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RadhaKrishn 27th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Yashoda Punishes Krishna

RadhaKrishn 27th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Krishna gets tensed seeing Yashoda. Radha complains Yashoda that Krishna troubles her. Yashoda twists Krishna’s ear and says he does not know any magic, he just uses hand skills from childhood. Krishna pleads to spare him. Radha mimics Krishna. Yashoda walks holding Krishna’s ear. Krishna sees Balram passing by and calls him/Dau for help. Balram hides. Yashoda asks where is his Dau, she will punish even him. Krishna via telepathy pleads Balram to help him as always. Balram says he protects him from world but cannot from maiya, she is very angry and will punish even him.

Ayan shows wild bull brought for competition to Jatila. People discuss Vrisbhan brought this wild bull 2nd time, it is very difficult to control it. Jatila asks Ayan about his plan. Ayan says accidents

can happen during competition and showing Kans’ given black magical tonic with which Krishna will die for sure today.

Radha tells Yashoda that Krishna wants to participate in competition. Yashoda makes Krishna stand near a pillar and drawing circle around him orders not to move. Once she leaves, Krishna frightens Radha again that he will use magic again and participate in competition. Near competition venue, Krishna’s friends wait for him and ask Balram when will Krishna come. Balram says Krishna always come on time and thinks how will Krishna escape from Maiya’s punishment, what leela will he do now.

Radha sees Yashoda and starts acting pleading Krishna not to punish him. Krishna gets more tensed seeing Yashoda. Radha complains Yashoda that Krishna is threatening to make her a bird. Yashoda ties Krishna to a pole crying that he does mischieves and she has to hear from people, why he does that. Radha asks her not to cry. Yashoda warns Krishna not to move and leaves. Radha also leaves taunting Krishna. Ayan reaches there next and thinks he would have enjoyed seeing Krishna tied some other time. He walks to Krishna and taunts he would not be able to compete today, so he can just dream of swinging with Radha. Krishna says Ayan is daydreaming, he will compete for sure and sit on a swinger with Radha. Ayan leaves smirking.

Competition starts. Vrishbhan announces pithu/lagori competition. Balram and Ayan’s team compete.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that one must have solved many puzzles since childhood, they should solve one more; which thing is biggest enemy and biggest friend in their life, it is time; whoever respects time will get everything and world respects them, one who does not, world forgets them, so one should respect time as bad time will describe what reality is.

Precap: Ayan uses Kans’ magical perfume in front of wild bull. Krishna reaches competition venue. Radha stands shocked.

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