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Mere Sai 27th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Reaches Rahata To Help Rohini

Mere Sai 27th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sai via lamps sees Rohini pleading him for help. He informs Tatya that he is going to Rahata. Tatya asks why at this night, he will accompany him. Sai says he has to go alone and walks away asking to inform others. Madhav and Sahdev reach Dwarkamayi. Tatya informs them about Sai’s Rahata trip. Sahdev asks Madhav what will they do now, only Sai could have helped them, they are late. Sahdev says he thought he should arrange money himself before reaching Sai, he gathered whole money and jewelry in home and could not reach 1000 rs mark to repay Kulkarni sarkar. Sahdev asks what will they do now.

In Rahata, Rohini’s sons and SILs act as fighting with each other to grab her property. She pleads them not to part ways and thinks of their children. Sons say they thought a lot and asks

her to put her thumb impression on property documents and divide her property between her 2 sons. Rohini resists. They force her. She calls Sai. Sai reaches there and walks to her. Her family stands shocked seeing Sai.

Wealthy man reaches Dwarkamayi for his son’s treatment and seeing people waiting for Sai thinks if they don’t have any work, when will Sai come, he will incur losses in business even today. Sahdev and Madhav return to Dwarkamayi and see Sai has not yet returned. Sahdev asks what will they do now, if Madhav can take loan from his friends. Madhav says none of his friends must have 1000 rs. Sahdev asks what if they take loan from 3-4 people, he will work hard and repay. Wealthy man listens to them and asks who are they. Madhav says he is Madhav from Shirdi, whatever he is is because of Sai. Man says he came to seek help from Sai, they can help him now. Madhav says how can they help. Man says he can give them 1000 rs loan. Madhav asks why will he give such a big loan without knowing him. Man says if he comes here, he will lose 4000-5000 rs profit in business, so even if he gives 1000 rs, he will be in profit; in return, they should convince Sai to treat his son first and then others. Madhav says in that case, he may not be able to help him as Sai’s decisions are unique and walks away. Sahdev thinks why jijaji is rejecting such a good offer.

Rohini runs to Sai and says she and her husband built their house with lots of difficulty, now her sons want to sell it. Sons asks Sai why he is interfering, it is their family issue. Sai says it is Rohini’s house and they don’t have any right to sell it, don’t they have emotional attachment with the house they were born and grew up and even their children grew. They say no and if he is so concerned about Rohini, he can take her along as he is the one who stopped her from working.

Rohini’s son tells Sai there is no proof that house belongs to Rohini.
Sai with his magic carves Rohini’s name on wall.

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