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Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 27th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranvir scares Ishika in Spa

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 27th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Roop staring Ishika. Ishika asks Roop if he did the decoration. Roop says no. Ishika says how cheap and says I know this is done by you and says what do you think, what will happen now. She tells that she can see his intentions clearly. Roop says I went to talk to Mummy and when I returned, I saw these decorations and got surprised. He says I will blow on these candles. Ishika says why you want to make the room dark. Roop asks what is your problem? He takes out his suit and asks her to wear it. Rishta tha plays……Kanchan is washing her face in the morning, when suddenly red color water comes from the tap. She washes her face with it and get shocked. She looks at red color coming from the tap and shouts. She runs out and shows to Rupesh. Rupesh says blood.

asks Kinjal to switch on TV. Kinjal switches on TV. They see Sitara Promo. Bua says I will watch this serial daily. She promotes the show. Kinjal also promotes it. Bua asks her to give remote and go.

Next morning, Geet knocks on Rupesh and Ishika’s room. Ishika wakes up on bed while Roop wakes up on sofa. He keeps his blanket on the bed and opens the bed. Geet asks how was the night and says decoration was her idea. She asks them to hug her and hugs Roop and Ishika. She asks how was the night and asks them to get ready for an activity. Ishika says actually I am very tired and needs to sleep. Geet says we have to go for activity. Ishika says we will go when my headache goes and asks her not to follow in Spa.

Rupesh asks Kanchan not to worry and have paratha. Pramila asks her to eat. Haren says it was a color bomb, society kids must have thrown in tank. Himani comes and says color bomb. She asks if it fell by mistake, and says I don’t understand why this is happening with both of them. Pramila asks why did you come? Himani says I came here to decide if society kids are doing this or someone else. She asks Kanchan to show the tank.

Ishika is in Spa when Ranvir comes and moves his hand over Ishika’s body. Ishika opens her eyes and asks who is here? Ranvir goes closing the door. Ishika asks who is here and wipes the steam on the window to see Ranvir. She gets scared and shouts. He hides, then appear close to the window. Ishika shouts asking him not to touch her. Roop comes there and opens the door. Ishika tells him that Ranvir is inside the room. Roop checks and says there is nobody here. He asks her to come out. Ishika says I saw and tells that she saw his face in fog. Manager says no man can come here, as ladies and gents spa are different. Roop says I will check the footage. Ranvir is hiding and thinks there is no cameras in the storeroom. Manager tells that they have checked the CCTV and tells that no man came. Ishika tells Roop that she is telling truth and saw Ranvir. Roop says lets verify in the reception and asks receptionist to tell about Ranvir Singh Wagela. She says nobody with this name. Ishika asks Roop to show Ranvir’s pic. Receptionist refuses to know him. Roop thanks her. Ranvir comes to Receptionist and gives her money.

Haren Patel tells Kanchan that they are torturing them by calling Ishika’s relatives. He says I will call DCP. Himani says this is just an enquiry, you can complain against me or anyone. Haren Patel asks then why did you come here? Himani says I came to check Kanchan aunty and asks why are they worrying if they are innocent. Everyone gets tensed. Pramila and Praful recall keeping color bomb inside. Constable checks the tank and says they couldn’t find any proofs. Himani says so this must be an accident. She says one question and picks a handkerchief, asks whose handkerchief is this?

Ishika and Roop come to their room. Roop asks Ishika to relax. Ishika asks how can I relax and says she didn’t see Ranvir for the first time here. Roop asks when did she see him before. Ishika tells him everything. Roop is shocked and asks why didn’t you tell me. Ishika says I told you in the morning, but you couldn’t do anything. Roop asks her to relax and calm down. Geet comes and gives invitation card for wild adventure. Roop and Ishika check the card. Ishika says this must be your idea. Geet says ofcourse. Roop says Ishika is unwell and asks her to sit. He says she is sneezing since night and says it is not possible for her to go to jungle for pics, and asks Geet to click pics in the room. Geet praises Roop and asks if he has any twin brother, who is hot, smart and happening. Roop says I have no twin brother and jokes. Geet says you are right. Ishika says we can go for jungle retreat and says you can’t come with us as it is couple entry. Geet says I have to send pics to Rupesh uncle and says she will click pics and leave. She leaves. Ishika turns to Roop. Roop asks why did you say yes? Ishika says she was roaming after you for 24 hours. Roop says how I will live with you for 12 hours. Purvi asks Ranvir where is he going? Ranvir says he is going for important work and will return soon. Purvi says I will also come with you. Ranvir says no and says you will be locked in this room.

Doctor asks Roop to befriend his wife first. Roop extends hand of friendship for Ishika. Ishika looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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