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Nimki Mukhiya 27th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki decides to fight against tettar

Nimki Mukhiya 27th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Babbu says whole village will see what I do to that Nimki. Ritu says today we will celebrate because Nimki and abhi are angry that even jhariiya is our of jail. Sweeti hears all this. She says I hope they find out their love for each other. Even at the cost of hating me.

Nimki is walking in the village with Tune. She says I am going towards panchayat. Tune says Nimki mukhiya will do it all for you. Nimki says I want our village to look like a movie. A man slips. Nimki says be careful. He says the water pipe is broken. There is water all over the roads. Tettar got this made and it broke in a week. Nimki says Tune prepare the panchayat. We will question him.
Abhi recalls everything. Elena says I have to take a sketch of bride to school. Abhi makes the sketch for her. Elena

says she looks like Sweeti. Abhi stops. Elena says we always have eraser to remove what is wrong. Or we can use new page. Mausi says she is right. We go to a new page. Abhi says its easy to say. Mausi says even a kid knows that we always have new page. See how Nimki moved forward in life. Elena says I even forgot sweeti aunty. Mausi says that was never yours. Nimki married Babbu even then she has moved forward. abhi says you are right. I have to come out of it for elena and Nimki. He hugs elena.

Mauha says to Nimki why are you messing with tettar. She says tettar used all the budget. We have to question him. Mono says you are right. Nehar comes and says you are right Nimki. Tune says get out of here. Nehar says this is Nimki’s house. TUne says that is why I am asking. Nimki says its okay. I am mujhiya poor people come to meet me. Nehar says came to talk about the pipe. I am glad you are raising voice against it, Nimki says what are you here for? He says I can get you contract for new pipeline it will work for 2 years. Nimki says just 2? He says I can get 5 years too. Nimi says I will decide it with a tender form. Nehar says yeah we have to show people. Nimki says I will show you too. He leaves. Tune says what are you doing. Mauha says will you give him contract? Nimki says poison treats poison. Get the car ready.

Scene 2
Nimki comes out of the house. The car is ready, She says my chant would be, Mukhiya Nimki Beautiful beautiful. They leave.
Babbu says to Ritu asks Mahatu to talk to me with respect. I am Mukhiya pati. Ritu says Nimki took that power from you. Their car comes in front of Nimki’s.

Precap-Nimki says you look like Bajirao, You need to do realy bad things to look like this. People ask Nimki if there is any trouble? She says yes Babbu’s car broke please shove it. They shove it down the cliff.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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