u made everything beautiful. I loved it.

Rag: thanku. So how was ur first day?

San: very nice. Am really tired.

Rag: hello. Its only first day. And I know today u wasted in knowing ur company names and their location only. coz u never knew anything rite?

Sanskar smiles sheepishly.

Rag: let it be. U r trying. Its gud. U get fresh I’ll bring juice for u.

She was going, sanskar pulls her, tightly held her through waist. There was no gap between them. He joins his forehead with ragini’s. her heart beat was increasing.

San: ur husband came from office and tired. U’ll give only juice? I need something more.

Rag: w..wa..wat?

San: if I ask wil u give?

Rag: if its in my hand I’ll surely give.

San: then u know wat I want. Give me.

He sits on bed. Ragini glares at him. He was all smiling widely. She took jug full of water from table and poured on his head. He stopped smiling and got little shocked.

San: ragini wats this?

Rag: u only asked.

San: I asked u to pour water on me?

Rag: u asked me to give something which will make u fresh. And u told its in my hand. See. In my hand jug is there. And u got full fresh.

She laughs and runs saying she’ll bring juice. He smiles.

San: at last ragini we r leading a happy married life. Its only ur confession needed. I know that u r making me wait purposely. But I don’t mind that how much u make me wait. I just want u to see happy like this always. Now this maheshwari mansion is converted in home from house. This is all because of u. u turned this lifeless bricks house into lively home by ur love and smile. I really thank god very much. I think god also gets jealous sometime seeing our happiness.

He smiles and goes to get fresh.

Next morning.
Sanskar woke up and sees Ragini in not there. He thought she might be in kitchen. He was abt to get fresh saw time. He’s already late. He called Ragini.

San: Ragini.. ragu..where r u?

Rag: wat happened? Y r u shouting?

San: shouting? No dear. M calling my sweet heart.

Rag: really? So y u were calling ur sweet heart?

San: did u see time? M already late. U dint u wake up me?

Rag: coz today no office.

San: confused. Y? U only wanted me to go office rite

Rag: hits her head slowly with his head. Budhu. M saying only abt today.

San: today? Y?

Rag: coz today is special.

San: jumps near her excitedly. Really?

Rag: yes. Today’s our reception party.

San: reception party?

Rag: yea. We dint enjoy our marriage properly. So I thought of keeping reception.

San: rite. That’s y i say u r smart.

Rag: invitations have been sent. If any one missed, have a look. List is with Milan Bhaiya. First get fresh soon.

San: ok. Hey . But wat abt dresses and all for tonite?

Rag: I’ve already purchased.

San: wow. Great. Love u honey.

Rag smiles. San glares.

San: by mistake also it won’t come from ur mouth. He pouts.

Rag: it’ll.. don’t wry.

She goes. He goes to get fresh.


Evng Milan comes to ragsan room where sanlak were chatting.

Mil: hello laksh sir. Sanskar sir, this is ur dress.

San: where is Ragini?

Mil: sis is with swara ma’am in other room.

Lak: get ready soon and come. Till then I’ll take care of guests.

San: thanku lucky.

Sanskar sees dress. It was suit. He wears it.
San: Mrs Ragini. Tonite m gonna Luk very handsome.

In other room swara was making Ragini ready.

Sanskar comes to hall where all guests were present. They all were waiting for Ragini. Ragini comes wearing pink colour gown, bun haired. Few curled hair front side which were making her Luk more beautiful. Hanging long earrings, with matching necklace.

Sanskar’s mouth opened in o shape seeing her. Laksh closed his mouth saying.
Lak: she’s ur wife only, stare later when u both wud b alone.

Sanskar smiles and sees Ragini only.
Ragini comes and stands beside sanskar. They both sit in their place.
Swalak comes on stage and welcomed guests. After some talks, ragsan were asked to dance together.

First they hesitate. Next they agreed. Sanskar holds ragini’s hand and bring her in middle. He holds her waist from other hand. She kept her other hand on his shoulder. Song plays.

