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Muskaan 27th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Ronak apologizes to Muskaan

Muskaan 27th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Muskaan taking care of Ronak. She gets sad and goes. Ronak wakes up in morning and thinks Muskaan started working early morning. He calls her out. He recalls their argument. He looks for her. She goes. They have a hit and miss. Ronak goes to Gayatri. He greets her good morning and hugs. He asks her to make guest list. He goes. He says what do I do now. He goes back to room to find her. He says where shall I find her. He holds the cushion and finds it wet. He says poor girl, she was crying, she got hurt by my words, it got confirmed that she is at home.

Muskaan gets a sorry chit and smiles. She writes her reply on the chit. Ronak comes there and sees her. She turns away and shows sorry instead thanks. He asks sorry. She sees the chit and turns it to other side. She shows

thanks. He says its okay, everyone makes mistakes, go now, I have to change. She goes. Bua comes to Gayatri.

Gayatri asks why do you look worried. Bua taunts her. Bua asks her to get Muskaan’s tests done, Sheela’s bahu is infertile and her family doesn’t have any heir, can Muskaan give us a heir, we have to know about it. Muskaan says Ronak is much worried, Sir ji’s plan worked and maybe this is the reason Ronak got angry on me, he is a nice person. She cries. Bua says find out if Muskaan is fit and fine to give us a heir. Gayatri says no, Muskaan is fine, if there is anything, what can we do. Bua says we can still manage. We should get her tests done. Gayatri says you mean fertility tests, no I don’t think this will be wrong. Muskaan prays. Sir ji comes and insults her.

He says you like to become real bahu while doing fake bahu drama, stop staring at me, stop dreaming, go and tell your fake husband, that he tells Gayatri that this is just a drama, before Gayatri gets busy in the preparations. She asks Muskaan not to take Gayatri’s life. She asks him to advice himself, he has cheated the entire family. She goes. Dolly and Lovely do marriage preparations. Muskaan worries. She comes to Ronak and asks him to do something. Ronak says I also want you to get your mum, then this marriage will stop.

Gayatri tells Sir ji about Bua’s advice for Muskaan’s fertility tests. She says Ronak is our only son, what if anything goes wrong, what will they think about us. Sir ji smiles and thinks I got a good chance to send Muskaan out of home. He asks her to get the tests done. She refuses. Ronak says once I get info, I will tell you. Ronak and Muskaan have a cute argument. Sir ji says no, there is no problem, I have a solution, I will worry if you are worried.

Muskaan comes to the hospital for the tests. She gets kidnapped.

Update Credit to: Amena

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