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Siddhi Vinayak 27th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Urvashi throws Siddhi out of the house

Siddhi Vinayak 27th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Vin and Urvashi are sitting in the mandap at his shoot location. Pundit ji is chanting mantras. Siddhi shouts at everyone to stop the wedding. You guys have played enough with the relations, not anymore! She tells Inspector that Vin is marrying Urvashi even when his first wife is still alive. Urvashi is irked with Siddhi’s entry. Inspector tells Vin it is illegal. You can also be punished for this! Vin starts smiling. Have you gone mad? It is my film’s shooting and not a real wedding. He introduces his Director and entire crew to Police. You can check with them if you don’t trust me. Inspector looks at the surroundings and questions Siddhi now. An outsider can say that but being his wife, you should know! She insists that this is a sham but Shankar interrupts her. I have permission for this

shooting. Lady Constable is eager to see the shooting. Vin cordially requests them to stay. You can help us if anyone tries to trouble us. Everyone takes their seat.

Director shouts at Siddhi to step out of the scene. Siddhi walks aside reluctantly. Director starts the shoot. Vin thinks Siddhi ruined him and their wedding but he isn’t like her. I cannot let Urvashi’s life be ruined. Siddhi refuses to let Vin marry and holds Vin’s hands. You cannot marry! Manjari asks Inspector to stop her. Police ends up interfering in the matter. Director keeps shouting at her angrily as Siddhi keeps asking Vin not to do this. Urvashi pats at Vin’s hand. Siddhi is dragged aside by the police. They don’t let go of her. Vin and Urvashi exchange garlands. Manjari does their gathbandhan next. Manjari and Urvashi are happy seeing Siddhi standing helplessly in a corner. Her pleas are unheard by the policemen. Vin and Urvashi take pheras. Siddhi recalls her wedding with Vin in reverse. Vin and Urvashi sit down after completing the pheras. He fills her hairline and makes her wear the mangalsutra. Siddhi is in tears thinking about her wedding with Vin. Urvashi looks pointedly at Siddhi as pundit ji announces them as husband and wife. Director ends the shot just then. Manjari is all smiles. Inspector leaves with his team. Siddhi is crying silently.

Urvashi’s grahpravesh ceremony happens. They seek Shankar and Manjari’s blessings. Shankar tells Vin he is really happy with his step. I can say that Urvashi got justice today. Siddhi enters just then. Urvashi says I still haven’t got complete justice. There is a big difference in being Vin’s wife and the DIL of this house. I will be happy when I will announce a decision and no one will stop me. Shankar allows her to share her wish. It is your right! Urvashi heads upstairs alone. Everyone follows her.

Urvashi marks her handprints outside Vin’s room. She demands to throw Siddhi out of the house so Vin and I can start our married life. I wont be treated as the DIL of this house till the time she is here! She goes inside the room and comes back with a suitcase. Siddhi and Vin’s relation is over. I, Urvashi Kundra, Vin Kundra’s wife, have every right on this room now. Neither Siddhi nor will her stuff stay here anymore! She holds Siddhi’s hand and pushes her out of the house along with the suitcase. Manjari is pleased to see her dream come true. Urvashi closes the door on Siddhi’s face.

Precap: Siddhi thinks Manjari Ma was right. Siddhi and Vinayak’s name wont be taken together after today! Vin and Urvashi are doing puja when Siddhi comes between. She introduces herself and Vin’s Biwi No. 1 and Urvashi and Biwi No. 2.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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