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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 27th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Anurag gets proof against Navin

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 27th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhuri saying sorry, I did this for love. Moloy says I don’t see any love here, stop, go from here, I m just of Mohini, no need to see future with me. She thinks oh God, he is thinking I love him. He laughs and says you got insulted now, and you are lying to cover it now, tell me why did you shut the door. She says you caught me, I fell in love with you. He says no, I m just for Mohini, you shouldn’t be here for longer, just go. She thinks I got spared. She goes.

Pandit asks Mohini to give the red clothed plate to Veena. He guides Veena for rituals. Anurag thinks Navin has hidden a lot. He gets some button and goes to pick. He sees Navin’s shoes. Navin asks are you taking my blessings. Anurag thinks this mud on his shoes, its outside. Navin says my

blessings are always with you, you are Mohini’s son. Anurag says you will need the blessings this time. He thinks of Navin’s shoes. He thinks Navin was hiding outside the window, Navin and Pradeep are different names, but person is same, how shall I confirm my doubt. Navin thinks did Ronita tell him my truth, why do I think that he got proof against me.

Prerna thinks Navin’s sight makes me feel uncomfortable, how shall I stay with him, I feel this comfort with Anurag. Anurag thinks she needs my support and ignores me completely sometimes, what does she think about me. Prerna thinks why do I always need Anurag, I feel I will be away from him. He thinks I have a lot to do right now, if she can ignore me, I can ignore her too. They collide. He says hurry up, I have work. He goes. She says what happened to him all of a sudden, he is ignoring me. He says I have to check Navin’s room, I will get something. He checks Navin’s cupboard. He gets Prerna’s pic and takes it. He gets a box and thinks there is something. He gets Navin’s passports and reads two names, Navin and Pradeep. He gets shocked. He says so Navin is Pradeep, now nobody can save him. Madhuri tells Navin about Moloy’s misunderstanding. Rajesh comes to Moloy. Moloy says I have an imp work. He asks Navin to come with him for an imp talk. He asks Rajesh to be here, he is part of the family. He says Navin, Madhuri needs a partner, she is young and beautiful, she tried to entice me today.

He asks Rajesh to think like a woman, Madhuri really did this. Navin says its not possible, you have a misunderstanding. Moloy says she has shut the room, what else can she do there, Ronita was unconscious there. Navin says maybe you are right. Moloy says I will announce to find a match for Madhuri, I won’t be able to control myself if she stares at me every day. Rajesh takes him. Moloy says I wanted to spoil Navin’s happiness, I succeeded. They laugh. Prerna calls Anurag. She says you look happy, did Ronita get conscious. He says no, I went to her room too, she is unconscious, I have found what I was searching for, I m very happy. She asks did you get the one you were searching for. He says yes, you are possessive about me. She says no.

He says it shows on your face, its okay, I m just like you in this matter, carbon copy, if I need anything, I want it completely, if I want you then I want you, I mean I want you as a friend and you want me too. She asks what, as a friend. Ye kya hua…plays… He says I m very happy, finally I have found something I have been waiting for, everyone will know about it soon, I got a way to get you out of this trap, unless we dance, the party looks incomplete. She says its my sangeet, not a party. He says its a party, dance is a best way to express happiness, I m a better dancer than Navin. He calls Sid and asks him to play his fav song.

Anurag and Prerna dance on Sholon se….plays…. Anupam compliments Anurag’s dancing skills. Nivedita says I can’t watch them together. Moloy says I have taught them. Rajesh laughs. Tapur says I find them cute together. Navin looks on. Mohini says don’t be shocked, its modern dance, Prerna knows all this, its common in rich families. Madhuri thinks I feel Anurag is celebrating victory, which would mean our game got over, we have to stay alert.

Anurag asks Ronita to share her story. Ronita says this shouldn’t be done with anyone else, everyone should know my story. He says your ex-husband is in this house, everyone should know about your story.

Update Credit to: Amena

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