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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 27th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Jaya Makes Family Ladies As Models

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 27th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaya takes care of event arrangements. Rama and whole family praises her. Jaya gifts clothes to whole family and says they will wear it during event. Chachi asks why same color for everyone. Rama says because they are family and gifts dress to even Lallan. Employee brings jewelry boxes. Jyoti picks one and says it will look really pretty with her dress. Chachi says models will wear jewelry during event for promotion. Rama says even Jyoti is not less than a model. Jaya gets a call that models have backed off and informs family. Dadaji gets tensed and says he will cancel event and apologize all guests. Jaya gets an idea and says even will not be canceled, they all girls will act as models. Rama asks how can they. Jaya says their jewelry brand Abhushan will be worn by housewives,

mummy, chachi, bhabhi, sister, etc.. Dadaji likes idea and says he knew Jaya will save his dignity. Jaya says they have to practice as models first and teaches ladies to ramp walk. Everyone laugh. Samar and Jaya dance next engraped in each other’s eyes.

In the evening, Jaya takes family to event venue. Family likes arrangements and praises Jaya. Jaya says Samar helped her. Lallan enters, but security does not allow him in without invitation card. Samar takes him in saying he is family. Daya says guestgs are coming, let us greet them. Rama asks Jaya if she inquired Satya when is she coming with family. Jaya says mamma will reach in sometime. Satya’s family gets into their car. Satya sees different driver and asks who is he, where is Suresh. Driver/Goon says Suresh is ill, so he came in his place and shows his fake ID card. Naani says it is getting late, lets go soon. Satya gives gift box and asks to keep it in dickie. Goon gets tensed reminiscing hiding driver in dickie and says he will keep it. Naani interferes again and they leave. Once they reach venue, security guard stops them and insists to check dickie. Goon opens dickie nervously. Guard checks dickie and lets them go revealing he is also a gang member. Samar receives them and asks to get via VIP area as they are family. Satya gets more impressed.

Sarika’s MIL shows Surana family’s sent clothes to Akash and says they have to attend event and he can develop contacts with richies. Akash agrees and reaches venue. Samar introduces lady staff as his jiju. Akash starts flirting with lady staff.

Event starts. Jaya hosts event and invites Rama to light lamp. Satya overhears goons discussing they fixed bomb in lamp and once lamp is lit, bomb will explode. She runs towards stage and when Rama is about to light lamp stops her. Everyone stand shocked. Satya says there is bomb in lamp and panics. Samar takes her aside and consoles her. Jaya apologizes guests saying her mamma takes more stress than her, Samar takes her aside and says Jaya checked lamp personally and there is no bomb in it. Goon’s boss says he let Satya panic to take revenge from her.

Precap: Jaya and Samar perform on stage. Boss orders to shoot Satya when she dances on stage. Goon targets Satya.

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