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Shakti 27th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman exposes Veeran, Shanno and Varun infront of Harak Singh

Shakti 27th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lavneet telling Harman that she really loved him very much and that Kinnar can’t love….Preeto slaps her and says the word “love” don’t look nice from your mouth, says there is no comparison of you with Soumya, and asks her to leave before Harman kills her. Doctor comes and checks him. Preeto asks can we take him home. Doctor says yes. Harak Singh, Preeto and Raavi take him home. Harman recalls insulting Soumya in the mass marriage pandal and tells his family that he told bad things to Soumya, and thinks don’t know what she felt. Harak Singh says we will think of this later and asks him to rest. Harman says you are responsible for my condition and says I was searching my Gulabo, but nobody knew except Harak Singh. He says this man knew that Khushi is my Gulabo, he took

me home, but left Soumya there. Harak Singh says my son. Harman asks him to be away from him and gets angry on him for taking advantage of his situation and separating them. He asks Preeto what kind of father is he? Preeto asks Harman to rest for now and says you didn’t do any mistake as you had lost your memory. Harman says how can I forget my love, my Gulabo and cries. Sameer takes Soumya to see a house. House owner asks him to see the house and tells about the rent. Sameer agrees and asks Soumya if she liked it. He says we have to start our world here and says I will go and bring something to eat today.

Preeto asks Harman where is he going? Harman says to search Soumya. Preeto says Sameer took Soumya somewhere, even his mum doesn’t know about them. Harak Singh asks what had happened to you that you both lost memory. He says we went to your home, but couldn’t find you. Harman recalls and tells that Chacha, Varun, Balwinder along with Kishan Lal beat us and threw us in the river. He asks where are they? Preeto asks where are they? Harak Singh says I can’t believe, my own blood Veeran and Varun attacked my son. He goes out of house. Preeto and Raavi are shocked. Harman says I will convince my Soumya and will apologize to her 1000’s times. He says where to search her. Soumya is cleaning the house and opens the door. She thinks she felt good with Jolly’s confession, moments spent with him, but after knowing my truth, his hatred and shame in his eyes, I can’t forget. She says Sameer always loved me and stood by me. She thinks it is my turn now. She thinks to start her new life with Sameer and pray that Jolly stays happy always, but never comes infront of her.

Harman also looks at Sky and prays to Mata Rani asking her to unite him with his Soumya. He gets sad. Soumya recalls Harman asking if a kinnar can love a man and throws her clothes out of the window. Sameer asks why she threw it? Soumya says it was given by Jolly. She tells that Jolly always betrayed me and tells that she was moved in his love for sometime. Sameer says it is good that you have chosen the right track. Soumya tells about Sitara…

Preeto tells that she knows that she knew that they were snakes in sleeves, but didn’t know that they will stoop low. Harak Singh returns home and tells that their phones are off. He says I will not leave them. Preeto asks did you call Shanno’s mayka. Harak Singh says I called everyone and says they can’t go very far. He calls Inspector and says I will ask him to shoot them. Raavi says our house reputation will be ruined. Harak Singh says let the reputation be ruined and tells that he doesn’t care about people. Preeto says if you had same thought about Soumya then this wouldn’t have happened. Harak Singh says why don’t you want Harman to have a normal wife and says if he had a normal wife then we would have grand children, and blames Soumya to be inauspicious. Harman asks until when he will blame Soumya?

He says I came back from death and returned after living a new life, but Harak Singh’s hatred didn’t end for my Gulabo. He says you can hate her, and says my love will increase. Harak Singh says your Chacha and Chachi had done this because of Soumya. Harman says all bad things are done by Soumya and says I have treatment for your brother and sister in law. He asks what will he do? will he do house partition, or get Soumya killed. He says I am going to bring her and asks him to think. He walks with difficulty and falls. Preeto says you need rest. Harak Singh says first I will bring Soumya. Raavi asks him to rest. Harman says I have troubled her a lot. Preeto says I will come with you.

A seller asks Harman to take chain for his wife. Harman looks on. Soumya looks at the mangalsutra and thinks of Sameer. Harman tells Preeto that he will make Soumya wear chain.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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