(Imagine Thier romantic dance on this song)

Hum Tere Bin Ab Reh Nahi Sakte
Tere Bina Kya Wajood Mera
Hum Tere Bin Ab Reh Nahi Sakte
Tere Bina Kya Wajood Mera
Tujhse Juda Gar Ho Jaayenge
Toh Khud Se Hi Ho Jaayenge Judaa
Kyunki Tum Hi Ho
Ab Tum Hi Ho
Zindagi Ab Tum Hi Ho
Chain Bhi, Mera Dard Bhi
Meri Aashiqui Ab Tum Hi Ho

(They were having deep eyelock, he turns her round without breaking eyelock)

Tera Mera Rishta Hai Kaisa
Ik Pal Door Gawaara Nahi
Tere Liye Har Roz Hai Jeete
Tujh Ko Diya Mera Waqt Sabhi
Koi Lamha Mera Na Ho Tere Bina
Har Saans Pe Naam Tera
Kyunki Tum Hi Ho
Ab Tum Hi Ho
Zindagi Ab Tum Hi Ho
Chain Bhi, Mera Dard Bhi
Meri Aashiqui Ab Tum Hi Ho
Tumhi Ho… Tumhi Ho…

(Flashes of Thier moments were coming infront of Thier eyes)

Tere Liye Hi Jiya Main
Khud Ko Jo Yun De Diya Hai
Teri Wafa Ne Mujhko Sambhala
Saare Ghamon Ko Dil Se Nikala
Tere Saath Mera Hai Naseeb Juda
Tujhe Paake Adhoora Naa Raha Hmm..
Kyunki Tum Hi Ho
Ab Tum Hi Ho
Zindagi Ab Tum Hi Ho..
Chain Bhi, Mera Dard Bhi
Meri Aashiqui Ab Tum Hi Ho
Kyunki Tum Hi Ho
Ab Tum Hi Ho
Zindagi Ab Tum Hi Ho..
Chain Bhi, Mera Dard Bhi
Meri Aashiqui Ab Tum Hi Ho .

Song stopped. Al clapped. Next it was couple dance where other couples including swalak joined them.

They enjoyed that nite. After everything everyone left. Swalak too left from there wishing them all the best. While going laksh whispers in sanskar’s ears.

Lak: now u can glare her whole nite. He winks and both left.

Ragsan room
Both changed. Ragini sits on bed. Sanskar was abt to sit, he found an envelope kept on his place. He opens that. There were 2 tickets to Kashmir. He found a letter written ” to my lovely hubby” a small surprise from ur wife.

San: happily. Wow, I dint knew that my wife is romantic too.

Ragini blushes.
San: but Ragini we can go outside India also na. It wud b more fun.

Ragini’s face becomes sad.

San comes near her.: Hey wat happened? It’s ok we’ll go Kashmir only.

Rag: sanskar I want to give surprise with my money not it’s. I want to see u happy with my money atleast once.

San: now u will differentiate between ur money and my money? Whatever we have it’s ours. Neither urs nor mine. Only OURS. Ok

Rag: ok. But only this time. For this day I had saved money. So. Plz don’t say no. We will go other place some other day too.

She makes cute faces to make him say yes.
He agreed. She suddenly stood and starts packing.

San: y this much hurry Ragini?

Rag: dint u see date on tickets. It’s tmrw mrng. We shud reach airport at 7am.

San: wat? Tmrw?
He too starts packing His bag.
After packing they slept.

Rag in mind: this trip u will never forget sanskar. I’ll not make u wait now. She blushed and sleeps.


Rag: sanskar. Wake up. We’ll get late.

Sanskar wakes up.
Rag: go get ready soon. M already got ready.

San: my wifey is very excited for this honeymoon.

Rag: hits him playfully. go fast.


Rag: thankgod I woke up u rite time. Or else we wud have reached late.

San: this is ur first time na?

Rag: (she was thinking abt Thier romance) ha. Urs too?

San: unlimited times

Rag: wat?

San: ha. Y? I traveled many times through plane.

Rag: oh. K. ( She slaps her head slowly for thinking stupid)

San: wat u thought?

Rag: trying to ignore. Nothing.

San: u thought abt honeymoon?

Rag: smiles sheepishly.

San: idiot how can u think like that?

Rag: sry.

San: stupid and smart. Both.

They smile and leave for their honeymoon.

Precap: ragsan honeymoon

How’s this episode sissy’s? I hope u dint get bore.  Leav ur comments. As usual waiting.

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